Notion has taken the internet by storm in recent months, allowing anyone and everyone to organize all aspects of life – from school, to work, and everything in between. Notion’s got a ton of customizability, making options essentially limitless to create a setup that goes with your aesthetic.

Whether you want to download a plug-and-play template, or just get some ideas to apply your own way – get inspired by these aesthetic Notion templates and layouts.

Looking for templates that are function-focused, and more geared for productivity and business? Check out our roundup on the best Notion setups and the best Notion productivity templates. Make sure to check out these aesthetic Notion cover photos, Notion widgets, and Notion icon sets, too!

To install these templates, we’ve got a super quick guide on how to copy a Notion template to your workspace!

Best Aesthetic Notion Templates to Use

If you’re wanting an easy, straightforward start to your Notion journey, save time and start with a template! Once you’ve got your template set up, take a peek further down for aesthetic theme ideas to make your Notion workspace beautiful, and truly yours.

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Aesthetic Notion Templates for Students

Make sure to check out our full guide on Notion templates for students, including a detailed step-by-step tutorial for your setup!

The Ultimate Notion Student Template

With 15+ pre-built, easy-to-use templates and beautiful anime visuals on every page, this template is as functional as it is aesthetic.

Featuring everything from a study hub with pomodoro timer, class tracker, deliverables and assignments database, and virtual notebook, to a built-in grade calculator, extracurricular activities tracker, contact database, budget tracker, student packing list, and so much more – this template has everything you need for success this semester.

Template Available Here

Notion Student TemplateAesthetic Notion Template for Students

Aesthetic Student Semester Planner & Tracker

Organize everything you need in this digital locker! From lecture note templates, to a homework calendar and review topics, this template will have you passing with flying colors. Looking for more? Check out our full roundup on Notion planner templates!

Template Available Here

Student Semester Planner Notion Template

Aesthetic Movie, TV Show & Anime Watch List Template

The only watch list tracker you’ll ever need, the Ultimate Movie Watch List Dashboard is simple to use, and will make tracking all your movies and show fun! Simply enter your items you’ve watched, want to watch, or are watching – and the template will do the rest of the work for you 🍿 Featuring robust automatic organizing and sorting displays.

Template Available Here

Aesthetic Movie & TV Show Watch List Notion Template

Tomato: Aesthetic Pomodoro Notion Template

Whether you want to conquer small or large tasks, Tomato will help you get it done! Tomato is an all-in-one pomodoro Notion template designed to be used daily, and maximize your productivity. It includes a daily to-do list to map out your tasks (with start/end time, # of pomodoros and more), automatic productivity rating per session, automatic daily recap, built-in pomodoro timer, and more.

For more task-based templates, check out our full roundup of the best Notion to-do list templates!

Template Available Here

Aesthetic Notion Pomodoro Template

Student Productivity Hub – Anime Notion Template

This plug-and-play aesthetic anime template is incredibly robust, with all the features you need for success at school. Keep track of your schedule, calculate grades and GPA, build a professor directory, and so much more in this seamless setup. The creator, Georgia, has been tinkering with this template to perfection for months, and even made a video guide!

Template Available Here

Student Productivity Hub - Anime Notion Template

Simple College / University Student Lecture Notes Template

Easily access all your lecture notes and stay organized with this simple and easy-to-adapt template built by The Notion Bar.

Template Available Here

Aesthetic Student Notion Notes Template

Personal Productivity Notion Templates

Anime Cafe Dashboard – The All-In-One Personal Hub

Have everything for your life in one place with the Anime Cafe Dashboard! Featuring 15+ pre-built templates from habit tracking and a daily journal, to a recipe planner, moodboard template, travel planner, watch list, study zone with pomodoro, and so much more – walk into your personal virtual cafe every morning for anything you need.

Template Available Here

Anime Cafe Notion Dashboard

Aesthetic Anime Notion Productivity Template

Aura Gradient All-in-One Notion Dashboard

Whether you love the TikTok-famous Aura Clock Screensaver or just want a beautiful, calming dashboard – the Aura Notion Dashboard includes 15+ pre-built templates for all aspects of life. This dashboard even includes a live Aura Clock widget to keep track of the time in the most aesthetically pleasing way.

Template Available Here

Aura Gradient Notion Dashboard

Ultimate Personal Finance Dashboard for Notion

Track your finances in the most pleasing way with the Ultimate Personal Finance Dashboard for Notion! This template boasts 10+ built-in templates and tools to have your budgeting and personal finances all in one place. Not to mention aesthetic visuals and priority customer support.

Template Available Here

Ultimate Personal Finance Dashboard for Notion

The Happiness Bar – Self Care & Gratitude Journal

This must-have gratitude and productivity journal will help you live with intention. It has built-in tools that will help keep you focussed on your personal wellbeing, set goals and habits, track progress, and even reflect on past memories like travel or shows you’ve binged!

Looking for more mood journals and trackers for Notion? Don’t miss our curated list of the best Notion mood tracker templates!

Template Available Here

The Notion bar - Gratitude Journal

Startup Coding Projects Notion Template

Organize all your ideas for your coding projects in one place with this aesthetic template! This robust setup helps you keep track of resources for both current projects and online learning, project statuses, coding skills you have and skills you would like to learn, and more.

Template Available Here

Aesthetic Coding Template for Notion

Digital Resume & CV Template

Impress your future employer in a clean, simple format thanks to this handy Notion template.

Template Available Here

Aesthetic Notion Resume Template

Notion Grocery List Template

Streamline your grocery shopping and meal prep with this simple-to-use Notion template! Once you’ve created your list on desktop, easily access it on-the-go while you’re at the store with Notion’s mobile app.

Looking for more shopping lists? Check out our full roundup of Notion grocery list templates!

Template Available Here

Aesthetic Notion Grocery List Template

Gifting Guide & Tracker Notion Template

Be the friend everyone wishes they had with this gift guide and wishlist template! This setup features categories to organize your gifts, a tracking system of gifts to buy for friends and family, a birthday tracker, and even a setup to create your own wishlist.

Template Available Here

Notion Gift Guide Template

Aesthetic Notion Layout Ideas & Theme Inspo

Great, now you’ve downloaded a Notion template, but how do you customize your workspace to take it to the next level? Get some inspo from these aesthetic Notion themes!

Aesthetic Notion Themes for Students

Aesthetic Study Widgets

Make your setup both beautiful and functional by embedding aesthetic widgets ranging from clock widgets, to quote widgets, and even a Pomodoro widget!

Widgets Available Here:

Aesthetic Pomodoro Widget for Notion

Courses Wiki & Grades Tracker

Notion Student Courses Wiki & Grade TrackerSetup by @mawistudies

90s Anime Aesthetic Notion Template for School

Deck out your student setup with your favorite 90s anime visuals!

Anime Aesthetic Notion Template for StudentsSetup by Beloved Ocean

Personal & Self-Improvement Notion Setups

Want ideas for how to organize your life in Notion beyond school and work? Get inspired by these layouts and personal wikis!

To-Do List & Routine Dashboard

Aesthetic Notion To-Do List TemplateSetup by @strawberrui

Self Improvement Notion Setup

Self-help Notion layout IdeaSetup by u/saeju29

Book List & Reading Journal Aesthetic Notion Layout

Looking for more book lists? Check out our full roundup of the best Notion reading list templates!

Notion Book List & Reading JournalSetup by @papermanegarie

TV Series Watch List & Tracker

Looking for more templates to track your movies and shows? Check out our roundup of Notion watch list templates!

Anime series Notion watch listSetup by @papermanegarie

TV Show, Movie & Video Game Themes

Express your love for your favorite franchises with your Notion theme!

Sailor Moon Aesthetic Notion Theme

Sailor Moon Notion Theme IdeaSetup by @daphnedi_

Sailor Moon Notion ExampleSetup by @nwghibli

Studio Ghibli Notion Theme

Studio Ghibli Notion ThemeSetup by @bookdragonism

Stardew Valley-Inspired Notion Theme

Stardew Valley-Inspired Notion ThemeSetup by @moonmincake

Animal Crossing New Horizons Notion Theme

Animal Crossing Notion LayoutSetup by @norahsketch

Color Aesthetic Notion Themes

Want a simple way to make your Notion setup more visually pleasing? Just add splashes of your favorite color! If you’re in need of some color inspo, check out our pre-built aesthetic color palettes.

Pink Aesthetic Notion Theme

Pink Notion AestheticSetup by u/giraldibunny

Black & White Aesthetic Notion Theme

Black & White Aesthetic Notion ThemeSetup by @apricotstudies

Blue Aesthetic Notion Theme

Aesthetic Blue Notion Template IdeaSetup by @indiskolar

Calming Gradient Aesthetic Theme

Aesthetic Gradient Notion Template IdeaSetup by @ekonomiyaki__

Green Aesthetic Theme

Aesthetic Green Notion TemplateSetup by u/csergilo

Green Notion Layout IdeaSetup by @xnthous

Colorful Pastel Pink Theme

Colorful Pastel Notion LayoutSetup by u/Ellllaa

Bright Pastel Aesthetic Theme

Bright Pastel Notion ThemeSetup by @dianapasgas

Minimal Pastel Pink Theme

Minimal Pink Pastel Homepage NotionSetup by @mawistudies

Minimal Color Swatches Theme

Minimal Colors Notion SetupSetup by @neurostudiesx

Minimalist Notion Layouts

Sometimes less is just more. If you’re a minimalist looking to keep things simple, get inspired by these clean setups.

Minimalist Notion DashboardSetup by u/hyoseonnie

Minimalist Notion HomepageSetup by u/rchllt

Notion Layouts for Different Aesthetics

Does your aesthetic go beyond a certain color palette? Check out these Notion layouts that go the extra mile and dive deep into their respective aesthetic.

Cottagecore Aesthetic Theme

Cottagecore Aesthetic Notion ThemeSetup by @belovedoceans

Dark Academia Aesthetic Theme

Dark Academia Notion IdeaSetup by @lilyybriscoe

Academia Aesthetic Notion LayoutSetup by u/Royal-Stop-8171

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Notion Template Pinterest Inspo

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