The 9 Best AirPods Max Stands & Holders [2024]

AirPods Max are a stylish companion for managing the hustle and bustle of everyday life — whether it be for music, work calls, watching…

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75 Soft Challenge Templates

The 26 Best 75 Soft Challenge Templates: Printable PDFs & Digital

The 75 Hard Challenge might be a good fit for anyone looking to completely transform their life in 3 months. However, the infamously…

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75 Hard Challenge Templates

The 27 Best 75 Hard Challenge Templates & Trackers

You’ve probably seen the 75 Hard Challenge trending on your For You or Explore page. It’s a 2.5-month challenge that aims to transform your…

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Best Presets for Photographers

40 Best Lightroom Presets for Photographers (Professionals & Hobbyists)

Modern photographers seek photo editing solutions that not only enhance their photos, but also streamline their workflows and maintain a…

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Black and White App Icons

16 Minimal Black & White App Icons for iOS 17 (iPhone & iPad)

When it comes to making your iPhone more aesthetic, there’s no shortage of custom app icons out there. But even with all those colorful…

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Best Kodak Gold Presets for Lightroom

The 20 Best Kodak Gold Presets for Lightroom (Free & Paid)

Kodak Gold 200 is one of the most popular film stocks out there. Aptly named ‘Gold’ this color negative film stock is known for its warm…

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Best Snapseed QR Codes & Presets

The 36 Best Snapseed QR Codes & Presets

Ever find yourself capturing life through your smartphone camera, then being caught in a head scratch about how to edit it? Do you want it…

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Best Notion Marketing Templates

The 26 Best Notion Marketing Templates (Content, Agency & More)

Managing everything from brand strategy and social media planning to email marketing and technical SEO can get hectic fast without the…

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Best Notion Project Management Templates

The 22 Best Notion Project Management Templates

Stay on top of all your projects and hit those deadlines with a robust Notion project management template. With the right PM template for…

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Best Notion Blog Templates

The 15 Best Notion Blog Templates in 2024

Managing and scaling a blog is a lot of work (speaking from experience!). With so many things to do across so many different tools, staying…

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