Reflx Lab Sample Photos (Cinematic Portraits, Low Light & More)

Enter Reflx Lab: a new addition to the cinematic still film game. Reflx Lab’s mission is to provide cinematic converted film to the masses…

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Best Cinestill Alternatives

The 8 Best Cinestill Alternatives (800T, 50D & BwXX)

Cinestill in all its converted cinematic film glory has risen to the ranks as a top film stock for photographers. With their current…

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Aesthetic iOS App Icons & Ideas

35+ Aesthetic iOS 16 App Icons & Icon Packs (iPhone & iPad)

When it comes to iOS 16 home screen themes, the ideas are endless – and once you’ve figured out a theme you like, the next step is finding…

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Best Film for Wedding Photography

The 6 Best Film Stocks for Wedding Photography

It’s no question that wedding photography is demanding — and taking it up a notch to wedding film photography increases that pressure…

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Best iPad Widgets

The Best iPad Widgets for iOS 16 (Aesthetic & Minimal)

With the new iPadOS, you're now able to add widgets right to your iPad's home screen. This game-changing feature allows you to completely…

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Aesthetic iOS Lock Screen Widgets

25+ Curated iOS 16 Lock Screen Widgets (Aesthetic & Functional)

iOS 16’s lock screen updates have opened a world of opportunity for iPhone users to make their lock screen truly theirs, while also adding…

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Best iOS Depth Effect Wallpapers for Lock Screen

20+ Handpicked iOS 16 Depth Effect Lock Screen Wallpapers

There’s no doubt one of iOS 16’s most exciting updates is the new lock screen – you can add widgets, change the font, and colors to…

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Aesthetic iOS Lock Screen Ideas

25+ Aesthetic Lock Screen Ideas for iOS 16 (Wallpapers & Widgets)

In fall 2020, Apple broke the internet (and Pinterest) when they provided users the ability to update their iOS app icons and home screens…

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Aesthetic Chrome Extensions

15+ Aesthetic Chrome Extensions for Students & Productivity

Chrome is the most popular browser, and for good reason. Beyond its compatibility and performance, one of the beauties of it is its…

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How to Make Your Mac Aesthetic (MacBook & iMac)

How to Make Your Mac Aesthetic: MacBook & iMac Customization Tutorial

We all put so much thought into customizing and personalizing everything around us to fit our personal taste, aesthetic, and theme: our…

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