Nothing is more satisfying on the eye than seeing a clean minimalist desk setup. I’ve enjoyed looking at minimal desks so much that I curate different workspaces and the best desk setups on Instagram.

While picking out the best work stations across Instagram to post, I’ve come across some of the most minimal desks across the world. I’ve curated a list of some of the best ones and showcase the most popular minimalist desks in hopes that you gain some home office inspiration for your desk setups! Along with the workspaces, I’ve included and linked some of the minimalist desks & accessories below to help you decide on the right table for your needs!

1. The Minimalist IKEA Desk Setup

From all of the photos I’ve seen of minimal desk setups, the IKEA table top and table leg combo is by far the most popular. Both affordable and comes in a variety of different colors and styles, IKEA has made it a no brainer for desk junkies to choose this minimalist desk. Here are two of my favorite setups from James and Stephaen.

Minimalist desk setup by James McdonaldSetup by: @__jamesmcdonald

Here is a similar desk setup from Stephen Proctor who describes his setup as a clean and breathable workspace. Stephen has since updated his setup slightly by adding in a couple new desk accessories and setting his laptop on a Twelve South MacBook stand. A space grey Magic keyboard and a Magic mouse were also added to his desk. Check out his Instagram for more photos!

  • Table Top: IKEA
  • Table Legs: IKEA
  • Chair: Poly & Bark
  • Lamp: Southern Lights Electric in Nashville
  • Plant: Succulent which was a gift from friends
  • Desk Accessory: Zen Garden with black sand from Iceland & Maui
  • Computer: 15 inch MacBook Pro (Space Grey)
  • Monitor: 30 inch Thunderbolt Display 

Minimalistic Desk from Sproctor

Setup by: @sproctor

2. The Photography Desk Setup

Landscape photographer and tech head Jorge Powell gives us an inside look at his simple desk setup and work station that helps him get stuff done. The perfect balance of monochrome with a natural wood finish on his desk shelves, Macbook stand, and monitor stand. Jorge does a great job at reducing clutter and having the Macbook as the main force for his work helps keep his space simple.

  • Desk: IKEA
  • Chair: IKEA
  • Speakers: Logitech MX Sound 2.0
  • Keyboard: K2 Keychron Mechanical Keyboard
  • Trackpad: Apple Magic Trackpad 2
  • Computer: 13 inch MacBook Pro
  • Desk Monitor: 27 Inch Dell S2781D LED Monitor

Photography desk setup

Setup by @jorgeypowell

3. The Ultrawide Monitor Workspace

Alex is a developer from Romania and his desk setups are perfect. The balance between aesthetic perfection and functionality. Using the IKEA setup we mentioned earlier, he replaces one of the sides with a table drawer. Instead of a monitor holder, he uses a minimal drawer to hold up the ultrawide LG monitor. Alex’s setup is the right combination between the IKEA setup and the minimal ultrawide setup.

Best minimalist desk by @alexcaeaSetup by: @alexacea

4. The Filmmaker’s Desk Setup

This is another favorite desk setup of mine. Different from the other ones because it looks like the perfect night owl setup. I’m personally more productive at night and I love the addition of the neon lights here which add such a cool vibe to the whole home office.

neon light minimal desk setupSetup by: @dsonlch

5. The Designer’s Minimalist Desk Setup

I loved this minimal desk setup from Marcelo because of how designer like it was. I’m no professional designer, but it seems like such a perfect setup for a designer. The use of brown to compliment the white setup and the minimal desk accessories is very nice. Are you really a designer without design templates on your screen and design sketches on your desk?

  • Office Chair: West Elm
  • Computer: iMac
  • Earphones: AirPods
  • Mouse: Apple Magic Mouse
  • Keyboard: Apple Magic Keyboard
  • Speaker: Apple HomePod
  • Monitor Stand: Grovemade
  • Wooden Desk Accessories: Handmade by Grovemade

Marcelo Silver Minimal Desk SetupSetup by: @marcelo14silva

6. Minimalist Desk With a Window View

The third desk setup I chose is one with a nice large window and luckily a beautiful view. The glass desk makes it perfect for the glass window view and I love the use of space. Books, laptop, and other desk accessories are stored under the glass table top and all of the essentials are placed where they need to be on top of the desk. The symmetry of the desk aligned with the window is also a nice touch!

  • Speakers: Bowers & Wilkins
  • Desk: John Lewis
  • Chair: Herman Miller
  • Desk Calendar: John Lewis
  • Mousepad: Grovemade
  • Lamp: IKEA
  • Pencil Cup: Amazon
  • Laptop: 13 inch MacBook Pro 2015

Scott's minimal desk workspaceSetup by: @gr8scott_90

7. The Minimal Ultrawide Monitor Macbook Setup

The ultrawide monitor workspace has to be one of the minimalistic desk setups and personally my favorite. Gabriele does it just right by keeping the desk simple with two simple Bose speakers, using one of the best desk covers on the market, and minimal cord usage. The MacBook Pro and ultrawide monitor combo seems like the way to go if you’re looking to keep the clutter low.

Gabriele Design Minimal Desk SpaceSetup by: @gabrieledsgn

8. The Photographer Apple Desk Setup

The moment I see a Lacie Rugged Hard Drive, I just think photographer or videographer.  This desk setup looks like the content creators workspace. The minimal Mac clock screensaver and simple MacBook accessories creates the perfect productive environment.

Minimalist setup for desk by PierreSetup by: @pierreetienneferraro

9. Modern Home Office Desk Setup

Nothing beats having a cool home office workspace to be productive in. I look forward to having my morning coffee and getting settled into my desk before beginning the day. One of my favorite modern desk setups is by Michael Soledad who continuously shows us his clean home office work station on Instagram.

Modern Home Office Desk Setup

Best Workspace Desk Setup Ideas

Haven’t found a desk setup or minimal workspace that you like? Check out our Pinterest board on minimalist desk setups for more ideas and inspiration. We update it regularly with some of the best workspaces from around the world.

Minimalist desk setup ideas pinterest

Which one is your favorite minimalist desk setup? Let me know down in the comments below. Also if you have any minimalist desk photos, feel free to submit them by emailing