There’s no better feeling than breaking out of your daily routine and landing in a new city with new adventures, restaurants, and places to explore. Planning trips and itineraries are both fun, but can be a time consuming as well – unless you’re using a pre-designed Notion travel template.

We’ve curated a list of the best Notion travel templates which you can use to map out your travel plans, create detailed itineraries, list out your travel bucket list, and so much more!

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All-in-One Dashboard with Full Travel Planner

The travel planner included in the Anime Cafe Dashboard or Aura Dashboard is equipped to help you manage your pre-trip to-do lists and packing, budget your transit and accommodation, and map out your things to-do for the entire trip – all the way from food spot recommendations, photo spots, shopping destinations, and more.

In the rest of the all-in-one dashboard template, you can keep track of almost every other aspect of your life, including your finances, goals and milestones, watchlists, reading lists, and so much more!

Anime Cafe Dashboard Template | Aura Gradient Dashboard Template

Notion Travel Planner Dashboard

Travel Bucket List & Notion Trip Planner Template

Create a bucket list of your dream destinations and track all of the places that you’ve traveled to with this aesthetic travel template from The Notion Bar. You also have access to a detailed Notion trip planner template, which will help you plan, organize, and budget your future trips!

Template Available Now

Aesthetic Notion Travel Template

Awesome Trip Planner by Daniel

The Awesome Trip Planner template gives you the ability to plan your travel days, schedule your flights, organize places to visit, store your plane/train tickets and visa documentation, and so much more. One of the most unique features of this Notion travel template is the dynamic luggage checklist, which changes based on the duration of your stay!

Template Available Now

Notion Travel Planner Template

Simple Trip Planner – Minimal Notion Travel Dashboard

A minimal Notion travel dashboard that gives you an overview of the most important travel info you need. Additionally, you’ll have five simple databases that allow you to organize tasks, locations to visit, photos, vocabulary, and travel memories for your journaling!

Template Available Now

Minimal Notion Travel Dashboard Template

The Ultimate Notion Travel Planner

This travel to-do template designed to help you plan your trips in full. With this template, you’ll be able to add travel research and inspiration, manage budgets, journal, track language learning, and more!

Template Available Now

Travel Planner Template for Notion

What Notion travel template are you using? Do you have any other recommendations for travel planners to use with Notion? Let us know in the comment section below.

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