Black & Dark Lightroom Presets

8 Black Lightroom Presets to Enrich Your Photos (Moody, Film & More)

We’ve seen the curated feeds of photographers in the form of high saturation, bright and airiness, or pastel colors – but have you ever…

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Kodak Gold vs Portra Film Comparison

Kodak Gold vs. Portra: Side by Side Film Comparison

Kodak’s array of film stocks has been paired with cameras of all types throughout the decades. Kodak’s Portra film is the reigning…

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Aesthetic Google Docs Templates

20+ Aesthetic Google Docs Templates (Free & Paid)

By default, Google Docs can look dry – but there are a ton of ways to customize and use it for so much more than taking notes. If you want…

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Best Notion Restaurant Templates

The 6 Best Notion Restaurant Templates (Lists, Reviews, Reservations & More)

It’s hard to keep track of all the different restaurants and cafes you get recommended, or even ones you see on your FYP or in vlogs – so…

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That Girl Notion Templates

The 12 Best ‘That Girl’ Notion Templates

Get back into routine, focus on your health and wellness, and become ‘That Girl’. You’d be surprised what one month, three months, and six…

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Aesthetic Google Sheets Templates

30+ Aesthetic Google Sheets Templates

You might be familiar with Google Sheets when it comes to figuring out expenses, but there are several other use cases you can use Google…

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Aesthetic Google Chrome Themes & Background

The 80 Most Aesthetic Google Chrome Themes & Background Ideas

It’s easy to customize your physical tech with personalized phone cases, keycaps, laptop sleeves, stickers, and now you can do the same…

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Light & Dark Academia Notion Templates

The 12 Best Light & Dark Academia Notion Templates

One of the best parts about Notion is its customizability. In a short period of time, your setup can go from boring and black and white, to…

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The Best Notion Countdown Widgets for Your Workspace

Whether you’re counting down the days until the holidays, a birthday, retirement, vacation, end of exams, and anything in between — or even…

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Best Notion Quote Templates & Widgets

The 13 Best Notion Quotes Templates, Widgets & Cover Images

Having the perfect quote always in sight and in mind can keep you feeling positive, motivated, or just help you express yourself. Whether…

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