Having guests over? Studying for a big exam? Or just looking to wind down after a long day of work? Adding an aesthetic video background to any room is the perfect way to set the vibe.

There are tons of amazing YouTube screensavers for you to pick from and seamlessly stream to your TV – from relaxing visuals, to scenic landscapes, cozy fireplaces, and so much more.

To give you some video background ideas and inspo, we’ve listed our favorite YouTube screensavers for you to breathe life into any room you’re in.

Looking for background noise to help you focus? We’ve outlined the best ambient sound websites & the most aesthetic background music to study to!

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YouTube Screensavers & Aesthetic Video Backgrounds

From relaxing beach scenes, to anime loops, cute puppies, and more – check out our curated list of the best YouTube screensavers for you to use as ambient visuals! Not sure how to cast them to your TV? We’ve got a guide for casting YouTube screensavers at the end of the round-up.

Relaxing Screensavers

Calm your mind, body, and soul with these relaxing screensavers. If you’re looking for a mental vacation, use these videos to ease your mind after a long day.

YouTube Screensavers:

Relaxing YouTube Screensavers

Campfire & Fireplace Screensavers

No fireplace? No problem! Use a fireplace video background to warm up any room.

YouTube Screensavers:

YouTube Fireplace Screensavers

Aura & Gradient Screensavers

Bring some positive energy to your space and set the mood right with these gradient screensavers. These aura video backgrounds pair perfectly with our Aura Clock Screensavers.

YouTube Screensavers:

Aura & YouTube Gradient Screensavers

Abstract Animated Screensavers

Get lost in unique designs and smooth transitions with these abstract video backgrounds to throw onto your TV!

YouTube Screensavers:

Abstract YouTube Screensavers

Fall Screensavers

Get in an autumnal mood with these warm and colorful fall video backgrounds!

YouTube Screensavers:

Fall YouTube Screensavers

Winter & Christmas Screensavers

Whether you want to cozy-up your home in the weeks leading up to the holidays, or have an ambient backdrop while unwrapping gifts, these screensavers are sure to get you into the holiday spirit.

YouTube Screensavers:

Winter & Christmas Screensavers

Anime Loop Screensavers

Name a better duo than lofi beats and anime loops – we’ll wait. If you’re looking to get some work done or prepping for a big exam, having anime loops on your screen and with a chill playlist might be the cheat code you need to do your best work.

YouTube Screensavers:

Anime Loop YouTube Screensavers

Aquarium Screensavers

Enjoy relaxing visuals of different aquariums both big and small, filled with all types of beautiful marine life!

YouTube Screensavers:

Aquarium YouTube Screensavers

Heart Tunnel Screensavers

The heart tunnel loop has taken off on TikTok as a popular video backdrop. Bring the love to your space with these video backgrounds!

YouTube Screensavers:

YouTube Heart Tunnel Screensavers

City Walking Tours Screensavers

Missing your favorite city? Want to explore somewhere you’ve never been? Throw a walking tour onto your TV and satisfy your wanderlust till you can book that next trip.

YouTube Screensavers:

City Walking Tours Screensavers

Aerial Screensavers

Who needs a magic carpet or a helicopter? Take in stunning views of your favorite places with aerial video backgrounds.

YouTube Screensavers:

YouTube Aerial Screensavers

Study With Me YouTube Screensavers

Can’t make it to the library? Get some work done or cram for your next exam with a virtual study buddy! Stay focused and distraction-free with our aesthetic Pomodoro timer, too.

YouTube Screensavers:

Study With Me YouTube Screensavers

Lofi Screensavers

Lofi aesthetic is nothing but calm, cool and collected – creating the perfect atmosphere for both working or relaxing.

YouTube Screensavers:

Lofi YouTube Screensavers

Cozy Room Screensavers

Want to transport to another room you’re in? Use these cozy room video backgrounds to transform your bedroom’s ambience!

YouTube Screensavers:

Aesthetic Cozy Room Screensavers

Fake Window Screensavers

We’re a sucker for a good window view, and clearly many others are with the fake window trend blowing up on TikTok. Using a projector or a large TV, you can mimic a window view of your favorite destinations!

YouTube Screensavers:

Fake Window YouTube Screensavers

Aesthetic Cafe Screensavers

Cafe vibes are always immaculate. If you can’t make it to your local coffee shop today, bring the cafe ambience and aesthetic straight to your room with one of these YouTube screensavers!

YouTube Screensavers:

Aesthetic Cafe YouTube Screensavers

Sci-Fi Screensavers

Get a temporary break from reality as your mind wanders through these futuristic fantasy worlds.

YouTube Screensavers:

Sci-Fi YouTube Screensavers

Cyberpunk & Neon Screensavers

These cyberpunk video backgrounds will make you feel like you’re in a dystopian, visually stunning scene from Blade Runner.

YouTube Screensavers:

YouTube Cyberpunk & Neon Screensavers

Synthwave & Outrun Screensavers

Synthwave is aptly described by Samuel Valentine as “a future that never happened”. From neon grids, to sunset graphics, to sports cars driving into infinity – marvel at these sci-fi, 80s-inspired visuals on the big screen!

YouTube Screensavers:

Synthwave & Outrun YouTube Screensavers

Vaporwave Screensavers

From abstract renderings, to surreal nostalgic scenes, fulfill your love for vaporwave aesthetic with these video screensavers!

YouTube Screensavers:

YouTube Vaporwave Screensavers

Galaxy & Stars Screensavers

Stargaze from the comfort of your couch with these star and galaxy-themed video backgrounds!

YouTube Screensavers:

Galaxy & Stars Screensavers

Paintings & Art Screensavers

If you’re interested in art but not ready to splash on world-renowned masterpieces or a Samsung Frame, use these YouTube screensavers to display iconic works right on your TV!

YouTube Screensavers:

YouTube Paintings & Art Screensavers

Skyline Screensavers

If you’ve ever been to a big city rooftop bar or high rise condo, you know the views are breathtaking. Now you can bring these views with you everywhere you go with the perfect skyline YouTube screensaver!

YouTube Screensavers:

YouTube Skyline Screensavers

Kaleidoscope Screensavers

Had a long day and looking to zone out to some trippy visuals? Pair these colorful kaleidoscope screensavers with the perfect playlist to take a quick break from reality.

YouTube Screensavers:

YouTube Kaleidoscope Screensavers

Calming Beach Screensavers

Nothing beats the feeling of laying on the beach on a hot summer day. Bring this feeling to your room year round with a calming beach screensaver!

YouTube Screensavers:

Calming Beach Screensavers

Waves Screensavers

The sound and visuals of waves crashing into shore are nothing but therapeutic. If you want to relax, or are just missing the ocean, these waves video backgrounds are perfect for the occasion.

YouTube Screensavers:

YouTube Waves Screensavers

Aesthetic Cloud Screensavers

Speaking of therapeutic, can you name anything more calming than clouds freely flying in the sky? Put yourself on literal cloud nine with these aesthetic cloud video backgrounds!

YouTube Screensavers:

Aesthetic Cloud YouTube Screensavers

Bouncing DVD Logo Screensaver

If you were around during the DVD era, you wouldn’t have forgotten the iconic color-changing bouncing animation. Bring the nostalgia back with a DVD-inspired screensaver on YouTube!

YouTube Screensaver:

YouTube DVD Screensaver

Nostalgic Windows 3D Screensavers

If you’ve ever used an old school Windows computer, you might remember the 3D maze and pipes screensavers. Throw it back with these retro screensavers as video backgrounds!

YouTube Screensavers:

Nostalgic Windows 3D Screensavers

Forest Screensavers

There’s something magical about walking through a forest or hiking on a scenic trail. If you’re not able to get outside physically, you can mentally with one of these forest screensavers!

YouTube Screensavers:

Forest Screensavers for YouTube

Night Screensavers

If you’re a night owl, these backgrounds were made for you. Set the tone for winding down, or even a productive nighttime work session!

YouTube Screensavers:

Night Screensavers for YouTube

Nature & Landscape Screensavers

Fuel your wanderlust and bring beautiful vistas right to your living space with these nature and landscape video backgrounds! They might even inspire a future trip to a new destination.

YouTube Screensavers:

Nature & Landscape YouTube Screensavers

Cute Dogs & Puppy Screensavers

Puppies are a universal mood-booster. No puppy? No problem. Put cute puppy videos on loop to turn any bad day around!

YouTube Screensavers:

Dog Screensavers for YouTube

How to Put a Screensaver on Your TV

Now that you’ve picked out your favorite screensavers, here’s how to display them on your TV or projector!

Step 1: Setting Up Your TV or Projector

Smart TVs: YouTube TV App

Many smart TVs nowadays conveniently have the YouTube app built in! If you’ve purchased your TV in the last couple years, chances are the YouTube app is already on there – and if it’s not, check your TV’s app store and install it from there directly. Once you’ve got the YouTube app on your TV, check out Step 2 below for casting your screensavers.

Universal: Plug-in Streaming Devices (Universal)

If your TV doesn’t have a built-in YouTube app, the good news is that streaming devices can quickly plug into any device that has an HDMI port to receive your screensavers! This is the best solution for projectors, too.

Any of the below devices have a YouTube app to cast screensaver videos to:

Step 2: Casting Video Screensavers

Now that your TV or projector is set up to receive videos – here’s how to send them from your phone, tablet, or computer!

Casting from Your Phone or Tablet

  • Ensure your phone or tablet is on the same wifi network as your TV or streaming device.
  • Open any of the below video screensaver links, this should take you to the YouTube app on your mobile device. You can also search for any video you’d like in the app.
  • Tap the Cast icon top-right and select your TV or streaming device – from there, you can play the screensaver video, or add it to your queue!

Casting Video YouTube Screensavers

Casting from Your Computer

  • Ensure your computer is on the same wifi network as your TV or streaming device.
  • Open any of the below video screensaver links or search for any video you’d like on YouTube.
  • In the video, select the Cast icon bottom-left of your video window and select your TV or streaming device. If you’re using Chrome, you can alternatively select the three dots top-right of your browser window, select “Cast…” and select your TV or streaming device. This will cast your entire browser window.

YouTube Screensavers on Computers

Which YouTube screensaver is your favorite? Are there any aesthetic YouTube video backgrounds that we’re missing? Let us know in the comments below!

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