casey neistat camera gear and vlog setup

Casey Neistat’s Camera Gear & Vlogging Setup 2020

If you follow YouTube at all, you probably know who Casey Neistat is. Casey Neistat is the vlogging king and his emergence within the last…

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brandon woelfel camera gear & creative accessories

Brandon Woelfel’s Camera Gear & Creative Accessories

Brandon Woelfel's photography is very well known amongst photographers and non-photographers. His use of creative tools, colors, and models…

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prism photography

The Full Guide to Prism Photography (Tutorials + Examples)

As a professional photographer myself, I'm always looking for creative ways to improve my photos. I've used objects such as crystal balls…

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Best Photography YouTube Channels

Best YouTube Photography Tutorials & Channels to Watch

As a self-taught photographer, I've spent a lot of time on the internet learning everything I need to know about cameras and how to use…

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Best Desk Cover Ideas

6 Desk Cover Ideas for Your Home Office Setup

The desk cover is one of the most underrated accessories when it comes to having the best desk setup. A desk mat is a simple desk accessory…

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photography blog post ideas

30 Photography Blog Post Ideas to Get You Started

As a professional photographer or beginner photographer, having a blog can bring several benefits and I think that every photographer…

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funny photography memes

Funny Photography Memes Every Photographer Needs to See

I've only recently come across funny photography memes while browsing my social feeds and I was not disappointed when I found them! The…

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best new york photography spots

Best New York Photography Spots & Top Photo Locations

As a photographer travelling to the big apple, I'm always looking for the best New York photography spots. The big apple is an incredible…

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crystal ball photography ideas

7 Crystal Ball Photography Ideas & Lensball Tips

Crystal ball photography is the use of a clear glass ball to create a cool photo effect for your images. The glass ball creates a distorted…

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using fairy lights for photography

How to Use Fairy Lights for Photography & String Light Ideas

Fairy lights photography has become a growing trend amongst content creators. The string fairy lights are a great object for photography…

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