Study Aesthetic Inspo for Your Motivation

Study Aesthetic Inspo for Your Motivation (Playlists, Study Vlogs & More)

Studying's one of the most dreaded tasks for any student – but what if we told you there things you can pepper into your study routine to…

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Best Notion Icons (Minimal, Aesthetic)

The Best Notion Icons for Your Setup (Minimalist, Aesthetic & More)

Notion opens up an entire world of possibilities whether you're looking to organize your schoolwork, journalling, freelance business, and…

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Aesthetic iOS 14 App Icons & Ideas

20+ Aesthetic iOS 14.5 App Icons & Icon Packs for Your iPhone

There’s an endless amount of ideas when it comes to iOS 14 home screen themes. Once you’ve figured out what theme you like, the next step…

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Aesthetic Notion Template Ideas & Theme Layouts

25+ Aesthetic Notion Templates & Layout Ideas

Notion has taken the internet by storm in recent months, allowing anyone and everyone to organize all aspects of life – from school, to…

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Best Low Light Lens for Nighttime Photography

Best Lens for Low Light & Nighttime Photography

The term 'low light' in photography can refer to lots of different settings – a studio with the lights dimmed low and windows shuttered, a…

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most aesthetic iOS 14 widget ideas for iphone

25+ Aesthetic iOS 14.5 Widget Ideas & Apps for iPhone

We’re still not over the iOS 14 home screen craze and for the past couple of weeks, we’ve continued to scavenge the web for the best home…

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What's in my Tech Bag - Tech Bag Essentials

What’s in My Tech Bag: Essentials for EDC, Travel & More

Whether you're a frequent flyer, creator, college student, or just want some ideas for what to add to your everyday carry, we got you with…

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Best Instagram Presets (Mobile & Desktop)

10 Instagram Presets for Your Next Post (Mobile & Desktop)

We quite literally have super cameras in our pockets nowadays, thanks to iPhones and their computational photography, Samsungs Galaxies and…

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Best Acoustic Covers & YouTube Channels

The Best Acoustic Covers & YouTube Channels

Music is the most accessible it's ever been. With artists having the freedom to create on their own terms and have us listen to it within…

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Anime Car Aesthetic

50+ Aesthetic Anime Cars & Driving Looping GIFs

What is it about anime visuals that immediately draw us in? Its simplistic nature? The use of color? Each studio's signature style? We'll…

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