We all put so much thought into customizing and personalizing everything around us to fit our personal taste, aesthetic, and theme: our living spaces, wardrobe, phone accessories, and everything in between. Our Macs are with us all day everyday for work, school, and our personal lives – and customizing them can do wonders for making our setups truly ours.

From adding custom screensavers and wallpapers, to completely overhauling the accent colors of the macOS UI, we’ve gathered every aspect for making your Mac aesthetic – complete with tips and tutorials. Get scrolling and get customizing!

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Aesthetic Mac Screensavers

When creating an aesthetic Mac setup, a custom screensaver is a digital decor must-have. It’s the perfect visual to keep your setup visually appealing while you’re AFK or even capturing your setup. Check out these aesthetic Mac screensavers to level up your setup, and bring some life to your workspace!

Tip: go to System Preferences → Screen Saver → Hot Corners button bottom-right to have your screensaver appear on command.

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Aura Screensavers

Bring color, energy, and serenity to your setup with a vibrant Aura Clock Screensaver for your Mac. Apply one of the many different color options, or even the Hearts edition!

Get started:

Aesthetic Aura Mac ScreensaversSetups by @kqena and @augustjae_ on TikTok

Flip Clock Screensavers

A timeless classic – a flip clock screensaver offers a modern take on the retro flip clock design, ready to instantly add style to your setup.

Get started:

Aesthetic Flip Clock Mac ScreensaversSetup by @nursejas.studies and @krishabala on TikTok

Anime Clock Screensaver

There’s something so calming and tranquil about anime scenery and visuals. Bring this to your setup with an anime-inspired clock screensaver.

Get started:

Retro Anime Desk Clock Screensaver

Aesthetic Mac Anime Clock ScreensaverSetups by @babyatl on TikTok and @katstudying on Instagram

Flocus: Aesthetic Browser-Based Dashboard

Brighten your go-to Mac browser with Flocus — a customizable hub for productivity and ambience!

Start your day the right way on the Home dashboard, which features a bold clock, inspirational quotes, and dynamic greetings. Then, set your work intentions and a custom Pomodoro timer to find your flow in Focus Mode. Ready to take a break? Switch to the minimalist Ambient Mode, tune into mellow lofi or jazzhop playlists, and escape to one of several unique Flocus worlds!

Go to Flocus

Aesthetic Mac Clock Website

Minimal Clock Screensavers

Keep it simple and clean with a minimal clock screensaver for your setup! This one’s an even better option if you’ve got a black and white or minimalist desk setup.

Get started:

Minimal Clock Screensaver (Web Version)

Minimal Clock Screensavers for Mac

Aesthetic Mac Backgrounds & Wallpapers

Your wallpaper is the foundation of your digital setup – and it’s one of the easiest ways to make your Mac aesthetic with the click of a button! Check out some of our picks to get started.

Aura Gradient Wallpapers

If you love the aura aesthetic and want to bring that to your desktop background, look no further than colorful aura gradient wallpapers.

Get started:

Aesthetic Aura Mac Wallpapers

Collage Wallpapers

Can’t decide on a single visual for your wallpaper? Use an aesthetic collage wallpaper to have a moodboard right on your desktop.

Get started:

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Aesthetic Mac Collage Wallpapers

Quote Wallpapers

If you’re looking to add some personality or inspiration to your Mac setup, adding a quote wallpaper to your desktop will do just that. From motivational to witty quotes – there are a ton of options out there!

Get started:

Desktop Quote Wallpapers on Pinterest

Aesthetic Quote Wallpapers for MacDesigns by Poppy Deyes

Aesthetic Desktop Organizers

Desktop organizer wallpapers are as functional as they are aesthetic! Compartmentalize all of your folders, documents, and stickies (more on those soon) right on your desktop with pre-organized areas for to-dos, personal, work, school and more.

Get started:

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Aesthetic Mac Desktop Organizers

Calendar Wallpapers

Calendar wallpapers are another form-meets-function way to make your Mac aesthetic! Never lose track of the days again, and get an overview of the month right on your desktop. Some calendar wallpapers even include built-in desktop organizers too.

Get started:

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Aesthetic Mac Calendar Wallpapers

Custom Mac Color Themes

Did you know there are a few simple ways to make your Mac aesthetic right in System Preferences? Check out these adjustments to customize your Mac aesthetic in minutes.

Accent Color & Highlight Color

Do you love pink? Obsessed with green? You can bring your love for these colors to your Mac with the click of a button for both the accent color (which is the general interface color, especially in Finder) and highlight color (color that appears when selecting text).

To customize these colors, go to System Preferences → General, and at the top of the window, you’ll see options to make customizations for both the accent color and highlight color. For the highlight color, you can even select ‘Other’ at the bottom of the dropdown menu and pick your custom shade – whether with a color picker, or by entering the custom color code!

If you need color palette inspo, don’t miss our post on aesthetic color palettes — complete with hex codes.

Customize Mac Accent & Highlight Color

Custom Mac Cursor Color

Take your Mac theme color to the next level by customizing your cursor color too! If your system is updated to macOS Monterey or newer, head to System Preferences → Accessibility → Display → Pointer tab, and from there, you can customize both the cursor’s fill color and outline color.

Custom Mac Cursor Color

Custom Mac Menu Bar

Another easy way to personalize your Mac is customizing your menu bar! Check out these tips to do just that:

  • Hide icons with Bartender App for a cleaner look, or hold down the Cmd key (⌘) + click and drag built-in apps and utilities out of the menu bar to remove them
  • Adjust your clock settings to your liking in System Preferences → Dock & Menu Bar → Clock (at the bottom) – you can even change it up to an analog clock!

Custom Mac Menu Bar

Aesthetic Mac Icons

You’ve probably already heard of customizing your iOS icons, but did you know you can customize your Mac icons too? You can customize both your macOS app icons, as well as any folder icons on your system. Check out some of our picks, as well as quick steps for changing the icons below!

Aesthetic Mac App Icons

What’s an aesthetic Mac theme without consistent app icons? Default app icons often have different styles and colors, so changing them up is a quick and easy way to complete your cohesive Mac theme – especially since apps sitting in your dock are always visible. Check out some of these Mac app icon packs, and steps for installing them below.

Get started:

Aesthetic Mac App Icons

How to Customize Mac App Icons

Here are some quick steps for setting up your custom app icons:

  1. Open your desired icon in Preview (or any image processing app) and hit ⌘+A (or Edit → Select All), then ⌘+C (or Edit → Copy) to copy it to your clipboard
  2. Open up your Apps folder in the Finder to see all of your macOS applications
  3. Select the app you wish to customize, and hit “⌘+I” (or File → Get Info)
  4. Select the app’s icon in the top left, you should see a blue highlight surrounding it
  5. Then simply paste your icon (⌘+V, or Edit → Paste), and you’re done!

If you don’t see the changes applied immediately to apps in your dock, hold the Cmd key (⌘) and click on the app in the dock, and this should refresh to the latest app icon change you’ve made!

Aesthetic Mac Desktop & Folder Icons

Ditch the boring blue default folder icons in the macOS system and fully customize your folder icons to fit your aesthetic or color theme! Not sure how to change your folder icons? Check out the quick tutorial right below.

Aesthetic Folder Icon Packs

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Aesthetic Mac Desktop & Folder Icons

How to Customize Mac Folder Icons

  1. Go to the folder you would like to customize
  2. Follow the same steps as above for app icon customization!

Tip: If you want to use the same folder icon for multiple folders, change the icon on one empty folder, and duplicate the folder as many times as you’d like.

Aesthetic Mac Widgets

Build both a stylish and functional dashboard right on your Mac desktop by adding in the right widgets! Check out some of these aesthetic widget options.

Note: these widgets appear in the macOS notification center. To access widgets on your Mac, click on your clock top-right of the menu bar – or by dragging two fingers across your trackpad from the right side! To edit and add new widgets, scroll down to the bottom of your notification center, and select ‘Edit Widgets’.

Get started:

Aesthetic Mac Widgets

Aesthetic Mac Lock Screen

Your Mac lock screen is the first thing you see when you open up your computer – so why not make it match your theme? Your Mac lock screen consists of a round profile picture in the center of your screen, and whichever aesthetic wallpaper and background you applied to your desktop.

Tip: choose a background without busy graphics in the middle to avoid an overlap between your PFP and wallpaper.

To go to your lock screen on command, click the Apple logo () top-left, and select Lock Screen.

Aesthetic Mac Lock Screen

Aesthetic Mac Profile Pictures

If you’re torn on what profile picture to set for your Mac and you’re not looking to add a photo of yourself, worry not – there are a ton of options to make your profile photo and lock screen aesthetically pleasing.

To change your Mac lock screen’s profile picture, just head to System Preferences → Users & Groups → hover on the existing photo, and select ‘Edit’ at the bottom. From there, you can select from built-in emojis (and even customize the color background), or upload your own image by dragging it into the preview area. If you want a custom image, here are a few fun Mac PFP ideas to get inspired.

Get started:

Aesthetic Mac Profile Pictures

Aesthetic Mac Apps & Menu Bar Apps

Making your Mac aesthetic doesn’t mean it can’t be functional too – check out some of these Mac apps to both customize your system’s appearance, and up your productivity game.

Aesthetic Mac Apps for Customizing Appearance

First off, you can use apps to customize the appearance of your Mac by curving the corners of the display, or even hide the polarizing notch if you’re on an M1 or M2 MacBook. With these apps, you can put together a more sleek and minimal look for your Mac’s screen!

Get started:

Aesthetic Mac Apps for Customizing Appearance

Aesthetic Music Apps

You probably have Spotify or Apple Music on your Mac, but if you want to take your music-listening to the next level – while adding some style – check out some of these aesthetic mini music players.

Get started:

Aesthetic Mac Music Apps

Aesthetic Mac Clocks & Timers

Stay focused, punctual, and make sure you never miss another meeting or deadline again with an aesthetic timer or clock for your Mac. Use a dedicated Mac app or web app to complete Pomodoros for more productive work and study sessions!

Mac Clocks

Aesthetic Mac Clocks

Mac Timers

Aesthetic Mac Timers

Aesthetic Sticky Notes Apps

Need to jot down something quick? Want a simple space to store your daily to-dos? Do it all without sacrificing your aesthetic with the right sticky notes apps. Check out these apps and tips to get started:

Aesthetic Mac Sticky Notes

Aesthetic Mac Dock Customization

With the current macOS, there aren’t any major customization options for the dock – however, here are a couple minor adjustments you can make to personalize it to your liking:

  • Declutter the apps in your dock
  • Customize your Mac app icons
  • Customize the screen position, size, and magnification of your dock
    • Option 1: System Preferences → Dock & Menu Bar
    • Option 2: Right-click (or Ctrl + click) directly on the vertical divider icon on your dock (located on the left of the trash icon) to pull up the customization menu for quick changes. You can also click and drag on the divider icon up and down to increase or decrease the dock size.
  • Hide or un-hide the dock using the Opt (⌥) + Cmd (⌘) + D keys

Aesthetic Mac Dock Customization

Aesthetic Chrome Browser for Mac

Finished customizing your macOS? Now you can customize your Chrome browser to match your new digital aesthetic too! Create a stylish Chrome theme by customizing your browser ‘new tab’ background, and adding different functional and aesthetic extensions to enhance your browsing experience.

For more browsers, check out our list of the most aesthetic browsers!

Aesthetic Chrome Extensions

Make your browsing experience more aesthetic and even more productive with the right Chrome extensions.

Get started:

Aesthetic Chrome Extensions for Mac

Aesthetic Chrome Theme Backgrounds

Just like customizing your Mac background, you can also customize your browser background to match your personal aesthetic. This background will appear every time you open a new Chrome window or tab.

To change your Chrome theme background, open a new window in Chrome, and click the pencil icon at the bottom-right of the window. From there, you can upload your own image, or select from pre-made themes to pop up every time you open a new tab or window!

For more themes, check out our full round-up list of aesthetic Chrome background ideas!

Aesthetic Mac Chrome Theme Backgrounds

Aesthetic Custom Browser Cursor

Customize your mouse cursor right in Chrome to sport playful designs, franchise characters, cute animals, or anything in between with this browser extension!

Get started:

Custom Google Chrome Cursors

Aesthetic Custom Mac Browser Cursor

Are we missing any Mac customizations to make your computer more aesthetic? Which tip here is your favorite for customizing? Let us know in the comments below!

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