Finding the right desk accessories to match your home office aesthetic isn’t always an easy task. Especially when you’re looking for a stylish (yet functional) mat to protect your desk surface, there are so many different desk covers to choose from.

When choosing the best desk pad for your setup, it’s important to consider what your day-to-day looks like. Some desk covers are better suited for gaming, while some desk pads are perfect for writers. To help you pick, we’ve curated a list of our favorite desk cover ideas that will instantly help protect and dial up the aesthetics of your workspace.

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Leather Desk Pad Covers

If you’re looking for a desk cover that looks even better over time, and provides a thick layer of protection for your tabletop – a leather desk mat is the way to go. Leather mats are by far the most popular desk cover pick because of how easy they are to clean, while providing a premium feel. The patina that leather develops over time will also add character and warmth to any desk setup.

Brown Leather Desk Pad

Desk Pads Available:

Brown Leather Desk Pad

Black Leather Desk Pad

Desk Pads Available:

Black Leather Desk Pad IdeaImage by @thegeektoday

Black Leather Desk Mat

Black Leather Tabletop Surface protectorImage by @mekunotech

Desk Edge Pad – IKEA Rissla

For larger desks, the desk edge pad will keep your surface protected with its snug fit on almost any tabletop. The edge padding also allows for minimal movement while typing or scrolling.

The IKEA Rissla is a great desk edge pad option, and the white stitching outlining really adds that sense of craftsmanship.

Desk Pads Available:

Desk Edge Pad - IKEA RisslaImages by @albingroen and IKEA

Cute & Aesthetic Desk Pads

Instantly make your workspace visually appealing with these aesthetic desk covers. Choosing a desk pad with the right colors, textures, and patterns to go with your personal style will do wonders for the overall look of your workspace.

Cloud Aesthetic Desk Mat

Desk Pads Available:

Cloud Aesthetic Desk Cover

Iridescent Desk Pad

Desk Pads Available:

Aesthetic Iridescent Desk Cover

Marble Desk Pad

Desk Pads Available:

Aesthetic Marble Desk MatImage by u/sh_rley

Felt Desk Pad – Fabric Tabletop Cover

To add some contrast, texture and a bit of warmth to your desk space, consider getting a felt desk pad. A felt desk pad is by far one of the most popular desk cover ideas. Overall, fabric tabletop covers provide a soft feel and cushioning under your wrists (perfect for long days), while still offering solid traction for mouse movements.

Felt desk pads typically come in light grey, dark grey and black. They’re super versatile and can be used for almost any workspace.

Desk Pads Available:

Felt Desk Pad - Fabric Tabletop CoverImages by @minonearth, @feriktantomi and @michsoledesign

Cutting Mat Desk Pad

Create a crafty look for your setup by using a cutting mat… as your desk mat. If your desk is looking a little bare without anything underneath your peripherals, adding a cutting mat is a nice touch. Bonus if you work in a crafty field and can put it to use! In fact, most cutting mats are self-healing, resealing all surface cuts made.

Desk Pads Available:

Cutting Mat Desk Pad IdeaImage by @man0po

Colored Desk Pads

Whether you want to add a splash of color, or complement the color aesthetic you’ve already established, a colored desk mat is a super simple addition to your setup. Some desk mats are even available in reversible colorways, giving you flexibility to mix things up every now and then.

Pink Desk Pad

Desk Pads Available:

Pink Desk Mat SetupImage by Hillary Black

Yellow Desk Pad

Desk Pads Available:

Yellow Desk Pad Idea

Blue Desk Pad

Desk Pads Available:

Blue Tabletop Covers

Gray Desk Pad

Desk Pads Available:

Gray Desk Pad Ideas

Microfiber Desk Pad – Soft Desk Cover

Wrist support is essential when you’re spending most of your day at your desk. To support the strain on your forearms and wrists, you should consider having a microfiber desk mat. Using a soft desk cover paired with an actual keyboard wrist rest will help with the overall home office ergonomics. Your future body will thank you!

Desk Pads Available:

Microfiber Desk Mat - Soft Desk Cover

RGB LED Gaming Desk Pad

If you’ve added desk backlighting, LED light strips, RGB accessories around your gaming setup, then the only thing left to get is an RGB gaming desk pad. Pair your RGB desk cover with a colorful mechanical keyboard and watch your setup glow.

Desk Pads Available:

RGB LED Gaming Desk PadImage by @techtesseract and u/Rayzerchick

Patterned Desk Pads

The Great Wave Desk Cover

Desk Pads Available:

Pattern Wave Desk Mat IdeaImage by u/SinjiOnO

Boho Print Desk Pad

Desk Pads Available:

Boho Print Desk Mat

Clear Water Desk Pad

Desk Pads Available:

Clear Water Aesthetic Desk Cover

Do you have any other desk cover ideas that we might’ve missed? Which desk mat idea is your favorite? Let us know in the comments! If you’ve got a desk cover setup you’d like to show off, tag us at @desktours and @gridfiti on Instagram! For more home office ideas, check out our Pinterest board!

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