Get aligned with what exactly you want to achieve in the short-term, mid-term, and long-term with a Notion goals template. You can use Notion’s powerful databases and customization options to track your goals, build your vision, reflect on your actions, and adjust your game plan to get what you want to get done, done!

To help you get started, we’ve selected the best Notion goals templates for you to pick from based on your objectives!

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All-in-One Goals Dashboard Template for Notion

The Ultimate Goals Dashboard for Notion is designed by yours truly to help you map out and actually make your goals happen, by breaking them up into an actionable 3-tiered system! Set your high level goals, then easily break them up into macro and micro action items right in the template. Track specific metrics, deadlines, and to-dos per key results item, and watch yourself crush them!

The dashboard houses everything you need to keep an eye on your progress, with upcoming action items and goals due, progress bars, and more. The template also features a pre- and post-goal assessment with the SMART system to be intentional, an integrated vision board, 10 life categories, helpful onboarding tooltips, priority customer support, and so much more — designed to keep you accountable and help you take the small steps to accomplish big things.

Template Available Here | Get the Template Integrated with Life OS

Notion Goal Setting Template

Moonshot – Resolution & Goal Management Board

No matter how big or small, reach your personal goals with a helping hand from Moonshot. One of the top Notion trackers for goals, Moonshot lets you keep tabs on 10 daily habits, complete with progress bars to track your actions. Set meaningful goals for your sleep, weight, and overall health using the Objectives and Key Results (OKR) method. Or, keep up with the simple stuff like your reading lists and upcoming meals.

Template Available Here

Notion Resolution & Goal Management Board

Quarterly Goal Planner

Make achieving your Q-by-Q goals a little easier with the Quarterly Goal Planner. With its 3-tiered planning process, breaking down your big goals into small chunks is super simple.

Stay on track with goal-setting journal prompts and filters to let you know what’s up next. You’ll get a snapshot of your big quarterly goals and progress straight from your dash. Plus, you get a vision board with 3 free Canva templates so you can keep an eye on the prize!

Template Available Here

Notion Quarterly Goal Planner

Notion Advanced Goal Tracker Template

Visualize your efforts, break down your goals into actions, and build habits aligned with your goals with the Advanced Notion Goal Tracker template! With an organized dashboard and minimal progress bars, you can easily visualize your progress and take the necessary steps to accomplish your goals.

Template Available Here

Notion Advanced Goal Tracker Template

Goals Overview – Notion Goal-Setting Template

Notion productivity template that integrates GTD, PARA, and goal-setting templates in a packaged management system to help you organize and align your life. Within this all-in-one template, you’ll get an in-depth overview of your goals that can be broken down by the month, week, and quarter.

Template Available Here

Notion Goal-Setting Template

Life Compass – Notion Goal-Setting & Habit Tracker Template

Organize your day-to-day tasks and big picture goals with this full Life Compass Notion template. The template includes 4 main databases — pillars, goals, outcomes, and tasks — to help you keep your life in place. Keep tabs on everything from the control center, and as a bonus, you’ll receive a habit tracker template with 2 connected databases.

Template Available Here

Notion Goal-Setting & Habit Tracker Template

Notion Personal Goals Template – Barbie Edition

C’mon Barbie, let’s GSD! This Barbie-themed is a fun Notion goal-setting template featuring a delightfully pink aesthetic that’ll add some glamor to your goals. You’ll receive a 3-month planner with weekly layouts to help you stay on point. To-do list templates for self-care and general tasks mean you’ll never forget to text Ken or clean your dreamhouse!

Template Available Here

Notion Personal Goals Template

Notion Quarterly Goals Template

Create a comprehensive quarterly plan to manifest your visions with this Notion Quarterly Goals template. Using concepts from the 12 Week Year, the template helps you build your vision, connect with your “why”, outline your plan, execute, and measure!

Template Available Here

Notion Quarterly Goals Template

Goal-Setting Template for Notion (Monthly Goals & Daily Actions)

A Notion system to set, track, and act on your most important objectives and goals in life. Break down your goals into areas, lean into yearly goals, set-up monthly targets, and break the process down into milestones!

Template Available Here

Goal-Setting Template for Notion

Free Notion Goals Templates

Thinking about using Notion to help achieve your dreams? Give the app a try with these free Notion goals templates!

Notion Goals Template – Goals Dashboard

Template Available Here

Free Notion Goals TemplateTemplate by Ayk Martirosyan

Notion SMART Goals Tracker Template

Template Available Here

Notion SMART Goals Tracker TemplateTemplate by Atul

Aesthetic Goals Tracker

Template Available Here

Aesthetic Goals Tracker TemplateTemplate by Poonam Sharma

Green-Themed Goals Tracker

Template Available Here

Green-Themed Goals TrackerTemplate by Uyilo

Weekly Goals & Habit Tracker

Template Available Here

Weekly Goals & Habit TrackerTemplate by Game Dev Tales

Company Goals Template

Template Available Here

Company Goals TemplateTemplate by Notion

Goal-Project-Tasks Template

Template Available Here

Goal-Project-Tasks TemplateTemplate by August Bradley

Goal Tracker Dashboard

Template Available Here

Goal Tracker DashboardTemplate by Pau

30-Day Goal Planner

Template Available Here

30-Day Goal PlannerTemplate by landslide and co

Goal Setting & Tracker Board

Template Available Here

Goal Setting & Tracker BoardTemplate by Sam Roberts

What Notion goals template are you using? Do you have any other recommendations for goal-setting templates for Notion to use? Let us know in the comment section below.

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