Best Disposable Camera Presets for Lightroom

The 23 Best Disposable Camera Lightroom Presets & Filters (Free & Paid)

Whether it be a Fujifilm QuickSnap or Kodak Power Flash, we love the unmistakable look that disposable cameras produce. It’s no question…

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Aesthetic Online Countdown Timers

12+ Aesthetic Online Countdown Timer Websites & Videos (Full Screen)

Whether you’re cooking, writing an exam, attending an event, or blocking out time to focus – a timer is essential to keep you on track when…

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Notion Pomodoro Templates

12 Notion Pomodoro Templates & Trackers (Free & Paid)

The Pomodoro Technique was developed by Francesco Cirillo in the 80s, and has since become known and loved by the productivity community.…

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iOS StandBy Mode Ideas

22 iOS StandBy Mode Ideas (Aesthetic & Functional) [iOS 17]

StandBy is one of iOS 17's stand-out features, turning your phone into a smart display with an assortment of customizable, interactive…

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Notion Pomodoro Timer Widgets

The 8 Best Notion Pomodoro Timer Widgets (Aesthetic & Minimalist)

If you’re looking to integrate the Pomodoro technique right in your Notion workspace, you’ve come to the right place. From aesthetic to…

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Aesthetic iOS Contact Poster Ideas

15+ Aesthetic iOS 17 Contact Poster Ideas

Contact Posters let you customize the look and feel of your outgoing calls and text messages in iOS 17. Create your very own calling card…

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Average Battery Health iPhone

Average Battery Health for iPhone (What’s Good & Bad)

Ever since Apple introduced the built-in battery health tool in 2018, it's become a regular pit stop for iPhone users curious about their…

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Aesthetic Screensavers & Wallpapers

10+ Aesthetic Screensavers & Wallpapers for Mac & Windows

When putting together a standout setup, what's on your screen is just as important as what's off it. Whether you want to capture killer…

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Best Mac Clock Screensavers

10+ Best Mac Clock Screensavers for Your Apple Setup

Nothing completes an Apple setup like a functional and aesthetic screensaver for your desk monitor. Adding a well-designed Mac clock…

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Aesthetic Online Clock Websites & Apps

15+ Aesthetic Online Clock Websites, Extensions & Apps (Full Screen)

With a clock in the corner of any computer’s screen, some may wonder why you would need an online clock. The answer? Customizability. Most…

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