Notion makes it easier than ever to build and maintain meaningful relationships with your network. Get automatic reminders for birthdays and follow-ups, store and locate your contacts quickly, and so much more with this powerful app!

Whether you’re a business owner, realtor, or individual looking to manage your network and friendships, we’ve curated the best Notion CRM templates for every industry and use case!

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Notion Personal CRM Templates

Sometimes, juggling your personal relationships is more difficult than your professional ones. Keep scrolling for our favorite personal Notion CRM templates!

Personal CRM in All-in-One Life OS Template

Track all of your contacts including family, friends, colleagues, and anyone else in your network with the built-in Personal CRM in Life OS! Get automatic overdue catch-up and birthday reminders, and even pick from several hobby and interests if you want ideas for activities to do together or gifts. Track who introduced you to who, who your rockstar connections are, who you’ve got high mutuals with — and so much more.

You can also tag your contacts within several other aspects of the template to get a full automatically aggregated picture of your interactions with them — from travels together, restaurant recommendations, journal entries, and so much more.

Template Available Here

Relationship & Personal CRM in All-in-One Life OS Template

PRM Dashboard

Wish you had a CRM for your personal relationships? The PRM Dashboard delivers a dashboard featuring reminders for upcoming events and activities, including birthdays and anniversaries.

Keep up with everyone in your life, with space to add info about shared interests, hobbies, their best qualities, and more. Stay on top of your personal relationships with this unique PRM template!

Template Available Here

PRM Dashboard Notion Template

Notion Personal CRM Dashboard

Life is busy, and with so many people from so many different aspects of life, it can be hard to keep up and stay in touch. Keep your personal relationships strong and thriving with this personal CRM template!

This dashboard serves up automatic reminders to connect with friends, family, and colleagues, tracks birthdays, saves contact info, and helps you remember where and how you met each person.

Looking for a template for your romantic relationship? Hop over to our roundup of the best Notion relationship templates for couples!

Template Available Here

Notion Personal CRM Dashboard for Your Network

Notion Contact Management System

Keeping up with your personal and professional contacts is no walk in the park. Luckily, the Notion Contact Management System has a simple system for managing all your contacts seamlessly.

Categorize all your connections and set automated reminders to ensure you stay in touch. Different spaces for potential and established contacts can help you foster and grow relationships.

Template Available Here

Notion Contact Management System

Aesthetic Personal CRM & Relationships Tracker Template

Take notes, set reminders, adjust frequencies, create tags, and more with this simple personal CRM template from The Notion Bar!

Template Available Here

Aesthetic Notion CRM Template

Notion Business CRM Templates

Turn Notion into your personal assistant for tracking and managing client relationships. Check out the best Notion business CRM templates below!

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Ultimate Business CRM

The Ultimate Business CRM is a robust Notion CRM template that’ll put your company on the road to success and streamline your client management processes.

Use the Contact Tracker to view who you’re working with, upcoming projects, and when you were last in contact. Then, switch to the Meeting Manager to organize your calendar, set appointment reminders, link to project notes, and more.

Template Available Here

Ultimate Notion Business CRM

Notion Ultimate CRM Board

This comprehensive Notion CRM template by Solt Wagner includes a straightforward design with pages for your current projects, clients, and meetings. Kanban-style boards and daily, weekly, and monthly calendars give you full transparency about what’s up next for your business. Plus, you’ll get 50+ Notion-style avatars for customizing your client profiles.

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Template Available Here

Notion Ultimate CRM Board

The Ultimate CRM

Completing a trio of ultimate Notion CRMs, this template has some unique features, like a space for tracking your business’ order statuses and managing your finances. Weekly orders and call calendars mean you can efficiently plan out your day-to-day. Check the status of prospective clients and create client profiles complete with contact information and projects.

Template Available Here

The Ultimate CRM

CRM Tracker Dashboard

The CRM Tracker Dashboard is perfect for Notion newbies, with a clear yet all-inclusive dashboard for managing client relationships. With the Client Rolodex, you’ll have all your clients’ information at your fingertips.

Check out your Goal Tracking hub for daily, weekly, and monthly checklists of to-dos. View invoice due dates, outreach plans, and client session timelines. Your pages auto-update depending on the date, ensuring you always have the most recent info.

Template Available Here

CRM Tracker Dashboard

Sales CRM Template

Close more deals and sell at light speed with the Sale CRM Template! This sales-specific Notion CRM includes opportunity tracking, with tabs for issued contracts and negotiations. Store all the info you need for clients and accounts to ensure you don’t miss out on any major deals.

One of the best features is the ability to analyze sales data to help you make the right business decisions.

(Want more? Check out our favorite Notion sales templates!)

Template Available Here

Sales CRM Template

LoanHQ: The All-in-One CRM for Simplifying Loan Management

Built for loan officers, LoanHQ features spaces for client communication history, potential leads, realtor information, loan quotes, and more.

Pages of your pre-qualification guidelines will save you time when assessing someone’s application. Plus, there’s space for your thoughts and notes, including process improvements, meeting minutes, and voice memos.

Template Available Here

All-in-One CRM for Simplifying Loan Management

aNotioneer Advanced CRM for Businesses

The best way to describe this advanced CRM template by aNotioneer is a simplified Salesforce. The template is structured like a traditional relational CRM, while including a separate, yet connected databases for sales, companies, people, meetings, and products.

Templates Available Here:

Notion Advanced CRM for Businesses

Super Notion Pro CRM for Creatives

For designers, developers, and creative entrepreneurs, this all-in-one template includes a CRM framework for clients, while also providing a full hub for you to run a successful business.

With CRM features like sales pipeline, clients, and lost opportunities database — in addition to the rest of what the pack has to offer — you get it all with this template!

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Template Available Here

Super Notion Pro CRM for Creatives

Startup Fundraising Template with Investor CRM

The Startup Fundraising Toolkit is a premium template for any company looking for a robust, efficient, and user-tested fundraising system.

One of the most important parts of fundraising is building great relationships with, well, the people who provide the funds — and this template will help you do just that with its dedicated investor CRM feature!

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Template Available Here

Notion Investor CRM Template

Photography Lead & Client Management Notion Template

This template is any photographer’s best friend for generating new leads, and nourishing existing client relationships! Separate leads by several different types of photography categories, forecast rates, track locations, and book in upcoming client shoots!

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Template Available Here

Photography CRM & Management Template for Notion

Advanced Real Estate CRM Notion Template

Become the agent with the best memory with this advanced real estate CRM template for Notion! The template provides a full view of all interactions with your customers and clients in one place, as well as integrated trackers for sellers, buyers, properties, showings, tasks and communication, and more.

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Template Available Here

Notion Real Estate CRM Template

All-in-One Freelancer CRM Notion Template

Modeled after Salesforce, this template sports over 7 databases built as robust CRMs. Additionally, build sales proposal templates and take second brain-style notes with this all-in-one freelancer CRM workspace!

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Template Available Here

Freelancer CRM Notion Template

Recruitment CRM Template for Notion

If you’re in the recruitment business, you know relationships with both employers and candidates are everything — and with Recruitment CRM, you can track them all in one place!

Template Available Here

Recruitment CRM Template for Notion

Notion Client Hub for Brand Strategists, Designers, and Web Developers

The Client Hub brings everything related to your clients and their projects into one workspace for your team! Get project scope, meeting notes, and a full fledged client portal all centralized in one place.

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Template Available Here

Notion Client Hub Template

Free Notion CRM Templates

New to Notion and think it could help streamline your customer communications? Test out one of these free Notion CRM templates!

Want more? Check out our roundup of the best free Notion templates!

Simple Sales CRM & Client Management Notion Template

Template Available Here

Notion Sales CRM & Client Management Template

Business CRM & Task Management Template for Notion

Template Available Here

Task Management Template for Notion

Simple Notion CRM

Template Available Here

Free CRM Template for Notion

CRM Board

Template Available Here

Notion CRM Board

Do you have any other recommendations for Notion CRM templates? Let us know down in the comments below!

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