Best Notion Grocery List Templates

5+ Best Notion Grocery List Templates (Aesthetic, Minimal & More)

Gone are the days of worrying about leaving your grocery list at home – thanks to Notion, you can now create, check, and cross off your…

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Fake Window Projector Ideas

15+ TikTok Fake Window Projector Ideas (Anime, Scenery & More)

If you're ever feeling stuck and looking for an aesthetic getaway, the fake window trend will take you to the perfect visual paradise for…

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Aesthetic iPad Home Screen Ideas

Aesthetic iPad Home Screen Ideas & Layouts (iOS 15)

You may have seen our roundup on the best iPhone home screen ideas, and today, we're here to turn the spotlight over to iPad! iPad's extra…

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most aesthetic iOS 14 widget ideas for iphone

25+ Aesthetic iOS 15 Widget Ideas & Apps for iPhone

We’re still not over the iOS 15 home screen craze and for the past couple of weeks, we’ve continued to scavenge the web for the best home…

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Aesthetic iOS 14 App Icons & Ideas

20+ Aesthetic iOS 15 App Icons & Icon Packs (iPhone & iPad)

The ideas are endless when it comes to iOS 15 home screen themes – and once you’ve figured out what theme you like, the next step is to…

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Best Aesthetic iOS 14 Home Screen Ideas

30+ Aesthetic iOS 15 Home Screen Theme Ideas

Ever since its debut in iOS 14, a new favorite feature of iOS is the ability to customize your own home screen – whether you want to…

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Best iPad Widgets

The Best iPad Widgets for iOS 15 (Aesthetic & Minimal)

With the new iPadOS, you're now able to add widgets right to your iPad's home screen. This game-changing feature allows you to completely…

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Kendall Jenner Film Camera

All of Kendall Jenner’s Film Cameras (Contax, Polaroid & More)

Whether she's attending the Met Gala, or walking the stage at New York, Paris, or Milan Fashion Week – Kendall Jenner is usually in front…

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Best Study With Me Videos

The Best Study With Me Videos, Live Streams & Discord Servers

Study buddies are no new concept, someone to share motivation and accountability with – but what if we told you that you can recruit your…

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8 Aesthetic Fall App Icon Packs for iOS 15

Fall is hands down one of the most beautiful times of the year, and the season brings many joys with it – crisp weather, warm sweaters,…

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