Best Notion Courses

The Best Notion Courses & Training (Beginners & Experts) [2022]

The best investment you can make is in yourself – and what better way to become the most productive version of yourself than mastering the…

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Notion Tutorial for Beginners

Notion Tutorial for Beginners: Everything You Need to Know

Howdy, Notion newbies! Welcome to Gridfiti’s Notion tutorial for beginners. I’m Mel Lee-Smith, freelance writer and Notion creator. I’m…

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Best Notion To-Do List Templates

The 7+ Best Notion To-Do List Templates & Task Lists to Use

There's so much power in writing out your tasks for the day with a to-do list – and what do you get when you marry to-do lists with one of…

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Kodak Portra 160 vs. 400 vs. 800

Kodak Portra 160 vs. 400 vs. 800: Here Are the Differences

You’ve just picked up a new film camera – you’ve watched all the tutorials on how to use it, and you’re now on the hunt for some fresh film…

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Best Contax T2 Alternatives

The 7 Best Contax T2 Alternatives for Every Budget

Contax T2 – just saying the name of this titanium-built point-and-shoot rangefinder will send shivers down any film lover's back. Owned by…

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7 Neutral & Beige App Icons for iOS 15 (iPhone & iPad)

It’s no secret that customizing your home screen is a great why to personalize your iOS device. However, with so many options out there, it…

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Best Notion Finance Tracker Templates

The 10 Best Notion Finance Tracker & Budget Templates

Whether we like it or not, tracking our finances is a part of life – so why not make it as fun and as simplistic as possible? Enter Notion…

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Cinestill 800T Night

Shooting Cinestill 800T at Night: Tips & Example Photos

Chances are, if you see a photo taken on Cinestill 800T film, it was mostly likely shot at night! This film’s unique look with its cool…

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Best Notion Freelance Templates

7+ Notion Freelance Templates to Level Up Your Workflow

If you're a freelancer looking to streamline your business and save time navigating through a million different freelance apps, you’ve come…

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How to Store Film

How to Store Film: 5 Film Storage Ideas & Tips

The way you store your film can have a huge impact to the quality of your photos after they’re developed. Film stocks ranging from black…

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