Believe it or not, some of the most popular gaming desk setups are built from none other than the Swedish furniture giant, IKEA. With affordable pricing and modern minimal pieces, you can customize an IKEA gaming desk for a fraction of the price compared to big box retailers.

The ability to customize each individual desk component is IKEA’s biggest advantage. To help you build the perfect IKEA gaming desk setup, we’ve got a full guide for you that outlines each individual desk component, so your minimal battlestation looks great and doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

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IKEA Gaming Desk Tabletop

The two most popular IKEA tabletop choices for a gaming desk setup use either the Linnmon tabletop or the Karlby desktop.

Linnmon Desk Setup

The Linnmon tabletop comes in 3 different color options: white, black, and dark gray. At such an affordable price, the Linnmon is one of the most popular choices for an IKEA desk setup.

If you’re looking for a lightweight and minimal surface, the IKEA Linnmon desk setup is the one to go for.

Get the Linnmon Tabletop

IKEA Linnmon Desk SetupImages by @ultralinx and @adhwhasif

Karlby Desk Setup

Karlby has a heftier price tag than Linnmon’s, but you get what you pay for with this rock-solid wooden tabletop. Karlby offers a natural look to add warmth to any setup, with finishes available available in oak, birch, and walnut. It’s worth noting though that these beautiful finishes do require some extra care to ensure they last for years.

This setup is a great option if you’re looking for a stable, ultra durable setup – allowing everything from secure monitor mounting, to shake-free camera captures for your videos or streams.

Get the Karlby Tabletop

IKEA Karlby Desk SetupImages by @spawnpoiint

IKEA Gaming Desk Legs

One of the most customizable components of an IKEA gaming desk setup is the ability to mix and match desk legs. You can choose between the simple Adils desk legs, the functional Alex drawers, or even the more unique Mittback trestles. They also all come in a variety of different colors to suit your personal aesthetic.

Adils Desk Legs

If you’re looking for simple desk legs for your setup, the Adils table legs are the way to go. At 27½ inches, the Adils legs are perfect for both the Linnmon or Karlby tabletops. For mixing and matching your gaming setup, they pair perfectly with any of the other leg options – the Alex drawer or the Mittback trestle.

Get the Adils Desk Leg | Adjustable Olov Desk Leg

Minimal IKEA Gaming Desk SetupsImages by @ultralinx

Alex Drawer Unit

The Alex drawer unit offers the signature “IKEA look” with the minimal drawer handles. It’s an incredibly popular option in the desk setup world, and for good reason. They’re the best desk leg option to store your items and keep your tabletop clutter-free, while offering a stylish, non-intrusive appearance to keep the focus on your gaming setup. This drawer unit is offered in white, turquoise-grey, and black-brown to fit any theme.

Get the Alex Drawer Unit

IKEA Gaming Desk IdeasImages by @mekunotech and @dryden.nagtalon

Mittback Trestle

To make your gaming desk stand out from the crowd, IKEA offers the Mittback trestle. We’ve seen these legs do it all, from connecting multiple tabletops, to housing your desk mainstays – whether it’s a small PC case, or a stack of books to display. For any minimalist gaming setup, the Mittback trestle looks great paired with the Alex drawer unit, offering even more storage space for your games, headsets, and anything else you want at the ready.

Get the Mittback Desk Trestle

Cool Gaming Desks from IKEAImages by @alexacea and @b.arroso

IKEA Gaming Desk Decor Ideas

The complete IKEA gaming desk setup doesn’t just stop at the tabletop and legs – you can also step up your battlestation with some IKEA desk and wall decor. Here are a few ideas to get you started!

Gaming Pegboard Wall Organizer – Skadis

If you have a lot of tech, gear, or gaming accessories, you can declutter your desk and clear up some space with a pegboard wall organizer. You can even use these pegboards to mount your mechanical keyboards and headsets – see it all in our pegboard desk ideas roundup!

Get the Skadis Pegboard

Gaming Pegboard Wall OrganizerImages by @mod.musings

Desk Shelves – Ekby Ale

Whether you’re looking to add some more storage space to your gaming setup, or just some height to your monitor, this IKEA desk shelf is the way to go. It also pairs perfectly with the Alex drawer unit with its matching cutout handles!

Get the Ekby Alex | Elloven Monitor Stand

IKEA Gaming Desk ShelvesImages by @thericebucket and Alexandru Acea

Minimalist Frames – Ribba

Display your favorite gaming prints with these minimalist frames from IKEA. Offered in black and white, you can showcase some of your favorite wall art easily and really make your IKEA gaming desk setup stand out with a few photos and designs. There’s no shortage of gaming wall art and posters to pick from on Etsy. For more setup inspiration, check out our post on home office wall decor ideas!

Get the Ribba Frames – Black | White

IKEA Minimalist Frames for DeskImages by @ultralinx and @gyasilinje

IKEA Gaming Desk Accessories

Under-Desk Cable Management Tray – Signum

Not many people think “IKEA” when it comes to cable management. There are dozens of great ways to manage your desk cables with several accessories from Amazon, but in the IKEA world, you want Signum to tid up the cords that power your gaming setup.

Get the Signum Cable Management Tray

IKEA Signum Desk CablesImages by IKEA

IKEA Desk Pad – Rissla

We’ve gone over the different desk cover ideas you can use for your setup, and IKEA doesn’t disappoint in this department either. IKEA’s Rissla desk edge pad protects your desk, and creates a smooth, cushy surface for mouse movement and wrist comfort.

Get the Rissla Desk Pad

IKEA Desk Pad – RisslaImages by IKEA and @ultralinx

IKEA Gaming Desk Chair – Markus

When it comes to gaming chairs, people often recommend investing in higher end options from brands like Herman Miller or Secret Lab – but if you’re looking for a more affordable alternative, the IKEA Markus office chair is a great option, with solid support for those long hours of playtime.

Get the Markus Gaming Chair

IKEA Gaming Desk Chair – MarkusImages by IKEA

IKEA Desk Lighting – Dioder

We’ve got a full guide outlining the best LED light strip options on the market, but if you’re looking to stick with an all-IKEA gaming desk setup, they offer an LED light strip set to light up your home battlestation.

Get the Dioder LED Light Strip Set

IKEA Desk Lighting – DioderImages by IKEA

Have any other IKEA gaming desk setup ideas or recommendations? Let us know down in the comments below!

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