Once a go-to site for focus, relaxation, and organization, Lofi.co announced it’s shutting its doors on May 22, 2024.

Whether you’re one of 26,000 monthly users leaving Lofi.co, or you’re simply on the hunt for a fresh, new virtual space, we’ve got the answer. Keep scrolling for the 10 best Lofi.co alternatives!

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Flocus: All-in-One Aesthetic Focus Dashboard

Flocus is your one-stop shop for staying focused and recharging your mental battery. Make yourself at home — the Home dashboard features an ever-growing collection of bespoke backgrounds, dynamic greetings, ambient sounds, and a bold clock.

Then, flip over to Focus Mode when you’re ready to get down to business. Set customizable Pomodoro timers, jot down your current task or focus area, and tune into built-in lofi playlists.

Picture-in-picture means you can work with Flocus world to keep you company in the corner. Need to escape from your hectic day? Take a breather in one of over dozens of soothing ambient worlds.

Why we like Flocus:

  • Customizable focus timer, lofi playlists, and motivational quotes
  • Dozens of aesthetic ambient worlds and themes
  • Welcoming Home dashboard with dynamic greetings and quotes
  • Quick-switch between home, focus, and ambient modes
  • Picture-in-picture lets you switch tabs while keeping Flocus in your corner

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Flocus Lofi Dashboard


If you’re familiar with virtual spaces, you’ve probably heard of LifeAt. Boasting a vast collection of dynamic spaces, ambient sounds, and custom timers, LifeAt is perfect for work or play.

Stay organized with LifeAt’s built-in to-do lists and unified calendar that syncs with Google Calendar. Thanks to its integrated notepad, you can also make progress on your latest WIP directly through LifeAt.

Need to chat with your classmates or colleagues? Co-work through LifeAt with video, audio, and text chat. You can even sync your virtual spaces and join public co-working rooms!

Why we like LifeAt:

  • Includes dynamic virtual spaces, personalizable soundscapes, and custom Pomodoro timers
  • Create to-do lists and sync your email calendar
  • Co-work and share virtual spaces in private and public rooms

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LifeAt Lofi


StudyWithMe.io, by yours truly, is ideal if you’d prefer an easy-to-navigate, aesthetic virtual space. It features a a custom Pomodoro timer, aesthetic backgrounds, and a Spotify widget for getting in the zone. Sign up for a free StudyWithMe.io account to sync your timers and backgrounds across devices!

Why we like StudyWithMe:

  • Features an aesthetic simple layout
  • Choose from a dozen illustrated backgrounds
  • Set Pomodoro timers with custom alarm sounds
  • Make a free account to sync across devices

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StudyWithMe Lofi Website

Lofi Cafe

Lofi Cafe gives pure retro vibes with its analog aesthetic and warm, grainy visuals. Channel flip between your favorite ambient YouTube channels, ranging from cutesy anime cats to rain-soaked coffee shops.

Each video is accompanied by a different playlist, with genres like chillhop, lofi, and jazz. Lofi Cafe is also great for focus — GTD with its built-in Pomodoro timer.

Why we like Lofi Cafe:

  • Features a retro analog TV aesthetic
  • Flick between popular ambient music YouTube channels
  • Comes with a built-in Pomodoro timer

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Lofi Cafe Website

I Miss My Cafe

I Miss My Cafe recreates the hubbub of your favorite cozy café. Mix your own café commotion with adjustable sliders for the sounds of chatting baristas, clanging cups, rain on window panes, and more.

Or, tune in to I Miss My Cafe’s personal Spotify playlist for the perfect coffee shop soundtrack. I Miss My Cafe includes accessibility options like dark mode and features a Pomodoro timer for focused work.

Why we like I Miss My Cafe:

  • Curate your ideal café ambiance
  • Adjust sound sliders to change your soundscape
  • Tune into the I Miss My Cafe Spotify playlist
  • Toggle dark mode and set a Pomodoro timer

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I Miss My Cafe

I Miss My Library

I Miss My Library is heavily inspired by I Miss My Cafe — it features a minimalist library background with sliders to create your ideal library atmosphere.

Choose from 6 sounds, including turning pages, a crackling fireplace, and rainy weather. I Miss My Library includes a to-do list so you can get down on your daily chores and tasks.

Why we like I Miss My Library:

  • Mix and match sounds for your ideal library aesthetic
  • Features 6 sound sliders for mixing your library soundscape
  • Includes a to-do list

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I Miss My Library

I Miss My Bar

Check out I Miss My Bar if you long to enjoy a drink with friends in a bustling setting. Recreate your favorite watering hole with 7 sound sliders, including street ambiance, serving drinks, and a full room of bar patrons!

Why we like I Miss My Bar:

  • Recreate a bustling bar setting
  • Adjust 7 sound sliders for your ideal ambiance

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I Miss My Bar

I Miss The Office

Visit I Miss The Office if you WFH and miss conversing with co-workers. Pick up to 10 colleagues to fill your workspace. Click on different office objects to generate different office sounds, like gurgling water coolers, squeaking chairs, and whirring photocopiers.

Why we like it:

  • Fill an office space with up to 10 virtual colleagues
  • Click different office objects to mix and match sounds
  • Engaging minimalist office animations

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I Miss The Office

Magenta Lofi Player

A unique Lofi.co alternative, Magenta Lofi Player lets you mix and master your own lofi beats in an interactive 8-bit living room!

Click different objects to mix your lofi soundtrack — add other instruments, adjust the BPM from your desk, and turn on the TV to change the melody. Everything in the room changes the scenery or adds a musical element, helping you create a rich lofi soundscape.

Why we like it:

  • Mix and master personalized lofi music from an interactive 8-bit living room
  • Click different instruments and objects to create a layered lofi soundscape
  • Adjust the vibe and color of your virtual room
  • Share your custom mixes with your friends

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Magenta Lofi Player

Lofi YouTube Channels

Is YouTube your go-to Lofi.co alternative? From Lofi Girl to The Jazz Hop Café, here are some of our favorite lofi channels:

List of Channels Here:

Lofi YouTube Channels

Which Lofi.co alternative will you choose? Any others to share? Sound off in the comments below!

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