Whether you’re a frequent flyer, creator, college student, or just want some ideas for what to add to your everyday carry, we got you with a full guide on what to bring along with you in your tech bag.

We’ve curated the best products that have been recommended from some of the top creators. See what suits your lifestyle, and even add some new tech essentials that will make your day-to-day a bit easier.

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What’s in My Tech Bag: Tech EDC Essentials

Here’s everything we’ll cover for your tech bag carry:

  • Tech Bag
    • Tech Backpacks
    • Tech Tote Bags
    • Tech Organizers & Pouches
  • Portable Power Banks
  • Cables
  • USB-C Hubs
  • Wall Plugs & Adapters
  • Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  • Smartphone & Accessories
  • Tablet & Accessories
  • External Portable Hard Drive
  • Wireless Headphones & Earphones
  • Laptop & Accessories
    • Mouse
    • Keyboard
    • Laptop Sleeves

Tech Bags

Tech Backpacks

Having a backpack that is functional, yet stylish is so important when it comes to finding the best tech bag for your everyday carry. These are some fan favorites from creators around the globe, with unmatched quality and design.

Our Tech Backpack Picks:

Best Tech BackpacksImages by Peak Design & Bellroy / Moment

Tech Tote Bags

A tote bag doesn’t just have to be for groceries. Whether you’re headed to a nearby coffee shop or onto a flight, a tech tote will let you carry your essentials in style. These tote bags sport a ton of robust features for your everyday carry – including organization pockets, laptop sleeves, waterproof zips, water bottle pockets, and more.

Our Tech Tote Picks:

Tech Tote BagsImages by MTW & Peak Design / Moment

Tech Organizers & Tech Pouches

Nothing’s worse than tangled wires or misplaced chargers. Organize your tech accessories into pouches and know exactly where everything is when you need it.

Our Tech Organizer & Pouch Picks:

Tech Organizer & Tech PouchesImages by Bellroy & Peak Design / Moment

Portable Power Banks

A handy portable battery is one of the most essential of the essentials. Never get that sinking “low battery” feeling again by simply keeping one in your tech bag. Ranging from smaller, lightweight models, to full-fledged power units with AC outlets (lifesaver for camera batteries), there are a plethora of choices when it comes to portable power banks.

Our Portable Power Bank Picks:

Tech Essential - Portable Power BanksImages by Anker & Belkin / Moment


Power banks are a must-have, but quality and versatile cables are equally as important. A USB-C ←→ USB-C cable is a tech bag mainstay, compatible with dozens of different types of devices – including MacBook Pro, hard drives, Nintendo Switch, and more. If you have an iPhone, a USB-C ←→ Lightning cable is another staple, and will allow for the fastest possible charge while on the go.

No matter what your cable needs are, go with a reliable manufacturer, and better yet, cables that are well-built with quality materials. Some brands even guarantee up to 35,000 bends on some of their products!

Our Cable Picks:

Essential Tech CablesImages by Nomad & Anker

USB-C Hubs & Dongles

A multipurpose USB-C hub is a must-have for anyone with a MacBook Pro or even iPad Pro. These hubs are the Swiss Army Knife for your tech bag, allowing you to connect whichever device you need to your USB-C device – from HDMI, to Ethernet, SD cards, and more. These handy hubs will also help you free up as many USB-C ports as possible on your device.

Our USB-C Hub Picks:

Tech USB-C Hubs & DonglesImage by HooToo

Wall Plugs & Adapters

Gone are the days of several different adapters taking up room in your tech bag. Thanks to universal adapters, you can pack a bit lighter while keeping your devices powered up. The higher the wattage, the more versatile the adapter is – and anything USB Type-C future-proofs your setup as much as possible (while also allowing for things like fast charging).

Tip: Wall adapters and chargers’ wattage is rated by total output, and that’s shared by everything plugged into it. Check your device’s wattage to make sure the adapter(s) you pick is the right one!

Our Wall Plugs & Adapter Picks:

Tech Wall Plugs & AdaptersImages by RAVPower & Anker

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Whether you want to set the vibe during a photo shoot, or even play music in your hotel room while getting ready, you can never go wrong packing a compact Bluetooth speaker. These speakers are small but mighty, and really deliver on the sound quality for their size. Bonus: these are all waterproof, too.

Our Portable Bluetooth Speaker Picks:

Tech Essential - Bluetooth SpeakerImages by Bose & Ultimate Ears

Smartphone & Accessories

iPhone Cases

Any phone case should protect your phone, but now there are a ton of case options that go beyond that to fit into your lifestyle. From lens-ready fits, to wrist strap attachments, these cases are ready for any use case.

Our iPhone Case Picks:

iPhone Case for Tech CarryImages by Nomad & Moment

iPhone Accessories

Our smartphones are our command center – helping us communicate, capture, and stay entertained everywhere we go. Whether it’s making your bank cards more accessible with a wallet attachment, or setting up AirTags to keep track of your valuables, these phone accessories are bound to plus up your EDC.

Our iPhone Accessory Picks:

iPhone Tech AccessoriesImages by Moment

Tablet & Accessories

When you want to lighten to the load without sacrificing productivity, a tablet is your best friend. From the trackpad-equipped Magic Keyboard, to Apple Pencil – the right tablet with the right accessories will have you barely missing your laptop.

Our Tablet Picks:

Tech Tablet EssentialsImages by Apple

External Portable Hard Drive

Nothing is more important than properly backing up your data, especially when you’re on the go. Whether you go with the drop-resistant LaCie Rugged, or sleek Samsung T7, an SSD for your tech bag will make sure you’re getting the best transfer speeds while keeping your precious data protected.

Our Portable HD Picks:

Essential Portable Hard DriveImages by Samsung & LaCie

Wireless Headphones & Earphones

Whether you’re commuting to work, on a plane, or just looking to get some deep work done – having a pair of solid headphones or earphones can help you temporally disconnect from the world.

Our Headphones & Earphones Picks:

Tech Travel Headphones & EarphonesImages by Apple and Anker

Laptop & Accessories


Having a reliable laptop with enough power to help you work remotely or finish schoolwork is a major tech essential. It’s impressive to see the processing power produced by these compact machines – pick one that suits your everyday needs.

Our Laptop Picks:

Laptop Tech EssentialImages by Apple & Google

Wireless Mouse

Trackpads are great for quick browsing, but if you’re spending long hours on your laptop, save your wrists and invest in a Bluetooth mouse. Thankfully, there are several compact options that will fit perfectly in your bag.

Our Mouse Picks:

Everyday Carry Tech MouseImages by Logitech & Microsoft

Wireless Keyboard

When you’re on the go, a compact external keyboard will have you missing your desk setup a bit less. Beyond connecting to your laptop, a Bluetooth keyboard will connect to your tablet, and even smartphone too.

Our Keyboard Picks:

Wireless Tech Keyboard EssentialImages by Logitech & Keychron

Laptop Sleeves

If you’re travelling around with your laptop on the daily, a protective sleeve will keep your machine looking shiny and new – preventing dents, scratches, and limit movement in your tech bag.

Our Laptop Sleeve Picks:

Leather Laptop SleevesImages by Nomad & Harber London

Lifestyle Tech Bag Essentials

Now that we’ve gone through all the components that make up a tech bag, let’s get some inspo from creators and their everyday carries – ranging from travel, to college, and more:

College Tech Essentials

College Tech EssentialsImage by Karl Conrad

Student Tech BagCollege Tech GadgetsImages by Justin Tse

Work Bag Essentials

Work Bag EssentialsImage by Canoopsy

Everyday Backpack Essentials

Everyday Backpack EssentialsImage by Canoopsy

What's in my tech bagImage by Justin Tse

Tech Bag EssentialsImage by ThisIsE

Everyday Tech Carry EDCImage by Karl Conrad

Travel Tech Gear

Travel Everyday Carry Essentials Travel Tech EssentialsImages by Justin Tse

Videography & Photography Tech Essentials

MKBHD Tech EssentialsImage by MKBHD

What's in my camera bagImage by Karl Conrad

Photography & Videography Tech BagImage by Joey Alford

What are some must-haves in your everyday carry? Let us know in the comments below! If you want to show off your EDC, tag us @gridfiti on Instagram!

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