Best Notion Calendar Templates

The 25 Best Notion Calendar Templates & Widgets

Being able to quickly adjust your database’s view in a single click is one of Notion’s best features – you can switch a list, gallery, and…

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Aesthetic Collage Wallpapers & Backgrounds

20+ Aesthetic Collage Wallpapers & Backgrounds for 2024

Ever have a hard time picking just one image to use as your wallpaper? Now, that can be a dilemma of the past — wallpaper collages are the…

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Notion Cover Image Size

The Best Notion Cover Size & Banner Dimensions in 2024

Being able to personalize your Notion workspace is one of its best features. From widgets to icons, page names, and cover photos, you can…

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How to Apply Preset to All Photos in Lightroom

How to Apply a Preset to All Photos in Lightroom

There are many ways to streamline your photo editing process in Lightroom to speed up your workflow, especially when you have a series of…

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Old Money Lightroom Presets

10 Old Money Lightroom Presets

The old money and quiet luxury aesthetic: a look that avoids flashy displays of wealth, focusing instead on subtle, well-crafted settings,…

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Kodak Gold vs Portra Film Comparison

Kodak Gold vs. Portra: Side by Side Film Comparison

Kodak’s array of film stocks has been paired with cameras of all types throughout the decades. Kodak’s Portra film is the reigning…

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Nature Lightroom Presets

10 Nature Lightroom Presets (Outdoors, Hiking & More)

From the beauty of forests and rugged texture of mountains to the calming vastness of beaches, nature photography showcases our planet’s…

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Billionaire Morning Routine List

The Ultimate Billionaire Morning Routine List

Billionaires worldwide know that one of the keys to success is a consistent morning routine, which sets them up to continue growing their…

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Wes Anderson Lightroom Presets

10 Wes Anderson Lightroom Presets & Filters

Wes Anderson’s films are famous for their distinctive visual style, characterized by vibrant color palettes, soft film texture, and…

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Aesthetic Google Chrome Themes & Background

The 80 Most Aesthetic Google Chrome Themes & Backgrounds

It’s easy to customize your physical tech with personalized phone cases, keycaps, laptop sleeves, stickers, and now you can do the same…

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