Love the cool café vibes of I Miss My Cafe but want to switch up your workplace ambience? Virtual coffee hangouts and background noise websites drown out distractions and create an idyllic atmosphere, whether you’re studying, meditating, or hanging out with friends.

We’ve rounded up the best alternatives to I Miss My Cafe — scroll down to discover your new favorite hangout spot!

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Flocus is a 3-way productivity and relaxation dash with chill café vibes. Set up your ideal coffee shop atmosphere by toggling on café ambient sounds. Transport yourself with one of two café-themed backgrounds — snuggle up at Lofi Café, or feel fancy with Café Jenesais!

Ready for deep work? Switch to Focus Mode, set your goals, and start your custom Pomodoro timer. Or, put your feet up with a cup of coffee in Ambient Mode and escape to a café oasis. Whether you’re on the grind or ready to unwind, Flocus is among the best I Miss My Cafe alternatives.

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Flocus Cafe Sound Alternative


Swap your humdrum office for the hubbub of a bustling coffee house with Coffitivity. Tune into three free tracks that will transport you into classic coffee shop situations like a café’s morning rush or a busy college campus cafeteria. The Coffitivity offline app lets you recreate a café atmosphere without the internet. Sign up for Coffitivity Premium for extra tracks like “Brazil Bistro” and “Texas Teahouse.”

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Coffitivity Cafe Website

I Miss My Bar

Serving as the inspiration for I Miss My Cafe, I Miss My Bar lets you recreate the commotion of your favorite tavern. Use the adjustable volume sliders to mix seven sounds, from outdoor ambience to the bustle of a busy bar. Or, stick on the jukebox and play I Miss My Bar’s weekly Spotify playlist.

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I Miss My Bar Cafe Website

I Miss My Library

Another site aesthetically similar to I Miss My Cafe, I Miss My Library is perfect for studying or reading. Appreciate the gentle crackling of a fireplace or the pleasing sounds of someone flipping through a book. If you’re working away, add tick items off the built-in to-do list to keep on top of your tasks.

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I Miss My Library Website

I Miss My Office

If the serenity of your home office is bordering on dull, I Miss My Office could be just the fix you need. The site has an interactive blueprint that simulates the lively atmosphere of a typical office — complete with clickity-clacky keyboard sounds and hushed conversations. Plus, you have the freedom to dial up or down your number of “coworkers” to get just the right amount of ambient noise for you.

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I Miss My Office Website lets you create the clamor of a café and so much more. This virtual space website features beautiful dynamic backgrounds, mixable soundscapes, and several productivity tools to help with your WIP. The basic Lake House scene lets you blend birds chirping, keywords clacking, and rain falling. Premium gives you access to 40+ backgrounds, 20+ sounds, custom Spotify playlists, and extra productivity widgets.

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LifeAt offers hundreds of virtual spaces to explore, including dozens of cafés. Many of LifeAt’s café loops feature their own audio to make you feel like you’re really chillin’ in a coffee shop. Plus, LifeAt has tons of other useful features like a Spotify widget, notepads, calendars, and timers — ideal if you’re pretending to work remotely.

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LifeAt Cafe Ambience

A Soft Murmur

A Soft Murmur lets you mix coffee shop sounds with nine other recordings. Add the rumbling thunder, chirping crickets, and singing birds to your café mix. Save your favorite combos for later and share them with friends. Track your Pomodoros from A Soft Murmur with the built-in timer feature.

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A Soft Murmur Cafe Website

Rainy Cafe

Rainy Cafe is perfect if you want café ambience without mixing sounds yourself. Hit play, adjust the volume — include rain sounds if you’re feeling extra cozy.

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Rainy Cafe Website


Transport yourself to an English, French, or German café with Moodil! This ambient sound website offers three global café experiences, with dozens of other sounds to layer on top, including rain, trains, birds, waves, bugs, and more. Sign up for a free account and save your favorite mixes for later. Or, check out Moodil’s list of top soundscapes if you don’t feel like designing your own.

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Noises Online

Noises.Online features 30+ sounds, including coffee shop vibes and cocktail party buzz. Create a relaxed setting by adding wind chimes and a crackling fire, or imitate an alfresco party atmosphere by adding sounds like “Shore” or “Heat Wave.” Pin your favorite mixes and save the URL for later.

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Free Noises Online

To improve your focus and relaxation, try for a personalized listening experience backed by science. uses neural phase locking to identify the right Hz range and volume modulation for your brain function.

Choose whether you work best in a library or coffee shop environment, and select your favorite music genre. is super effective at helping you get in the groove or relax, and it’s an excellent alternative to the usual coffee shop soundtracks.

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The Noizio Mac app contains over 40 ambient sounds and over 780 combinations. Set up your perfect café environment, or use Noizio for meditation, studying, or a relaxing evening at home. The app’s no-frills design and UI makes mixing the soundtrack to your day a breeze.

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Bonus: Café Ambience on YouTube

You’ll find no shortage of café-inspired playlists and videos on YouTube to enjoy. Jazz-ladened soundscapes with background chatter and occasional clang of cutlery make for the perfect escape from your boring workday.

YouTube Videos:

Café Ambience on YouTube

What’s your go-to alternative to “I Miss My Café”? Let us know in the comments below!

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