What happens when you bring together the convenience and accessibility of digital notebooks, with the tangibility and flexibility of writing in physical ones? Enter GoodNotes.

To take things to the next level, if you own an iPad, you can easily import a pre-designed PDF template into the GoodNotes app and create everything from journals, digital planners, budget trackers, habit trackers, to-do lists, and everything in between, to keep your life productive and organized.

With a sea of templates out there, we’ve curated an in-depth guide rounding up only the best, and most aesthetic, GoodNotes templates, digital stickers, and GoodNotes covers to choose from!

Save paper, space, and time with these convenient pre-built templates – with all the heavy-lifting already done for you.

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Aesthetic GoodNotes Digital Planner Templates

Map out your days, weeks, months, and even year with an aesthetic GoodNotes digital planner template. Set goals and schedule your days to help you stay focused and keep your mind, and notebooks, clutter-free!

Aesthetic GoodNotes Digital Planner TemplatesImages by MyFuturePlanner and flourishplanner on Etsy

GoodNotes All-in-One Digital Planner Templates

GoodNotes Daily Planner & Agenda

GoodNotes Weekly Planner & Agenda

GoodNotes Monthly Planner & Agenda

GoodNotes Content Creator Planner

Goal Setting Planner Templates

GoodNotes Aesthetic Journal Templates

If you overthink, write. If you under-think, read. With these aesthetic GoodNotes journal templates, you can do both! Put your thoughts and feelings to paper with these aesthetic daily journals, offering helpful prompts to free your mind. You can even use a reading journal template to log your reading list and keep your imagination running!

GoodNotes Aesthetic Journal TemplatesImages by JPSDigitalPages and flourishplanner on Etsy

Daily Digital Journal & Diary Templates

Bullet Journal

Reading Journal

Gratitude, Health & Self Care Journal

Aesthetic GoodNotes Templates for Students

Nowadays, an iPad is becoming close to a necessity for students – and the effectiveness of using GoodNotes for school is unmatched, whether it’s highlighting notes, marking up papers, or anything in between (thanks to the Apple Pencil).

Using Notion and GoodNotes is the perfect one-two punch for students to organize their lives and semesters, all on the same device. Here are some of the most popular and aesthetic GoodNotes templates for students!

Aesthetic GoodNotes Templates for StudentsImages by SimpleDayPlanner and SmartPlanningCo on Etsy

Student Planner Templates for GoodNotes

Cornell Notes Templates for GoodNotes

Note-Taking & Digital Paper Templates for GoodNotes

GoodNotes Budget & Finance Templates

Staying on top of your finances doesn’t need to be a bland task with these aesthetic budget templates! Stick to your budget and map out your financial future with the right GoodNotes personal finance template.

GoodNotes Budget & Finance TemplatesImages by PrettyBossDesigns and EvoPrintables on Etsy

GoodNotes Simple Tasks & To-Do List Templates

Cross off your daily to-dos both digitally and beautifully with an aesthetic GoodNotes to-do list and tasks template! Bring your lists with you everywhere, and don’t let a lost piece of paper get in the way of a productive day.

GoodNotes To-Do List TemplatesImages by suppyguppy on Gumroad and flourishplanner on Etsy

GoodNotes Habit Tracker Templates

Become the best version of yourself with a GoodNotes habit tracker template! Pre-designed to keep you in a proper routine, and make the small changes make a big difference.

GoodNotes Habit Tracker TemplatesImage by flourishplanner on Etsy

Aesthetic GoodNotes Digital Notebook

Missing the feel of a notebook, but not so much missing the weight and waste? Get an aesthetic digital notebook template – or add an aesthetic GoodNotes notebook cover to your templates – to mimic the look an actual notebook for journaling and note-taking!

Aesthetic GoodNotes Notebook Covers

Aesthetic GoodNotes Digital NotebookImages by TiftStudio on Etsy and TemplateStack on Gumroad

Aesthetic GoodNotes Digital Stickers

Did you know stickers could be digital, too? Now you do. Deck out your pages and make your notes aesthetic with beautifully designed digital stickers made for GoodNotes! Add these stickers to any new or existing GoodNotes pages to make them pop, and match your aesthetic perfectly.

Aesthetic GoodNotes Digital StickersImages by Aoede Notion on Gumroad and flourishplanner on Etsy

Are we missing any aesthetic GoodNotes templates? Do you have any other GoodNotes templates or digital planners to recommend? Let us know in the comments below!

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