Notion Eisenhower Matrix Templates

8 Notion Eisenhower Matrix Templates for Better Prioritization

With so many tasks to do in a day, it can be tough to make clear decisions and know what to prioritize. The Eisenhower Matrix model is here…

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Best Notion Planner Templates

The Best Notion Planner & Schedule Templates (Daily, Weekly & Monthly)

Building habits and creating a well-rounded routine is so important to achieve your goals and get the results that you want. What's equally…

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Notion Photography Templates

9 Notion Photography Templates for Managing Your Shoots & Business

Becoming a full-time photographer can open so many doors, but can also come with so many responsibilities. Managing clients, scheduling…

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Notion Bookmarks Templates

10+ Simple Notion Bookmarks Templates to Save Your Favorite Links

Every day, we see and are sent dozens of links and websites – but unless we do anything with them, they often get lost and forgotten.…

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Notion Wardrobe Templates

5+ Notion Wardrobe Templates, Outfit Planners & Closet Organizers

Have a mountain of clothes in your closet and forgetting what you have on hand? Not sure how to create your perfect capsule wardrobe? Can’t…

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Best Point and Shoot Film Cameras

The 8 Best Point and Shoot Film Cameras for Any Budget & Skill Level

The resurgence of film photography is no secret – photographers are hitting the streets with everything from vintage Canons, Nikons, Fujis,…

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Notion Medical School Templates

The 8 Best Notion Medical School Templates

In med school, there are so many topics, notes, resources, projects, and jobs to keep track of. The good news is, Notion offers a flexible,…

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5+ Notion Wishlist Templates to Track Your Wants & Needs

Whether you want to keep track of your grail products, or if you always have a hard time knowing what to ask for when the holidays roll…

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The 8 Best Notion Sales Templates to Streamline Your Pipeline

There are so many stages in the sales pipeline. The products, people, and details involved at each level can get unwieldy to manage and…

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Best Notion Marketing Templates

10+ Notion Marketing Templates for Strategy, Planning & More

Modern day marketers know the role is nothing short of a multi-faceted – from brand strategy, to social media planning, email marketing,…

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