For any student, your most important setup is your desk setup – you know, the place you spend hundreds of hours each semester. Create a cozy and calming environment where you can study, stay productive, and be distraction-free to accomplish your tasks and goals.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current room, or if you’re moving into a dorm for the new semester, we’ve compiled some of the best college desk setups and must-have essentials for you to draw inspo from!

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College Student Desk Setup Ideas

Minimalist College Desk Setup

Don’t let distractions stop you from getting that perfect GPA you’ve been working all semester for. Declutter your desk setup by only keeping the absolute essentials on it, and even give your devices a digital cleanse by removing any unnecessary apps and files. To go the extra mile, adding a monitor arm clears up even more space on your desk.


Minimalist College Desk SetupImage by Created Tech

College Student Standing Desk

During jam-packed study days, anything that can change up the routine is welcomed. Keep the juices flowing and your days less sedentary with a sit-and-stand desk setup. Don’t forget an anti-fatigue floor mat for maximum comfort!


College Student Standing DeskImage by Peace Gates

College Dorm Desk Setup

Make your dorm feel less like a dorm with a proper dorm room desk setup! Add a minimal table along with some modern LED lights to brighten up the space – no matter what size of room you’re working with. Add your personal aesthetic and style by incorporating some home office wall decor, too.


College Dorm Desk SetupImage by Elliot Choy

iPad Study Desk Setup

If you’re always on the go and need a portable college setup to get you through the semester, you can’t go wrong with an aesthetic iPad setup. With an iPad desk setup, you can easily bring your studies along with you to your local coffee shop, library, or even just to the living room couch. For more aesthetic desk ideas, check out our full roundup here!


iPad Study Desk SetupImage by Nikias Molina

College Laptop Setup

If you’re in college, you probably also have a laptop for note-taking, getting assignments done, submitting papers, and everything in between. Setting up a laptop home base for your desk setup is a great way to have a dedicated workstation for you to get things done and add some more screen real estate so you’re able to multitask.


College Laptop SetupImage by Gyasi Linje

Student Workstation for Productivity

A major key for basically anything, but especially for college, is productivity. Social circles and social media can be distracting, but simple additions to your desk setup can set you up for success and help you stay focussed. Use tools such as Notion templates, Pomodoro timers, GoodNotes templates, and aesthetic study websites to keep your eye on the prize.


Student Workstation for ProductivityImage by Ali Abdaal

Small College Student Desk

With the range of options for compact desks and chairs, you can easily create the perfect student desk setup in almost any bedroom or dorm room. Choose a simple desk, and stick with the essentials to keep your small space as clutter-free as possible.


Small College Student DeskImage by Effortless Gent

IKEA Student Desk Setup Idea

Both affordable and modern, IKEA is the go-to when it comes to everything home decor – especially when it comes to student workstations or even gaming desk setups. Customize your tabletop and your desk legs and even add a pegboard desk organizer to make use of your wall space.


IKEA Student Desk Setup IdeaImage by Justin Tse

College Desk Setup Essentials & Accessories

Now that you’ve checked out inspo for different setups, here are some must-have (or great-to-have) products to deck out your student setup:

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College Desk Chairs

Student Laptop, Desktop & Tablet

Monitors for Students

Student Keyboards

Student Mouses

Desk Accessories for College Students

Do you have any college desk setup ideas? What else would you include in a student desk setup? Let us know in the comments below!

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