Animedoro Method & Technique

The Animedoro Method: A Guide to the Anime Pomodoro Technique

Animedoro is a twist on the Pomodoro method, which has been helping people manage their time more efficiently since the 1980s — and it just…

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Best 75 Hard & 75 Soft Notion templates

The 7 Best 75 Hard & 75 Soft Notion Templates

Whether soft, medium, or hard, the 75-day challenge is an experience that will transform your life – but there’s no secret it requires…

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Notion Templates for Work

50+ Powerful Notion Templates for Work, for Almost Every Field

Whether your work is in the office or home office, for a team or for yourself, you know that between the emails, meetings, to-dos, notes,…

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Aesthetic Mac Widgets

The 38 Best & Most Aesthetic Mac Widgets & Menu Bar Apps

When it comes to customizing your Mac, what probably comes to mind is wallpapers, app icons, screensavers – but Mac widgets can take your…

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GoodNotes vs. Notability

GoodNotes vs. Notability – A Definitive Comparison

GoodNotes vs. Notability: which is the note-taking app to rule them all? Find out in our comprehensive comparison! We’ve tested and…

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Notion RPG Templates

The 9 Best Notion RPG Templates (D&D, Tabletop & More)

With any RPG adventure, there are so many possibilities – which also means so many details to track and organize. Use Notion to track your…

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Study Techniques Like Pomodoro

9 Study Techniques Like Pomodoro: The Best Alternatives to Use

Pomodoro is touted as the one study method to rule them all, but some people find the Pomodoro method too restrictive. If you're trying to…

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Portra 800 Pushed to 1600

Portra 800 Pushed to 1600: Tips, Sample Photos & More

Sitting at the high speed end of Kodak’s most popular line of film, Portra 800 is the film that can do it all. Due to Portra’s iconic color…

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The 7 Best Notion Gaming Templates (Video Game Trackers & More)

Whether you’re tracking video games you’ve played, want to play and are even playing right now, are wanting a gaming-themed life dashboard,…

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10+ Notion Christmas Templates for the Holiday Season

Make your list and check it twice – right in Notion! Use a Notion Christmas template to create a list of your most wanted items throughout…

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