Best Aesthetic Study Websites

The 34 Best Aesthetic Study Websites & Virtual Spaces [2023]

Staying in the groove and making the most of your time while practicing self-care isn't easy during a lengthy study period. With study…

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Momentum Alternatives for Chrome Extensions

10+ Momentum Alternatives & Best New Tab Chrome Extensions

Set your focus, stay productive, and find inspiration the moment you open your browser. If you’ve used Momentum Dash before, you know how…

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Notion ADHD Templates

24 Notion ADHD Templates to Improve Your Focus (Free & Paid)

If you have too much on your plate from your personal, professional, and academic lives, you’re not alone. Knowing what to prioritize…

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Study Discord Servers

The 11 Best Study Discord Servers (Aesthetic, Lofi & More)

Distractions are everywhere at home, so what's the best way to stay focused and motivated while working? Study Discord servers let you to…

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Best Notion Courses

The 28 Best Notion Courses & Training (Free & Paid) [2023]

The best investment you can make is in yourself – and what better way to become the most productive version of yourself than mastering the…

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Best Aesthetic iOS 14 Home Screen Ideas

30+ Aesthetic iOS 17 Home Screen Theme Ideas for iPhone

Ever since its debut in iOS 14, a new favorite feature of iOS is the ability to customize your own home screen – whether you want to…

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Aesthetic Study Timers

22 Best & Most Aesthetic Study Timers in 2023

Deep work is only doable for a short time, so taking breaks is key to a productive workflow. A practical method for staying focused is…

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Pomodoro Break Ideas

26 Things to Do During Pomodoro Breaks (Ideas & Examples)

It's tough to know the best way to spend your Pomodoro breaks. Luckily, there's no need to waste time twiddling your thumbs or tapping on…

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Best Focus Hacks & Concentration Tips

The 15 Best Focus & Concentration Hacks

Let’s be honest — we’ve all struggled to maintain focus and concentration at one point or another. Getting into focus mode is becoming more…

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Best Lighting for Studying

The Best Lighting for Studying (Lighting Color & More)

Ever been in the mood to study but suddenly felt something wasn’t quite right? Your workspace lighting might just be the issue. Although it…

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