Anyone who runs their own business knows that you need to wear many, many hats – and anything that can streamline tasks and organize the many goings-on is welcomed anytime.

Oversee and manage your business all in one place with a robust Notion template made just for small businesses, entrepreneurs, startups, and more! These templates give you everything you need to create, maintain, and scale your budding business.

To help you pick the right one, we’ve curated the best small business Notion templates and dashboards that you should be using to run your company.

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Notion Startup OS

The perfect Notion operating system to plan, launch, and grow your startup, the Startup OS includes 60+ business templates – including a customizable business dashboard, business model canvas, value prop canvas, company OKR tracker, and so much more! Startup OS is as much of a system as it is a pre-built template, helping you get organized and back to focusing on doing what you do best.

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Template Available Here

Notion Templates for Startups

Notion Template for Small Businesses

The Notion Small Business Kit is an all-in-one package to help you start or manage a small business, all under one roof. The kit consists of a built-in Notion system populated with questions, examples, tips, tools, and tons more – jam-packed with over 40+ ready-to-use Notion business templates!

Template Available Here

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Notion Templates for Small Business

Shopify Business Blueprint – Early-Stage Business Template

With four key sections: Planning, Framing, Building, and Growing – the Shopify Business Blueprint will be by your side as you start your business, ensuring that no step is overlooked. Featuring insights and exercises, define your “why”, brainstorm your business idea, and put those ideas to the test with this interactive template, developed with yours truly.

Template Available Here

Shopify Business Template for Notion

Remote Business OS – Notion Template for Remote Companies

The ultimate Notion kit for any remote businesses, the Remote Business OS focuses on simplicity over complexity by providing an all-in-one system and dashboard that adapts to your remote company. With this package, you get cohesive templates that cover the core aspects of a remote business – from project management, to finances, operations, sales, company overview, time tracking, and more!

Template Available Here

Notion Template for Remote Companies

Notion Ecommerce Business Template

If you’re looking for a Notion template that caters more specifically to your online shop, then this Notion ecommerce template is the one for you! This Notion template is an in-depth, customizable operating system that consists of 30+ built-in templates designed to help you run and scale a successful ecommerce storefront!

Template Available Here

Notion Ecommerce Business Template

Notion Business Model Template & Lean Canvas

Business model templates often come in PDFs, XLS files, or even PowerPoint files – making it cumbersome to adjust to your business’ needs. With this business model template, focus on adding your thoughts and information instead of navigating the template itself – say goodbye to complexity and hello to simplicity with this Notion system.

Template Available Here

Notion Business Model Template

Hustle OS – Notion Business Dashboard Template

The Hustle OS Notion template is designed to turn your idea into a full-fledged business. While the other templates mentioned will help you manage and grow your existing business, this template gives you all the resources and tools needed to start your next empire.

Template Available Here

Notion Business Dashboard Template

Notion Business Benchmarking Analysis Template

Track company performance and analyze each area of your business with this Notion benchmarking analysis template. Use this Notion analysis system to find areas in your business that can be improved. Find your company’s strengths and weaknesses with the help of these 27 Notion databases and 600+ indicators to benchmark your project!

Template Available Here

Notion Benchmarking Template

Customer Journey Map Notion Business Dashboard

This business Notion template is designed to help you create, control, and track your customer journey maps – while also integrating your company’s goals and buyer personas. If you’re looking for areas of improvement for your customer experience – this is the Notion dashboard you need!

Template Available Here

Customer Journey Map Notion

Notion Business Plan Template

A simple Notion business plan template that will help you map out your company’s purpose, value proposition, goals, tasks, and much more! Use this Notion business plan template to understand your company the best you ever have – by laying out what your target market looks like, how you can make your business more efficient, and how you can provide the most value to your customers.

Template Available Here

Notion Business Plan Template

Notion Enterprise OS

A Notion company management system to help you track tasks, projects, meeting notes, store knowledge, and much more – the Enterprise OS template will streamline your operations. Reduce time spent on manual processes and admin tasks so you can focus on delivering, creating, and scaling!

Template Available Here

Notion Enterprise Template

Which Notion business template are you using? Do you have any other recommendations on Notion templates for small businesses to use? Let us know in the comments below!

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