Personalizing your Notion dashboard is nothing short of satisfying, and a great way to make sure your workspace is as functional and aesthetically pleasing as you’d like.

Since Notion’s infrastructure is web-based, it’s incredibly fluid to embed custom widgets – opening a whole new world of functionality and aesthetics for your workspace.

You can add daily quotes, your city’s weekly weather, your favorite Spotify playlist, and so much more. There are a ton of options out there, so we’ve curated the best Notion widgets to incorporate into your setup!

If you’re looking for more ways to customize your Notion workspace, make sure to check out our other Notion guides, covering aesthetic templates, functional templates, Notion covers, and Notion icons!

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Aesthetic Clock Widget

Keep track of time straight from your Notion dashboard with an embeddable aesthetic clock widget!

Get the widgets:

Aesthetic Clock Widget for Notion

Aesthetic Notion Clock Widget

Aesthetic Anime Cafe Template for NotionAesthetic Student Template for Notion

Calendar Widget for Notion

Keep hitting those deadlines thanks to a built-in calendar widget for Notion. If you want to integrate your schedule on Google Calendar, there’s even a widget for that too!

Aesthetic Calendar Widget for Notion

Weather Widget

Who knew your Notion setup can be your meteorologist too? Set up an aesthetically pleasing weather widget to display on your dashboard, helping you dress and plan for the day.

Notion Weather Widget

Countdown Widget

Can’t wait for your next trip? Or that concert in a few months? Give yourself something to look forward to with a countdown widget right in your Notion dashboard.

Notion Countdown Widget

Notion Widgets for Students

Looking for the perfect study tools for your Notion workspace? Thanks to these handy widgets, you can add some fun to your study routine – from having an embeddable whiteboard to draw on, to setting a built-in Pomodoro timer for your heads-down study session.

Check out our guide on the best Notion templates for students for more!

Notion Widgets for Students

Aesthetic Pomodoro Widget

Looking for an aesthetic pomodoro timer widget that lets you pick from beautiful pre-built themes? From different colors, to anime, lofi, and more – the Aesthetic Pomodoro Timer is on the way! Sign up below to be the first to know when it drops.

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Aesthetic Pomodoro Timer Widget

Calculator Widget

Add some quick maths to your workspace with an aesthetic calculator widget. Now you’ll never have to leave Notion to crunch the numbers.

Aesthetic Calculator Widget for Notion

Progress Bar Widget

Keep track of your progress and make sure you’re hitting those daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly quotas with the progress bar widget. This widget will help put time in perspective, and motivate you to keep your foot on the gas.

Notion Life Progress Bar

Quotes Widget

Get that extra boost of motivation with a Notion quotes widget on your dashboard. You can pick from different Instagram quote accounts for your widget to pull from, and Indify’s even has a refresh button to switch up the quotes whenever you’d like!

Notion Quotes Widget

Notion Aesthetic Quotes Widget

Media Player & Social Media Embed – Spotify, YouTube & More

If you’re looking to embed your favorite study playlist, YouTube video, or even Twitter thread – conveniently, you can simply paste any media link directly in Notion, and select “Create Embed” to create your mini media widgets! No dedicated widget required. This works for Spotify, Apple Music, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, and a ton more of your favorite platforms.

Spotify Notion Widget

Any new Notion widgets that you’re loving? Leave a comment down below with any other recommendations!