Rethink how you complete deep work with a Pomodoro Chrome extension. Whether you’re trying to stay organized, gamify your day-to-day, or simply find a new way to track your Pomodoro sessions, Google Chrome extensions are unmissable tools for improving focus!

Keep scrolling to check out 14 of the best Pomodoro Google Chrome extensions for focus, so you can stay on top of your workload.

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Forest: Visual Timer

As you work with Forest, a virtual tree grows. Once you complete a Pomodoro interval, you’ll have a fully-grown virtual tree! Stop a session midway through, and the tree dies.

You can track your productivity through your planting record, which shows your workday as a forest. Growing your own virtual forest is a fun way of seeing your daily progress.

Plus, Forest works with the charity Trees for the Future to help the environment. Whenever users spend virtual coins, Forest donates to Trees for the Future to plant real trees.

Features and highlights

  • Track when you’re working and what you’re working on
  • Add websites to your block and allow lists
  • Gamify your workday with leaderboards, coins, and virtual trees to keep you motivated
  • Sync ongoing sessions on different devices
  • Customize your timer and the type of tree you grow

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Forest Study Chrome Extension Timer

Flocus – Aesthetic Productivity Dashboard

Discover your ideal workflow with Flocus: Your Home for Focus & Ambience. Flocus is a 3-in-1 productivity and relaxation hub with a Focus Mode featuring Pomodoro timers and dozens of aesthetic and dynamic themes to brighten your workday.

Your Pomodoro timer intervals and breaks are fully customizable, and you can choose between several attention-grabbing alerts. You can even switch up your Pomodoro tally icons! Inspirational quotes and greetings change throughout the day to keep you motivated.

Laser in on essential tasks and drown out background noise with lofi, jazzhop, piano, and even video game music playlists. Or pick your own Spotify playlist to jam out to while you work! Picture-in-picture means you can enjoy your aesthetic Flocus dashboard and track your Pomodoro while browsing the web.

Features and highlights

  • Productivity and home dashboard
  • Pomodoro timer with customizable lengths and alert sounds
  • Easy-to-use task list
  • Several aesthetic themes
  • Ambient sounds for concentration
  • Motivational quotes and greetings
  • Built-in lofi playlists for focus

Go to the Website Here

Flocus Pomodoro Chrome Extension

Focus To-Do: Pomodoro Timer & To Do List

Focus To-Do combines your Pomodoro timer and to-do list into one easy-to-use extension. This task management tool lets you track your work and breaks, set reminders, organize your tasks, and analyze statistics. It’s a simple extension that’s perfect for organizing your hectic schedule and getting the most out of your workday.

Features and limitations

  • Sync Focus To-Do on your computer and phone to access your lists anywhere
  • Customize your Pomodoro timers, sessions, and alarm sounds
  • Set reminders, organize your tasks, and schedule your week
  • Play white noise to help you concentrate
  • In-depth statistics on tasks completed and Pomodoros completed

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Focus To-Do Study Timer

Marinara Pomodoro Chrome Extension

Marinara Pomodoro is a straightforward way of tracking your Pomodoro intervals. Simply click the extension icon to stop and start your Pomodoro timer.

In settings, you can adjust the length of your focus, short breaks, and long breaks. Set how often you take long breaks and see statistics for your daily and weekly Pomodoro distribution.

Features and highlights

  • An easy, unintrusive way of tracking your Pomodoro sessions
  • Choose from over 20 alarm sounds
  • Download and import your statistics to spreadsheet softwares like Excel and Google Sheets

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Marinara Chrome Timer Extension


Otto gamifies your Pomodoro sessions with a Tamagotchi-inspired avatar for you to care for. Otto has a health bar that goes down when you access a blocked website and goes up when you complete Pomodoro sessions.

Otto lets you customize your timers and view statistics on your gameplay and your distractions. Add websites to your block list and toggle Break Mode to unblock websites while on a break.

Features and highlights

  • Tamagotchi-inspired avatar is a unique way of gamifying Pomodoro
  • Points-based reward system to improve motivation
  • Block sites with the built-in website blocker
  • Track site usage and daily distractions

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Otto – Pomodoro Timer and Website Blocker

Purrfect Focus: Cat & Pomodoro Pal

Crush your Pomodoro goals alongside a virtual purring pal! Purrfect Focus features a cat-themed dynamic background, customizable breaks and intervals, desktop notifications, skippable timers, and over 20 notification tones.

Once you’re done with your focus interval, you’ll get an inspirational quote on your break to keep you motivated! Plus, Purrfect Focus provides weekly stat insights so you can analyze when you’re at your productive best.

Features and highlights

  • Cat-themed Pomodoro timer extension
  • Customizable focus intervals and break lengths
  • Desktop and tab notifications
  • Motivational quotes during breaks
  • Stat insights for examining workflow
  • 20+ notification tones

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Cat Pomodoro Timer Chrome Extension

Habitica Pomodoro

Habitica Pomodoro seamlessly connects with your Habitica profile to boost your productivity. This Pomodoro Chrome extension features a standard Pomodoro timer and a website block list.

To access a site on your block list during a Pomodoro interval, you’ll have to pay using Habitica currency. You’ll be rewarded for completing tasks successfully, too — you can set up Habitica Pomodoro so you’ll receive rewards (or punishments) for completing or failing Pomodoros.

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Features and highlights

  • A Pomodoro extension plug-in for your Habitica account
  • Features customizable Pomodoro timers and website block list
  • Pay with in-game gold to access blocked websites
  • Get Habitica rewards and punishments for completing or failing Pomodoros

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Habitica Pomodoro Timer Extension

Pomodoro Work + Stretch

Often find yourself feeling stiff after a day at your desk? Pomodoro Work + Stretch has the answer, with a fully integrated 25/5 Chrome Pomodoro timer, complete with stretching exercises you can complete on your break.

One of the best features of Pomodoro Work + Stretch is you can check your exercise form — an AI-powered exercise form detector analyzes your exercises via your camera and gives you a percentage accuracy score.

Features and highlights

  • A standard 25/5 Pomodoro timer
  • 5 stretching exercises for body pain and tension
  • AI-powered exercise form detector ensures you’re exercising correctly
  • Desktop and pop-up notifications

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Pomodoro Work + Stretch


Lofi and Pomodoros are a match made in productivity heaven, and Lofidoro perfectly blends the two. It includes customizable Pomodoro timers with an embed of a Lofi Girl live stream to help you get in the groove.

A progress bar makes it easy to tell how far through an interval you are at a glance. Toggle on/off notification sounds to let you know when it’s time to take a break.

Features and highlights

  • Customizable Pomodoro timer
  • Embedded Lofi Girl YouTube livestream
  • A progress bar shows the time left on Pomodoros
  • Toggle on/off notification sounds

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Lofidoro Chrome Extension

Simple Pomodoro

Sometimes, keeping things simple is the smart move. Simple Pomodoro is a minimalist Chrome extension with a cute isometric aesthetic.

Customize your Pomodoro timers and sets to suit your work style. Choose from over half a dozen alert sounds, and set auto refocus or auto relax in case you’re in the zone or in desperate need of a break.

Features and highlights

  • Minimalist yet stylish Pomodoro timer
  • Customizable Pomodoro intervals, breaks, and sets
  • 6+ alert sounds
  • Auto refocus and auto relax toggles

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Simple Pomodoro Timer Extension

Pomegranate: Website Blocker & Pomodoro Timer

Make your Pomodoro sessions sweeter with Pomegranate: Website Blocker & Pomodoro Timer. Pomegranate is a customizable Chrome timer extension with an enforced website blocker to prevent you from scrolling your socials instead of completing your work-in-progress.

Pomegranate features special modes to improve focus, like Redirect Mode, which redirects users to a custom URL from a blocked site. Plus, you can view stats on your completed Pomodoros and breaks for a breakdown of your productivity.

Features and highlights

  • Straightforward customizable Pomodoro timer
  • Enforced website blocker
  • Special website blocking modes like Redirect Mode and Exclusive Mode
  • Stats on completed Pomodoros

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Chrome Extension Website Blocker & Pomodoro Timer

Yellow Tomato — Pomodoro Timer & Site Blocker

The straightforward Pomodoro extension Yellow Tomato features a timer that’s customizable in 5-minute increments. To prevent procrastination, add websites to Yellow Tomato’s block list. Yellow Tomato is excellent if you prefer a no-frills timer extension that’s simple to set up.

Features and highlights

  • Minimalist Pomodoro timer
  • Customizable in 5-minute increments
  • Blocklist for websites to stop distractions

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Pomodoro Timer & Site Blocker Chrome Extension

Momentum Dash

Turn every new tab into a hub for deep work with Momentum Dash. Momentum Dash changes your new tabs into a dashboard with a calming background and an inspirational quote.

Momentum Dash comes complete with a to-do list, shortcuts to your favorite websites, and a search bar. With Momentum Plus, you can set metrics, countdowns to important events, and world clocks.

Unsure if Momentum Dash is right for you? Take a look at these 10 Momentum Dash alternatives!

Features and highlights

  • Turns your boring new tabs into a dashboard for deep work
  • Lets you manage your to-do list
  • Search bars for Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, and Ecosia
  • Inspirational quotes and background images change daily
  • Customize your background with your favorite images
  • Add mantras to improve positivity and mental wellbeing

Get the Extension Here

Momentum Dashboard with Timer

Noisli: Ambient Sounds

Noisli is a Pomodoro Google Chrome extension that curates playlists of background noise to increase productivity and relieve stress!

On the Noisli website, customize your playlists with different sounds, from people talking to thunderstorms to ambient noise. Set your own custom timers and breaks to suit your Pomodoro flow.

Features and highlights

  • Customize the number of sessions before a long break, add break notifications, and more
  • Playlists can be edited to suit you and can be shared with friends
  • Noisli’s website has a built-in text editor to help minimize distractions and tab clutter
  • Track your work statistics through the Noisli website
  • Change the extensions’ background color and shuffle your playlists

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Noisli Study Timer

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