Cottagecore Lightroom Presets

13 Cottagecore Lightroom Presets (Free & Paid)

The past few years have gotten people to disconnect and embrace a simpler way of life surrounded in nature – often flocking out to national…

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Infrared Lightroom Presets

10 Infrared Lightroom Presets (Free & Paid)

Infrared film is a unique way to capture images! Capturing light beyond the visible human spectrum, infrared photos produce extraordinary…

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Boho Lightroom Presets

12 Boho Lightroom Presets (Free & Paid)

Bohemian can be described as a free-spirited, unconventional approach to art, fashion, and lifestyle. Bohemian (or Boho for short) styles…

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Aesthetic Stopwatch Timers

12 Aesthetic Online Stopwatch Timers & Videos

Online timers are valuable tools for tracking your work hours, keeping yourself motivated, and analyzing your daily activities. But is your…

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Best Aesthetic Notion Widgets

The 27 Best & Free Notion Widgets for 2023 (Aesthetic & Minimal)

Personalizing your Notion dashboard is nothing short of satisfying, and a great way to make sure your workspace is as functional and…

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Best Midjourney Prompts

Midjourney Prompts Guide, Examples & Settings

Midjourney (MJ) is among the world’s leading AI image generators, able to create photo-realistic images and detailed artworks. Plug your…

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Notion Weather Widgets

The 5 Best Notion Weather Widgets & How to Add Them

Weather widgets for Notion are awesome if you want to keep up to date with the forecast from your dashboard or you’re planning a trip in…

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Notion Buttons

Notion Buttons: Tutorial, Use Cases & Ideas

In March 2023, Notion dropped a game-changing update: revamped buttons complete with automation capabilities. Want to start using this…

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ChatGPT Prompts for Writing

100 ChatGPT Prompts for Writing

ChatGPT is a versatile tool that can assist you in your next big writing project. Make headway on your creative WIP, proofread and edit…

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Sports Lightroom Presets

14 Sports Lightroom Presets (Free & Paid)

Capturing sports is one of the most demanding forms of photography out there. You need to be quick, agile, and explosive with your capture.…

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