Some people love to work and relax in silence, but others would rather listen to some tunes while they go about their day. Whether you’re working on a big project or just chilling out at home, scroll to discover some of our favorite aesthetic background music for studying & relaxing!

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Lofi is many people’s go-to music when studying or relaxing. The laid-back, DIY beats in lofi are nostalgic and warm, making lofi playlists perfect for cozy study sessions on rainy days.

Lofi often samples cartoons and anime, which will fit well with the Aesthetic Pomodoro TimerRetro Anime Desk Clock Screensaver, or any retro-inspired aesthetic.

Lofi playlists for studying or relaxing:

Aesthetic Lofi Background Music


Jazzhop is similar to lofi, combining jazz with the analog warmth of laidback hip-hop. Jazzhop is laden with saxophone, piano, and electric guitar layered over classic hip-hop that’ll keep your head bopping whether you’re studying or chilling.

Just like lofi, jazzhop rarely features lyrics — ideal for avoiding any distractions while you nail down your latest project.

Jazzhop playlists for studying or relaxing:

Jazzhop Music for Studying & Relaxing

Slowed & Reverb

If you’re okay with lyrics in your study music, check out slowed and reverb playlists! Often paired with subdued retro anime loop visuals, slowed and reverb music takes popular songs and slows them way down to create a relaxed atmosphere.

You’ll find some unique takes of your favorite tracks to jam to while you’re jamming in your Notion planner. Slowed and reverb music is excellent for your retrofuturistic study aesthetic.

Slowed and reverb playlists for studying or relaxing:

Slowed & Reverb Music Aesthetic


Classical music isn’t just relaxing — it can help boost your learning potential. A 2007 study found classical music lets you absorb and decipher new information easier. Whether you’re listening to soft piano or lavish orchestral ensembles, classical music is great for putting your feet up or cramming for finals.

Classical playlists for studying or relaxing:

Classical Music for Studying & Relaxing


Piano Scores & Covers

Searching for some familiar music that’s not distracting? Piano scores and covers rework some of your favorite hits into relaxing, soothing music that’s fitting for a study sesh or after-work relaxation. Plus, piano covers are so varied that they’re awesome background music for any aesthetic.

Piano scores and covers playlists for studying or relaxing:

Piano Scores & Covers for Studying & Relaxing

Music in a Foreign Language

Stick on a foreign language playlist if you prefer music with singing, but get distracted easily by lyrics in your language. Listening to music in another language will broaden your horizons and blend nicely into the background of your international aesthetic – and it’s certain to help if you’re working on learning a new language!

Music in a foreign language playlists for studying or relaxing:

Foreign Music for Studying & Relaxing

Ambient Sounds & Background Noises

Sometimes when it comes to background music, less is more. Ambient music is the ultimate relaxation, helping to reduce anxiety and stress. Ambient music often lacks structure and is atmospheric, meaning you won’t find it intrusive while studying.

Background noise can also help you concentrate. Tapping on a keyboard or muffled voices in the background while studying will help you mimic a study environment, like a library or classroom.

Ambient sounds & background noises playlists for studying and relaxing:

Ambient Sounds & Aesthetic Background Noises

Colored Noise

Colored noise doesn’t just break up the silence while you’re trying to study — there’s evidence that different noise signals, like brown noise and pink noise, promote concentration.

Colored noise can also help you with the ultimate relaxation of all — sleep. One study found a link between listening to pink noise and deep sleep. Similarly, some people find white noise helpful in blocking out distracting noises while trying to study or get a good night’s rest.

Colored noise playlists for studying and relaxing:

Aesthetic Color Noises & Sounds

Did we miss one of your favorite aesthetic background playlists? What’s your favorite genre for studying and relaxing? Let us know in the comments below!

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