Whether it’s studying, watching YouTube videos, journaling, or anything in between, we spend so much time at our desks each day. Putting together a beautiful, yet functional, setup can do wonders for both morale and productivity – and make the desk somewhere we actually want to spend time at.

Check out our full guide with a plethora of aesthetic and cute desk accessories, ready to take any setup to the next level and keep your motivation high.

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Aesthetic Desk Decor & Accessories

Let’s start with the items that sit on your desk – there are so many different decor pieces and accessories that are easy and cost-effective to add that will instantly make any setup look and feel great. Here are our picks!

Catchall Trays

Aesthetic Catchall TraysImages by @kreamynotes and @the.endless.study

Desk Calendar

Cute Desk CalendarImages by yycjaybeedesign and YourGuideOutlet on Etsy

Aesthetic Candles

Aesthetic CandlesImages by AlphatoxGummies and Lovemootique on Etsy

Aesthetic Sticky Notes, Labels & Tabs

Aesthetic Sticky Notes, Labels & TabsImages by Koqye and Monolike

Washi Tape

Cute Washi TapeImage #2 by @sleepy.tofu

Aesthetic Coffee Glasses & Mugs

Cute Coffee Glasses & MugsImages by @mariamstudies and @ssummxer

Water Bottles

Cute Water BottlesImage #1 by @mariamstudies

Desk Coasters

Cute Desk CoastersImages by @ggukoh and @the.endless.study

Notebooks & Journals

Cute Notebooks & JournalsImages by u/oldfashioned_aj and @vbylulu

Pens & Pencils

Cute Pens & PencilsImages by @studytostudie and @the_clerk24

Pencil Case

Cute Pencil CaseImages by @mariamstudies and Sukoshi Mart

Beckoning Cat / Lucky Cat

Beyond being an adorable desk accessory, lucky cats (a.k.a. beckoning cats) can bring good fortune to your workspace, here’s what each color represents:

  • White: Health
  • Green: Academic luck
  • Red: Career success
  • Black: Safety, protection from illness, warding off bad spirits
  • Lavender: Opportunity, artistic strength, friendship
  • Pink: Romance
  • Yellow: Wealth
  • Gold: Fortune

Beckoning Cat & Lucky Cat

Cute Desk Mats & Mouse Pads

Cute Desk Mats & Aesthetic Mouse PadsImages by No Bad Mondays and Otakutako on Etsy

Desk Plants

Cute Desk PlantsImages by @maisyleigh and @estherhfung

Desk Mirrors

Cute Desk MirrorsImages by GUOJOZO and @_coffeeegram

Aesthetic Desk Clocks

Cute Desk ClocksImages by @_coffeeegram and @kreamynotes

Study Timers

Study TimersImages by @_coffeeegram and @studytostudie

Desk Fans

Cute Desk FansImages by @suyinday and MUJI

Aesthetic Wall Art & Decor for Desks

Whether it’s adding a calendar, a functional pegboard for storage, or even a wall collage filled with your favorite visuals – decking out a workspace wall is where the personalization magic happens. Here’s some inspo and products to get you started.

Looking for more wall inspo? Check out our full round-up on home office wall decor ideas and aesthetic wall collages.


Use a white pegboard, and add pastel bins and accessories, like pink or blue bins. You can also add colorful gel pens and Washi tape rolls for an aesthetic boost.

Where to start:

Cute Desk PegboardImages by Ecru 에크루 and stellastudiesart

Wall Collage

Cute Wall CollageImages by @estherhfung

Aesthetic Wall Calendar

Aesthetic Wall Calendar DecorImages by Architectural Digest and peonypapeterie on Etsy

Skateboard Wall Art

Aesthetic Skateboard Wall Art DecorImages by @lisavuong_ / LVSTUDIOAU on Etsy

Desk Storage & Organization

Organize your aesthetic desk setup with the proper shelves, baskets, and trays to create a distraction-free environment while you’re working or studying! Choose from colorful or wooden storage options, or even go with an acrylic or white unit for a minimal look.

Pen Holders & Cups

Cute Pen Holders & CupsImages by @_coffeeegram and @studytostudie

Pen Organizers

Cute Pen OrganizersImages by @sleepy.tofu and @ssummxer

Aesthetic Desk Shelves

Cute Desk ShelvesImages by Jerry & Maggie and @mariamstudies

Letter Trays & Baskets

Aesthetic Letter Trays & BasketsImage #1 by SANRUI

Aesthetic Lighting

Brighten up your day and workspace with some pretty LED lights and lamps. Whether it’s a cute strawberry-themed lamp, a classic pleated lamp, or backlighting your monitor, there are tons of aesthetic lighting options to pick from!

Tip: Go with pastels or warm white tones if you’re wanting to keep your workspace bright and fresh.

LED Desk Lighting

Aesthetic LED Desk LightingImage by @maisyleigh

Aesthetic Desk Lamps

Aesthetic Desk LampsImages by ANQIA and @_coffeeegram

Aesthetic Desk Tech Accessories

From the beloved wooden iPad easel stands, to laptop risers and monitor stands, there’s so much in the realm of aesthetic (and functional) pieces to accessorize our tech. Let’s check them out!

Laptop Stands & Risers

Cute Laptop Desk DecorImages by @the.endless.study and @suyinday

iPad Accessories

iPad Stand

Apple Pencil Holder

iPad Case

Cute iPad AccessoriesImages by @anngyeom and @_coffeeegram

Monitor Stands & Risers

Cute Monitor Stands & RisersImage by @maisyleigh

Aesthetic Digital Decor

Match your digital setup to your physical one with some beautiful aesthetic digital decor. Customize your wallpaper, screensaver, and folder icons to bring more life to your everyday devices!

For more ideas to make your Apple setup more aesthetic, check out our full guide on how to make your Mac aesthetic!

Desktop Wallpaper Organizers

Cute Desktop OrganizersImage by mindegardens on Etsy


Cute ScreensaversImage #1 by @littlecitydoc

Folder Icons

Cute Folder Icons

Have any other cute desk accessories or aesthetic desk decor ideas to include? Let us know in the comments below!

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