Look good, feel good — and get more done! Having an aesthetic setup that looks nice and allows you to be productive is one of the best investments you can make. If you have an aesthetic desk setup at home, this is your sign to make your iPad setup aesthetic as well!

From adding beautiful wallpapers, to personalizing your app icons, we’ve outlined every aspect for making your iPad aesthetic – complete with tips, examples, and tutorials.

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Aesthetic iPad Home Screen Ideas

When creating the perfect iPad home screen, you’ll want to make sure your apps are organized, and ensure the home screen settings are adjusted to your liking. Play around with the folder names, app layout, and more before you begin customizing your iPad!

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App Magnification

Adjust the size of the app icons and dock size in your iPad settings to suit the layout that you’re going for. To do this, go to Home Screen & Dock → More / Bigger

Display & Brightness

Switch between light mode and dark mode to match your iPad’s theme.

Aesthetic Folder Names & Emojis

Get creative and rename apps and folders with aesthetic text generators to paste in new unique names, or names in different font styles using aesthetic text generators – you can even use emojis to rename apps and folder names!

Aesthetic iPad Folder NamesImage via Pinterest

Aesthetic iPad Lock Screen

The lock screen is often overlooked, but it’s the first thing you see when powering on your iPad – so why not make it aesthetic? An iPad lock screen consists of a simple background image and we wouldn’t be surprised if the iOS 16 lock screen widgets and iOS depth effect end up being added to iPadOS in the near future.

To change your lock screen background, go to Settings → Wallpaper → Choose a New Wallpaper. Tap Set, then choose “Set Lock Screen”

Calendar Lock Screen Wallpapers

Adding a calendar background to your iPad lock screen is an easy way to have both the time and date ready at a glance when you’re on your iPad. Instead of navigating to the calendar app, you can quickly peep the day of the week without having to unlock the screen.

Get started:

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Aesthetic iPad Calendar Lock Screen

Aesthetic iPad Wallpapers & Backgrounds

A beautiful image background is the base to any aesthetic iPad setup. In a couple taps, you can simply change your iPad wallpaper to set the foundation for a stylish theme! Here are some to get started with.

Aura Gradient Wallpapers

Add color and good energy to your iPad with some colorful aura gradient wallpapers. Choose from a variety of aesthetic color palettes and aura designs to complete the look!

Get started:

Aura Gradient iPad Wallpapers

Collage Wallpapers

Bring that moodboard look to your home screen by creating or downloading a collage wallpaper that suits your aesthetic. Pick from colorful or themed collages that match your style!

Get started:

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Aesthetic iPad Collage Wallpapers

Quote Wallpapers

Keep your iPad background simple by using a nicely designed quote wallpaper. From motivational quotes, song lyrics, and positive affirmations – start the day off right with a slick quote background!

Get started:

Aesthetic iPad Quote Wallpapers

Aesthetic iPad Icons

You’ve probably seen the custom iOS icons people use on their iPhones, but did you know you can customize your iPad’s app icons too? Use the same aesthetic app icons to customize your iPad home screen!

Aesthetic App Icons

Complete your perfect iPad home screen with customized app icons to match your wallpaper background. Default app icons all differ in color, texture, and design — so using a cohesive icon pack is an easy way to make your iPad home screen aesthetically pleasing. Here are some of our favorite aesthetic iPad app icons for you to choose from!

Get started:

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Aesthetic iPad App Icons

Aesthetic Folder App Icons

Turn your iPad home screen into a digital filing cabinet by using aesthetic folder icons instead of app icons! Adding folder icons uses the same process as customizing your app icons, so you can easily swap them in a matter of taps!

Get started:

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Aesthetic iPad Folder App Icons

Aesthetic iPad Widgets

The Apple’s addition of home screen widgets has opened up a world of opportunity for iPad customization. Create a mini dashboard on your home screen with widgets – making for both a functional and aesthetic setup!

Get started:

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Aesthetic iPad Widgets

Aesthetic iPad Apps

Looking for iPad apps that are visually pleasing, yet functional? Look no further — here are iPad apps that look good, and will help you accomplish your day-to-day tasks!

If you’re looking to add some flair to your notes, here is a full guide on how to make your iPad notes aesthetic!

Get started:

Aesthetic iPad Apps

Aesthetic iPad Clocks & Timers

Use a focus timer to help you stay on course, or have a minimal clock on display while you’re not using your iPad with any of these aesthetic clock and timer apps!

iPad Clocks

Aesthetic iPad Clocks

iPad Timers

Aesthetic iPad Timers

Are we missing any customization tips to make your iPad aesthetic? Which tip here is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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