Aesthetic Online Clock Websites & Apps

15+ Aesthetic Online Clock Websites, Extensions & Apps (Full Screen)

With a clock in the corner of any computer’s screen, some may wonder why you would need an online clock. The answer? Customizability. Most…

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75 Soft Challenge Templates

The 15 Best 75 Soft Challenge Templates: Printable PDFs & Digital

Balance is key — and it’s nice to have a bit of a cleanse every now and then. If you’re really looking to completely change your life and…

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The Best 75 Hard Challenge Templates: Digital & Printable PDFs

If you’re on social media, you’ve probably seen the 75 hard trend all over your For You or explore page. It’s a two and a half month long…

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Aesthetic Online Countdown Timers

12+ Aesthetic Online Countdown Timer Websites & Videos (Full Screen)

Whether you’re cooking, writing an exam, attending an event, or blocking out time to focus – a timer is essential to keep you on track when…

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AirPods Engraving Ideas

50+ Best AirPods Pro & Max Engraving Ideas (Cute, Funny & More)

AirPods are encased in a sleek, unmistakeable design, but that can also mean they feel a bit plain. To add some flare to your AirPods, you…

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Spotify Wrapped Templates

12 Custom Spotify Wrapped Templates for 2022 (Blank, Meme & More)

It’s amazing how music can really define any time of your life, and Spotify gives you the full rundown of your favorite artists, songs, and…

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Aesthetic Morning Routine List

Aesthetic Morning Routine List & Ideas (TikTok & ‘That Girl’)

It’s no question that having the right morning routine will set you up for success in your day, both physically and mentally. Everyone’s…

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Notion Routine Templates for Morning & Evening

11 Organized Notion Morning & Evening Routine Templates

We are what we repeatedly do — and your morning and evening routines play an essential role when it comes to having a productive and…

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Cottagecore Notion Templates

The 10 Best Cottagecore Notion Templates

One of the great powers of Notion is the ability to completely transform any workspace to fit your favorite aesthetic – with completely…

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Notion Repeating Database Templates for Recurring Tasks

Tutorial: Notion Repeating Database Templates (for Recurring Tasks & More)

In November 2022, Notion dropped the update we’ve all been waiting for: recurring database templates! Okay, so we may not have been waiting…

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