Having one central dashboard for everything going on in your life can be a huge productivity boost – and who doesn’t want a one-stop-shop for all things in their life? Enter Notion dashboards.

Notion dashboards come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from self improvement-focussed setups, all the way to setups for travel or school.

Here are a few of the best Notion dashboards to help you visualize your life all in one place!

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Life OS: All-in-One Notion Life Dashboard

Life OS is the ultimate all-in-one template for every aspect of your life! The template features a built-in planner, goal-setting section, journal, routine and habit tracker, chores and cleaning planner, personal CRM, and so much more.

With 25+ interconnected templates included and a live and dynamic homepage dashboard that ties it all together – this is the only template you’ll need to centralize everything.

Template Available Here

Notion Life OS Dashboard Template

More Notion Personal & Life Dashboards

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Notion Personal & Life Dashboards

Notion Student Dashboards

From planning out your semester, to taking notes, tracking grades, organizing your extracurriculars, and everything else – there’s so much that goes on throughout the school year. See it all in one place and never miss a deadline again with a Notion student dashboard template.

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Student Dashboard Template

Aesthetic Notion Dashboards

Notion dashboards are practically synonymous with the word aesthetic – aesthetic dashboards are what got a lot of new Notion users’ attention these past couple of years! Make your workspace a thing of beauty with one of these pre-built aesthetic dashboard templates.

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Aesthetic Notion Dashboards

Notion Finance Dashboards

From budget tracking, to figuring out your top income streams, and everything in between, get a full overview of your finances with the right Notion finance dashboard!

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Notion Finance Dashboards

Notion Productivity Dashboards

What is Notion if not a productivity platform? Plan out all your tasks, set goals, and track all your progress with one of these productivity-focused Notion dashboards.

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Notion Productivity Dashboards

Notion Business Dashboards

Get down to business with the right business dashboard system! Whether you’re a startup, ecommerce store owner, part of a team at a large company, or anything in between, there’s a Notion business dashboard template for you!

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Notion Business Dashboards

Notion Travel Dashboards

When planning a trip, there are dozens of details and logistics to organize and track. With a Notion travel dashboard, centralize your trip planning with an all-in-one hub for your flights and accommodation, itineraries, travel documents, bucket list items, restaurant recommendations, and so much more!

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Notion Travel Dashboards

Notion Health & Wellness Dashboards

Health is wealth – create a consistent workout routine, eat better, track habits, and ultimately live better with these health and wellness-forward Notion dashboards!

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Notion Health & Wellness Dashboard Templates

Notion Social Media Dashboards

Whether you’re scheduling out your own socials, or running accounts for different brands, social media management can be overwhelming. Regain control of your socials and track it all at a glance with a social media dashboard template!

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Notion Social Media Dashboards

Notion Dashboards for Everything Else

Notion is really the do-everything platform – and there’s a dashboard for practically everything you can think of too! From watch list and reading dashboards, to gardening dashboards, here are some of our recommendations for great dashboard for a variety of other uses.

Cool Notion Dashboard Templates

Free Notion Dashboards

Most dashboard templates are very much worth paying for, but there are also some great, more simplified free Notion dashboards out there too. Here are some of our picks!

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Free Notion Dashboards

What Notion dashboard template are you using? Do you have any other recommendations for dashboard ideas to use? Let us know in the comment section below.

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