If you’re looking to integrate the Pomodoro technique right in your Notion workspace, you’ve come to the right place.

From aesthetic to minimalist options, there are a ton of Pomodoro widgets that will seamlessly integrate in your Notion pages — we’ve handpicked some of the best for you to get started with. Let’s dive in and start ticking off those to-dos.

For more Notion Pomodoro resources, check out our full round-up of Notion Pomodoro templates! Looking for ways to refresh between Pomodoro sessions or looking for more timer options? Read our post where we curate the best Pomodoro break ideas and our favorite study timers!

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Flocus is a free browser-based dashboard for both focus and ambience. Featuring aesthetic themes, personal greeting Pomodoro timer, and lots more!

Open Flocus in Browser

How to Add a Pomodoro Timer to Notion

Before we jump into the Pomodoro timer widgets, here’s how to embed them in your workspace:

  1. Go to any of the widgets’ URLs below
  2. Copy the link in your browser’s address bar
  3. Head to your Notion workspace, and click on any empty space
  4. Paste the URL, and select ‘Create embed’
  5. And you’re done! You can click and drag the the block handle (⋮⋮) to the top left of the widget to move the widget’s placement in your workspace

How to Add a Pomodoro Timer to Notion

Best Notion Pomodoro Timer Widgets

From aesthetic picks to simple timers, check out these Notion Pomodoro timer widgets to embed right in your workspace!

StudyWithMe.io – Aesthetic Pomodoro Timer Widget

Timer Widget Available Here

StudyWithMe Aesthetic Notion Pomodoro Widget

Flocus – Minimalist Pomodoro Timer Widget

Timer Widget Available Here

Flocus Notion Pomodoro Widget

Pomodoro Tracker Timer Widget

Timer Widget Available Here

Notion Pomodoro Tracker Widget

Pomofocus – Simple Pomodoro Timer Widget

Timer Widget Available Here

Pomofocus Notion Widget

Tomato Timers

Timer Widget Available Here

Tomato Timer Notion Widget Template

Pomodoro Timer Online

Timer Widget Available Here

Simple Pomodoro Widget for Notion

Pomodoro Kitty

Timer Widget Available Here

Cute Notion Pomodoro Widget Timer

Dark Mode Pomodoro

Timer Widget Available Here

Dark Mode Pomodoro Widget

Kairo – Cute Pomodoro Timer Widget

Timer Widget Available Here

Cute Notion Pomodoro Timer Widget

Animedoro Timer – Pomodoro Technique Alternative

Timer Widget Available Here

Notion Animedoro Timer Widget

Check out our full posts on the Animedoro method as well as study techniques like Pomodoro for more general Pomodoro alternatives!

Are we missing any Notion Pomodoro widgets? What other focus techniques are you using in your Notion workspace? Let us know down in the comments below!

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