best new york photography spots

Best New York Photography Spots & Top Photo Locations

As a photographer travelling to the big apple, I'm always looking for the best New York photography spots. The big apple is an incredible…

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crystal ball photography ideas

7 Crystal Ball Photography Ideas & Lensball Tips

Crystal ball photography is the use of a clear glass ball to create a cool photo effect for your images. The glass ball creates a distorted…

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using fairy lights for photography

How to Use Fairy Lights for Photography & String Light Ideas

Fairy lights photography has become a growing trend amongst content creators. The string fairy lights are a great object for photography…

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best camera wrist strap

The Best Camera Wrist Strap to Buy in 2020

The best camera wrist straps in 2020 are built to last and are both functional and fashionable for everyday photography and videography.…

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lensball creative photo ideas

7 Creative Photography Ideas for Your Next Photoshoot

If you’re anything like me, I love having some a subject included in my creative photography ideas. The subject could be a person, animal,…

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drone wallpapers from best aerial photographers

7 Drone Wallpapers from the Best Aerial Photographers

If you’re looking for quality HD drone wallpapers for your phone, look no further. I’ve been running the Instagram account @dronegrids for…

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