Having a clean and stylish workspace can do wonders for your productivity. “Look good, feel good” is no exception in your home office – choosing an aesthetic desk setup can help you feel more comfortable in your day-to-day, whether it’s studying, working, or even casual browsing.

To help you complete the workspace of your dreams, we’ve created a full guide with product and aesthetic desk decor recommendations, along with aesthetic desk ideas for you to choose from.

To help level up your setup, here’s a detailed blog post we wrote on how you can make your Mac more aesthetic!

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Aesthetic Desk Essentials

Here are all the components you need for your aesthetic desk setup. For a moodboard of more inspo, check out the aesthetic desks ideas section below!

Aesthetic Desks

The best place to start with a desk setup is, well, the desk. Pick from a variety of aesthetic styles – ranging from more timeless mid-century modern looks, to something that makes a little bit more of a statement, like a colorful desk.

Where to start:

Desk AestheticImages via Pinterest, u/cinna_bun_, and @itsangelaslife

Aesthetic Desk Chairs

Next up is a chair that matches your setup’s look, without compromising comfort. There are a ton of different racing-style gaming chairs to pick from, or if you’re looking for something a little more simple and timeless like a mid-century modern chair, there’s that too!

Where to start:

Aesthetic Desk ChairsImages via @imbabygamer and Apartment Therapy

Aesthetic Keyboard & Keycaps

Ditch the conventional keyboard and step up your setup with an aesthetic keyboard or custom keycaps for your mechanical keyboard. Choose from a variety of different themes, colors, and RGB backlights.

Where to start:

Aesthetic Keyboards & KeycapsImages by Ajazz and @itsangelaslife

Aesthetic Mouse

Whether you keep it simple with the Apple Magic Mouse, or pick a more robust mouse to match your color aesthetic, there are a ton of options to match your aesthetic.

Where to start:

Aesthetic MouseImages by Logitech

Aesthetic Monitor Display

You might be wondering if there’s even such thing as an “aesthetic monitor” since most displays are pretty generic and give off a tech-y feel. The key is to use a more minimal monitor, along with a monitor arm. White monitors tend to work for most aesthetic setups. You can even paint your monitor to match your color aesthetic – tutorial for that here.

Use this monitor to display anything from aesthetic study websites, to the best study with me videos!

Where to start:

Aesthetic MonitorImage by @imbabygamer

Aesthetic Wallpapers & Screensavers for Laptop / Desktop

With an aesthetic setup also comes aesthetic digital decor. Follow our aesthetic wallpapers and screensavers Pinterest board to keep up-to-date with the latest aesthetic wallpapers and screensavers!

Where to start:

Aesthetic Gradient Wallpaper for Laptop and iPhone

Aesthetic Wallpapers & Screensavers‘Kiki’s Delivery Service’ is property of Studio Ghibli and Toei Company

Aesthetic Desk Pads

All while protecting your surface, desk pads are the cherry on top for an aesthetic setup, and often an overlooked aspect of the desk. If you’re wanting more inspo here, check out our desk mat ideas post.

Where to start:

Aesthetic Desk Pads

Aesthetic Desk Organizers

Put that desk clutter in its place, while also complementing the rest of your desk setup’s look. From wire grid organizers, to catchall trays and beyond, there are a ton of options to organize your papers, stationery, and more.

Where to start:

Aesthetic Desk OrganizersImages by FRIADE, @honibee__, and Blu Monaco

Aesthetic Headsets & Mics

Communicate with your friends and fam in style. Whether you’re watching your favorite YouTuber, chatting with your friends on Discord, or even streaming on Twitch, these aesthetic headsets and microphones offer great audio quality, while completing your desk aesthetic.

Where to start:

Aesthetic Headsets & MicsImages by @fawnprincex and Razer

Aesthetic Speakers

Make sure you’re getting the best sound quality when listening to your favorite lofi playlist with these aesthetic speakers. Ranging from retro vinyl record-inspired styles, to modern Bluetooth speakers in various colours – your speakers can sound amazing, and look even better.

Where to start:

Aesthetic SpeakersImages by Wetocke and u/asehen

Aesthetic Desk Accessories

Desk accessories play more of a supporting role in a setup, but these small items can play a big role in your day-to-day, and really add to your visual theme.

For more aesthetic desk decor recommendations, check out our full roundup post on cute desk accessories!

Where to start:

Aesthetic Desk AccessoriesImage via Pinterest and Mechanical Keyboards

Aesthetic PC Case

With the amount of RGB parts and accessories you can get for your gaming rig, why not get the appropriate case to show it all off? Whether clear or colorful, here are some aesthetic PC cases which will complete the overall look of your setup!

Where to start:

Aesthetic PC Cases & BattlestationsImages by u/helenadang and u/bobert1902

Aesthetic Desk Lighting

Lighting will bring your setup to the next level – whether it’s LED strips, fairy lights, or more. Looking for more desk lighting ideas? Check out our post on desk backlighting and LED strip ideas.

Where to start:

Aesthetic Desk LightingImages by Pinterest and @shryma

Aesthetic Desk Wall Art & Décor

The possibilities are endless when it comes to wall art and decor. For a more minimal look you can keep it blank, but you also have the option to deck out your wall space with prints, accessories, collage kits, and much more – to suit your personal workspace aesthetic.

Where to start:

Aesthetic Desk Wall Art & DecorImages by @estherhfung

Aesthetic Desk Ideas & Inspiration

Now you know all the components that make up an aesthetic desk setup, here are some ideas to get you started.

Neutral Aesthetic Desk Setup

Neutral Aesthetic Desk SetupImage by @estherhfung

Cozy Aesthetic Desk Setup with Plants

Cozy Aesthetic Desk SetupImage by u/seanBCi

Study Aesthetic Desk Setup

The best of #studytwt

Colorful #studytwtImage by @bana_vu

Study iPad Aesthetic DeskImage by @onhwastyle

Monochrome Study Desk AestheticImage by @honibee__

Pink Gaming Aesthetic Desk Setup

Pink Gaming Aesthetic Desk SetupImage by u/cinna_bun_

Neon Aesthetic Desk Setup

Neon Aesthetic Desk Setup

Pink Pastel Aesthetic Desk Setup

Pink Pastel Aesthetic Desk SetupImage by @j.ustcoffee

White Aesthetic Desk Setup

White Aesthetic Desk SetupImage by @xjettreviveme

Vaporwave Aesthetic Desk Setup

Vaporwave Aesthetic Desk SetupImage by u/SHB20

Gallery Wall Aesthetic Desk Setup

Gallery Wall Aesthetic Desk SetupImage by @rowanmorrissy

iPad Aesthetic Desk Setup

Don’t miss our full guide on aesthetic iPad setup ideas!

iPad Aesthetic Desk SetupImage by @itsangelaslife

Natural Lights & Plants Aesthetic Desk Setup

Plant Aesthetic Desk SetupImage by @kitmanlucia

Plant Workspace AestheticImage by @interioryesplz

What aesthetic do you lean towards when it comes to your workspace? Let us know in the comments below! If have an aesthetic workspace you want to share, tag us at @desktours and @gridfiti on Instagram! For more inspo, follow our home office ideas Pinterest board.

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