How to customize Google Chrome

How to Customize Google Chrome to Look Aesthetic

Customizing your Google Chrome to make it more aesthetic is a great way to add a splash of color and fun to your workday. Scroll on for…

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Best Notion Second Brain Templates

The 15 Best Notion Second Brain Templates (Brain Dump & More)

In an age of information overload, anything to compartmentalize and organize our thoughts is welcomed. With new ideas born, knowledge…

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City & Urban Lightroom Presets

10 City & Urban Lightroom Presets (Free & Paid)

You have millions of city and urban photos, but you're not sure where to start with editing them. Finding the perfect balance of contrast…

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Hide Desk Wires, Cables Cords

15 Ways to Hide & Tidy Your Desk Wires, Cables & Cords

Wires, cords, and cables are usually the messiest aspect of an office. Whether you work as a photographer, graphic designer, or blogger,…

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Fujifilm x100v Presets

The 7 Best Fujifilm X100V Presets to Emulate the Look

The Fuji X100V has taken the internet and photography world by storm. Thanks to TikTok, it’s become a wildly popular choice for both…

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Best ChatGPT Prompts & Ideas

The 100 Best ChatGPT Prompts to Power Your Workflow

ChatGPT is taking the internet by storm, quickly becoming one of the most talked about AI chatbots. Developed by OpenAI, ChatGPT lets input…

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Dark & Moody Lightroom Presets

15 Dark & Moody Lightroom Presets (Free & Paid)

Looking to add a moody and dramatic touch to your photos? Check out our list for the best moody Lightroom presets! Whether you’re a pro or…

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Indoor Lightroom Presets

12 Interior & Indoor Lightroom Presets (Free & Paid)

Are you looking for a way to enhance the look of your indoor spaces in your photos? Having a hard time getting the edits just right to…

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Best Green Lightroom Presets

The 9 Best Green Presets For Lightroom (Nature, Lifestyle & More)

Are you looking for a clean, green aesthetic for your photos? Whether they're photos of nature, objects, or overall green styling, it can…

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Best Architectural Lightroom Presets

The 10 Best Architectural Lightroom Presets (Indoor & Outdoor)

It’s important to showcase architectural work in the best light possible, whether you’re an architecture, photographer, or both! Our…

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