Best Productivity Timers

The 10 Best Productivity Timers for Your Desk (Online & Physical)

Whether you prefer an on-device timer for your computer or tablet, or simple physical timer for your desk, we’ve curated the best…

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Best Procreate Sketching Brushes

25+ Procreate Sketching Brushes for Your Digital Drawings

If you’re looking to take your art studio with you, without hauling your full kit around, Procreate is your best friend. With the amount of…

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Best Pomodoro Timer Chrome Extensions

The 14 Best Pomodoro Timer Chrome Extensions for Focus

Rethink how you complete deep work with a Pomodoro Chrome extension. Whether you're trying to stay organized, gamify your day-to-day, or…

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Best Notion Calendar Templates

The 25 Best Notion Calendar Templates & Widgets

Being able to quickly adjust your database’s view in a single click is one of Notion’s best features – you can switch a list, gallery, and…

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Aesthetic Collage Wallpapers & Backgrounds

20+ Aesthetic Collage Wallpapers & Backgrounds for 2024

Ever have a hard time picking just one image to use as your wallpaper? Now, that can be a dilemma of the past — wallpaper collages are the…

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Notion Cover Image Size

The Best Notion Cover Size & Banner Dimensions in 2024

Being able to personalize your Notion workspace is one of its best features. From widgets to icons, page names, and cover photos, you can…

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How to Apply Preset to All Photos in Lightroom

How to Apply a Preset to All Photos in Lightroom

There are many ways to streamline your photo editing process in Lightroom to speed up your workflow, especially when you have a series of…

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Old Money Lightroom Presets

10 Old Money Lightroom Presets

The old money and quiet luxury aesthetic: a look that avoids flashy displays of wealth, focusing instead on subtle, well-crafted settings,…

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Kodak Gold vs Portra Film Comparison

Kodak Gold vs. Portra: Side by Side Film Comparison

Kodak’s array of film stocks has been paired with cameras of all types throughout the decades. Kodak’s Portra film is the reigning…

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Nature Lightroom Presets

10 Nature Lightroom Presets (Outdoors, Hiking & More)

From the beauty of forests and rugged texture of mountains to the calming vastness of beaches, nature photography showcases our planet’s…

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