Best Procreate Color Palettes & Swatches

25+ Aesthetic Procreate Color Palettes & Swatches (Free & Paid)

When illustrating in Procreate, one of the first things you want to do is choose a color palette that will give you the foundation for your…

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Notion Google Calendar

Notion & Google Calendar Sync: A Full Guide

Notion and Google Calendar are two quintessential productivity apps that work better together. Can you sync Notion with Google Calendar?…

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Best Film for Contax T2

The Best Film for Contax T2, for All Scenarios

A film camera as coveted as the Contax T2 needs no introduction. Used by the likes of Zendaya, Kendall Jenner, Emma Chamberlain and more,…

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Notion Tips and Tricks

28 Essential Notion Tips & Tricks to be More Productive

Notion is one of the most powerful apps for building solid systems and workflows, but it also comes with a steep learning curve. Whether…

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Shooting Cinestill 800T in Daylight: Tips & Example Photos

Cinestill 800T photos are synonymous with the nighttime, and we’d expect nothing less! The tungsten-balanced colors paired with its famous…

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Best Kodak Portra 400 Presets & Filters

The 7 Best Kodak Portra 400 Presets & Filters for Lightroom

Portra 400 - what was once a name that was only known to film photographers has become something recognized by digital photographers as…

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Aesthetic Notion Covers

20+ Aesthetic Notion Covers & Banner Ideas (Images & GIFs)

Notion's customizability is one of the coolest parts about the beloved do-everything platform. You can add custom icons, completely alter…

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Best Notion Banner & Header Size Dimensions

The Best Notion Cover Image Size & Banner Dimensions

Being able to personalize your Notion workspace is one of the best features of the go-to all-in-one app. From widgets, icons, page names,…

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How to Use Notion as a Student

How to Use Notion as a Student: A Full Guide

Looking to create a custom student hub in Notion? Or want to save some time by installing a pre-built Notion student template? You’re in…

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Aesthetic Notion Templates for Students

The 40 Best Notion Templates for Students in 2022 (Aesthetic & Functional)

Notion is a must-have if you’re a student in 2022. With how versatile the platform is, you can use Notion to do everything from planning…

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