Gone are the days of sacrificing personality and aesthetics when you make the move from physical notebooks, to digital. Thanks to digital GoodNotes notebook covers and aesthetic GoodNotes stickers, you can replicate the look of physical notebooks on your iPad!

These covers make your GoodNotes digital notebook super customizable to match your aesthetic GoodNotes templates – from hand-drawn illustrations, to boho designs, colorful pastels, and so much more. You can even switch them up on a whim if you’re looking for a change of scenery, or if you want to match the seasons.

To get you started, we’ve curated the most aesthetic GoodNotes cover designs that are perfect for daily journals, digital planners, student templates, and notebooks.

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Aesthetic GoodNotes Notebook Covers

Add some character to your GoodNotes notebooks, journals, and daily planners with any of these curated aesthetic GoodNotes covers. Choose from a variety of styles – from boho, to colorful, pastel, minimalist, and more!

Boho Aesthetic GoodNotes Covers

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Boho Aesthetic GoodNotes CoversImage by Digicattyco on Etsy

Colorful GoodNotes Notebook Covers

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Colorful GoodNotes Notebook CoversImage by MerryAnns on Etsy

Pastel GoodNotes Notebook Covers

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Pastel GoodNotes Notebook CoversImage by MonxiArt on Etsy

Unique GoodNotes Notebook Cover Designs

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Minimalist GoodNotes Notebook Cover TemplatesImage by IvoryDigitalHub on Etsy

Aesthetic GoodNotes Journal Covers

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Aesthetic GoodNotes Journal CoversImage by AntidoteNotes on Etsy

Best GoodNotes Cover Size & Dimensions

The best GoodNotes cover size is using A4 paper dimensions: 2480 x 3508 pixels (210mm x 297mm). This is an aspect ratio of 1:1.41.

A4 is the most popular paper size used for GoodNotes since it’s the go-to paper size for printing pretty much everywhere in the world outside North America – Europe, Asia, and more.

If you’re in North America, A4’s still advised so your document matches the universal standard – and so you can import/export pages seamlessly, especially if you plan on installing third-party templates down the road.

When it comes to printing, A4 paper is slightly narrower and taller than US Letter, so your document will be very slightly scaled down when you print!

GoodNotes Standard Size

Another popular GoodNotes template size and for digital covers and pages is the GoodNotes Standard Size. GoodNotes Standard size is 1536 x 1960 pixels (5.82″ x 7.42″) for vertical size. If you’re in North America, this size is close to US Letter, too!

Best GoodNotes Cover Size

Are we missing any aesthetic GoodNotes covers? Do you have any other GoodNotes cover templates to recommend? Let us know in the comments below!

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