GTD, also known as “Getting Things Done”, is a productivity system created by David Allen designed to help you, well, get things done! Now you can bring your favorite productivity system directly into Notion with a Notion GTD template!

To help you pick the right template for you, we’ve outlined the best Notion GTD templates to help you capture, clarify, organize, review, and engage your brain to tackle your to-do’s!

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Getting Things Done – Minimal Notion GTD Dashboard Template

A minimal, yet comprehensive, Notion GTD template that helps you save time and get more things done! With this Notion GTD dashboard, you’re able to easily capture your thoughts, organize your time and projects, and customize your template layout to suit your preferences.

Template Available Here

Minimal Notion GTD Dashboard

Balance OS – Integrated GTD Template

The advanced life management system that integrates GTD, PARA, and Notion goal-setting templates all in one Notion dashboard! Choose from a minimal or aesthetic template, and review your priorities through the Eisenhower Matrix – all linked from your GTD template!

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Template Available Here

Integrated GTD Notion Template

The Focus Hub: Daily GTD Management Notion Template

Having started with the GTD system, Ev eventually created this advanced Focus Hub template which encompasses a more evolved productivity system – and includes a Notion workspace designed to get projects done and move forward!

Template Available Here

Notion Getting Things Done Template

Ultimate GTD Notion Template

If you’re looking to accomplish a goal, but you’re struggling to figure out how, the Ultimate GTD Notion command center template will help track your project progress and keep you on track – it includes an all-in-one habit builder Notion template, too!

Template Available Here

Ultimate GTD Notion Template

Notion GTD Task Management System Template

A GTD task management system that allows you to organize your tasks, ideas, and projects daily – proven to be more effective than a traditional to-do list template!

Template Available Here

Notion GTD Task Management

Which Notion GTD templates are you using? Do you have any other recommendations for more “Getting Things Done” Notion templates to use? Let us know in the comments below!

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