In a world of maximalism, the cliché “less is more” is more applicable than ever in the battlestation community. With the right combination of tech, decor, and accessories, you can easily create a sleek, yet simple gaming setup without making any hardware sacrifices.

From wall art, to audio components, to your PC case, we’re here to break down all the pieces to help you craft the minimal battlestation of your dreams.

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Minimalist Gaming Setup & Battlestation Essentials

Whether it’s for your home office, or dedicated gaming room, here are the components that make for a clean gaming setup that’s as visually pleasing as it is functional.

Desks for Gaming Setups

There are lots of styles to choose from when it comes to choosing a minimal desk to hold up your entire gaming setup. Make sure you’re going for a simple tabletop that offers enough desk real estate to house your PC, monitor, and gaming accessories.

Where to start:

Gaming Desk SetupsImage by @bytereview

Gaming Chair

While you’re carrying your team in-game, it’s important to find a chair that will carry yourself through countless hours of playtime. You can have the best components, but no battlestation is complete without a comfortable chair that will support your back, even when your teammates don’t.

Where to start:

Minimal Gaming ChairImage by @jaydimaster

Mechanical Gaming Keyboard & Keycaps

It’s not easy picking a gaming keyboard with the endless amount of options on the market, and all the different criteria to consider – from form factor, tactile feel, keycap quality, aesthetics, and much more. With all that in mind, these are a few highly-recommended minimalist gaming keyboards and keycap sets for you to choose from!

Where to start:

Mechanical Gaming Keyboard & KeycapsImages by @gr1zbot and u/bmartensson

Minimal Gaming Mouse

From Logitech’s sleek G Series, to industry classics like Razer and Corsair, there are a slew of gaming mice to pick from depending on what form factor you’re into, and what matches the rest of your battlestation. Here are some of Reddit’s favorites.

Where to start:

Minimal Gaming MouseImage by @ochaxt

Minimal Gaming PC Cases

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, then PCs are the heart of the battlestation. House all those hardworking parts with a case that matches your desk’s look, or even show it all off with a tempered glass panel.

Where to start:

Minimal Gaming PC CasesImage by @jaydimaster

Gaming Monitor

Display all your games as crisp and smooth as possible, all while keeping the minimal look, with a sleek gaming monitor. Monitors with thinner bezels and minimalist stands are the way to go – and better yet, mount your monitor(s) with a monitor arm to keep your desk as clear as possible. Under the hood, you’ll want a gaming monitor with a fast response time (ideally 1 ms), as well as HDR to get the most from your game.

Where to start:

Minimal Gaming MonitorImage by @imzenko

Gaming Headset, Headphones, Microphones

From listening for enemies in search and destroy, to taking in the ambience of a game, or even chatting with friends on Discord, the right headset is essential to any gaming setup. If you’re a streamer, an external microphone is also a must-have component for your battlestation.

Where to start:

Minimalist Gaming Headset & MicrophoneImage by @astrogaming

Minimal Desk Speakers

When you’ve got headphones off, high quality desktop speakers will keep serving up crisp in-game audio and music. Sound quality is always a worthy investment, and you’ll never need to sacrifice aesthetics with lots of minimal designs to choose from.

Where to start:

Gaming Desk SpeakersImage by @minonearth

Wall Organizers for Gaming Setups

Make Marie Kondo proud and make use of pegboards, shelving, and more to keep your battlestation clear of clutter. Wall organizers are perfect for hanging and storing accessories like headsets, controllers, and even displaying decor!

Where to start:

Gaming Wall OrganizerImage by @gr1zbot

Gaming Wall Art

Show your love for your favorite franchises by hanging artsy posters above or around your battlestation. From fantasy Mario Kart-inspired travel posters, to vivid Cyberpunk 2077 art, Etsy’s got you and your walls covered.

Where to start:

Gaming Wall ArtImage by @fluxgamess

Gaming Desk Pads & Wrist Rests

Beyond protecting your surface from all those mouse movements, desk pads will keep your wrists rested so they can do their best work. Just like a mouse pad, a desk pad will give some solid mouse traction so you can keep in-game movement smooth. For a more, check out our post on desk cover and mat ideas.

Where to start:

Gaming Desk Pads & Wrist RestsImage by @gr1zbot

Gaming Backgrounds & Wallpapers

Once your setup is in place, it’s time to find a minimal gaming background to suit your desk aesthetic. Maybe it’s a frame from your favorite game, or a minimalist wallpaper – check out the list of resources to find the best one for your gaming setup.

Where to start:

Gaming Backgrounds & Wallpapers

Gaming LED Lights

Whether you’re team RGB or RGB-free, LEDs and desk backlighting will inevitably make your setup pop. If you want to keep your setup nice and bright, while staying subtle, go for neutral or warmer tones. On the other hand, if you’re looking to make more of a statement with your battlestation, mix and match some vibrant hues.

Where to start:

Gaming LED LightsImage by u/crxscxnt

Minimalist Gaming Setup Ideas & Inspo

Get inspired and check out the best minimal setups the battlestation community has to offer!

All-White Minimal Battlestation

All White Minimalist Gaming SetupImage by u/rain-men

Clean Black & White Gaming Bedroom Setup

Clean Black & White Gaming Bedroom SetupImage by u/Evanswachtz

Greenery and Plants-Themed Minimal Battlestation

Greenery and Plants-Themed Minimal BattlestationImage by u/matttwearsahat

Wall-Mounted PC Battlestation

Wall Mounted PC Gaming SetupImage by u/official_iberioN

Monochrome Black & White Minimal Battlestation

Monochrome Black & White Minimal BattlestationImage by @noobclear

Simple Pegboard Gaming Setup

Simple Pegboard Gaming SetupImage by u/sleepywolf_

Wood-Themed Battlestation

Wood Gaming Desk SetupImage by @gr1zbot

Red & White Battlestation

Red & White Minimal BattlestationImage by @noobclear

What’s your favorite battlestation of the bunch? Any additions you’re looking to make of your own? Let us know in the comments below! If you’ve got a minimal gaming setup of your own you’re wanting to show off, make sure to tag us at @desktours and @gridfiti on Instagram. For more gaming setup and desk inspo, follow our home office ideas Pinterest board!

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