Both stylish and functional, a pegboard home office organizer is incredibly versatile and goes with just about any desk setup. You can use these nifty organizers to mount anything from wall decor, to lights, plants, books, and even tech accessories.

With dozens of configurations and setups, the pegboard world is your oyster – and we’ve curated the best of them. Jump in and get some inspo for how to best use a pegboard for your desk setup!

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What You’ll Need for Your Pegboard Setup

Before we jump into the ideas, here are the pegboard essentials to get you started!

Double Pegboard Home Office Organizer

The beauty with pegboards is that they’re incredibly modular, and you’re never limited to just the one board. Add another board, or as many as you’d like, for maximum functionality in your home office.

Double Pegboard Office OrganizerImages by @camdiceccatech and @_sydneydawn

Aesthetic Pegboard Wall Desk Setup

What’s an aesthetic desk setup without an aesthetic pegboard setup to go with it? To get the look, start with a white pegboard, and incorporate pastel bins and accessories, like pink or blue. Adding colorful gel pens and Washi tape rolls are also a sure fire way to add that aesthetic boost.

Aesthetic Pegboard Wall Desk SetupImages by Ecru 에크루 and stellastudiesart

Neon & LED Desk Light Pegboard Organizer

If you’re looking to add some colorful desk backlighting to your home office, illuminating your setup is as easy as mounting a neon light to your pegboard, or even an LED strip around the back edges!

Pegboard Desk LightingImages by @chantyvv and u/tommyintheair

Minimal Pegboard Desk Wall

Just cause your pegboard can house dozens of items, doesn’t mean it has to. If you’re wanting to keep your office space simple, keep your pegboard configuration simple too – storing limited essentials like keys, AirPods, or even a small plant. No matter what your configuration is, making sure you have a good amount of space between your items will get you the minimal look in no time.

Minimal Pegboard Desk WallImages by @matgocman

Mechanical Keyboard Pegboard Display

From displaying your prized colorful coiled USB-C cables, to organizing custom keycaps for easy access, and even hanging your compact mechanical keyboards, pegboards are the perfect place to store and show it all.

Mechanical Keyboard Pegboard DisplayImages by u/ItsMehRuby and u/carrotcakeblack

Tech Accessory Pegboard & Charging Station

Give your home office a sleek minimalist look with a blacked out pegboard wall setup, and all-black accessories to go along with it. Under the hood, you can even connect your chargers and power bars to fuel up your electronics straight from your setup.

Tech Pegboard Charging StationImages by @beckiandchris

Full Home Office Pegboard Wall

Take function to a whole new level by dedicating an entire wall to a pegboard setup! You can add shelves to hang your clothes, mount your wall art, display your electronics or even store your tech bag.

Home Office Pegboard WallImages by @imzenko and Place of My Taste

Gaming Pegboard Wall Organizer

Lock and load your battlestation with a pegboard to organize and display everything from your controllers, keyboards, extra batteries, and even your console!

Gaming Pegboard Wall OrganizerImages by u/gr1zbot and @ratolagamer

Pegboard Desk Wall Decor Idea

Add a bit of personality and color to your workspace by working in some decor! From concert tickets, to flags, to surfboards: pegboards are truly a blank canvas to display your favorite showpieces.

Pegboard Desk Wall Decor IdeaImages by @dannpetty

Monochrome Pegboard Wall Organizer

A pegboard can be yet another extension of your monochrome theme – it’s as simple as going with a black or white pegboard wall organizer, and adding complementary bins. Or even mix and match them!

Monochrome Pegboard Wall OrganizerImages by @tomkoszyk and Rich Bustos

Have any other pegboard desk ideas? Let us know in the comments below!

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