There’s an endless amount of ideas when it comes to iOS 14 home screen themes. Once you’ve figured out what theme you like, the next step is to find the perfect icons pack and aesthetic widget idea so you can begin to customize your app icons to seamlessly work with your iPhone or iPad layout.

We’ve come across so many icon designs, but we’ve only found a handful that are really aesthetically pleasing when fully set up. After days of researching and testing, we’ve compiled a list of the most aesthetic iOS 14 app icons based on different theme ideas! We’ve even included some alternative icon cover packs for you to choose from.

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Black and White iOS 14 App Icons

After seeing the mockup for this black & white iOS home screen all over Twitter, we knew that we had to buy it. This has to be one of our favorite iOS 14 packs because of how sleek and minimal the designs are, but also the full support from the creator who is constantly giving updates to the pack with the most requested icons.

Icon Pack Available Here

Black and White iOS 14 App Icons

Sneaker App Icons Pack for iOS 14 (Widgets & Wallpapers)

Turn your iPhone home screen into the hype sneaker wall of your dreams with this Air Jordan icon pack. It comes with 150+ hand-illustrated Jordan sneaker icons in three different color themes, as well as cool wallpapers and streetwear-inspired widgets for the complete set.

Jordan Sneaker Icon Pack Available Here | Yeezy Sneaker Icon Pack Available Here

Hypebeast Sneaker App Icons for iOS 14

Minimal Aesthetic iOS App Icons (Pastel, White, Nude & More)

Whether you’re wanting a mix of bright pastels, beige tones, or other mix of aesthetic tones, Amanda’s aesthetic icon sets are just for you.

Icon Packs Available Here

Minimal Aesthetic iOS 14 App Icons Pack

Neon App Icons for iOS 14

This Tokyo-inspired neon app icons pack for iOS 14 creates a night vibe like no other for your iPhone or iPad. These neon app covers are available in both colorful and dark themes.

Icon Pack Available Here

iOS 14 Neon app icons

Minimal Gradient iOS 14 App Icons

A minimal icon pack that offers a colorful approach with these gradient-designed icons for your apps. If you’re looking to keep your home screen low-key, but still want a splash of color, this icon pack is the one for you!

Icon Pack Available Here

Gradient Minimal iOS 14 App Icons

Limitless – Minimal Colored iOS Icon Set

Colored app icons that offers versatility a modern look to any home screen. The set is packed full of value with several color alternatives to suit your personal preference. With so many colors and icons, you could say it’s… limitless…

Modern Colored Aesthetic Icons – Over 200+ icons where you can choose from black, white, brown, or even customizee your own color with the top tier app icons pack.

Icon Pack Available Here

Minimal Colored iOS Icon Covers for Apps

Minimalist Pastel Aesthetic – Choose from pastel, beige, ocean, summer, or brown color palettes.

Icon Pack Available Here

iOS 14 Pastel App Icons Pack

Light & Dark Themed App Icons

A simply designed pack that offers white and black icons in over 500+ different applications.

Icon Pack Available Here

Light & Dark Theme iOS Icons Pack

Digging the design, but looking to add more color to your home screen? Check out the gradient color pack that includes app covers for almost every app icon you can think of.

Icon Pack Available Here

Dark & Light Theme App Icons with gradients

Illustrated Pastel Icon App Packs for iOS 14

These illustrated color icon packs are perfect if you’re looking to keep your colored aesthetic. The icon designs are hand-illustrated and offer a playful look to any home screen.

With colors like pastel pink, yellow, baby blue, purple, peach, nude, and even some fall themed app icons, you’ll be able to find a pack that will suit your style!

All Icon Packs Available Here

Cute Aesthetic iOS App Covers

Minimalist App Icons for iOS 14

These app icons go the extra minimalist mile with their outline design – creating a light and airy feel. We love the use of navy blue for dark mode, too.

Icon Pack Available Here

Minimalist App Icons for iPhone iOS 14

macOS Big Sur Icons for iOS 14 Apps

The upcoming macOS Big Sur update brings a fresh “neumorphic” facelift to MacBook and iMac users. With Levi’s Color & White Icon set, get ready to match your iPhone and iPad to Apple’s latest release.

Icon Pack Available Here

macOS Big Sur Icons for iOS14

Simple Colorful App Icons for iOS 14

These colorful icons deserve a home on anyone’s home screen. The hit of gradient, use of whitespace and tastefully sized icons make for a clean, understated appearance.

Icon Pack Available Here

Simple Colorful App Icons for iOS 14

Aesthete Pack: Flat Abstract & 3D App Icons

Whether you’re a lover of flat minimal design, or “neumorphism” 3D, the Aesthete Pack’s got something for you. The set includes both a Flat Abstract set and 3D Gradient set, making it great value with different options.

Icon Pack Available Here

Abstract Social Media & App Covers for iOS 14

Pixel Art Retro App Covers for iOS

Bring some nostalgia back to your phone or tablet home screen with this retro icons pack. These pixelated designs are each individually designed and the pack offers over 1100+ icons which you can use for your iOS 14 app customization.

Icon Pack Available Here

Pixelated Retro App Icons

Beach Pastel Aesthetic iOS 14 App Icons

Icon Pack Available Here

Beach Pastel Aesthetic iOS App Icons

Fall / Autumn Aesthetic Icon Packs

Get in the season with some cool fall app covers and autumn colors to deck out your home screen. We couldn’t choose just one, so we highlighted three of our favorites. The first option offers themed widgets and backgrounds for your iPhone and iPad.

Pastel Fall iOS 14 icons & Widgets

Light Pastel Fall Aesthetic – Icon Pack Available Here

Fall & Autumn Pastel iOS Icons & Widgets

Moody Fall Aesthetic – Icon Pack Available Here

Fall Aesthetic App Icons for iOS 14

Among Us – iOS 14 App Cover Design

Icon Pack Available Here

Among Us App Cover Designs

Universal iOS 14 Icon Set (Grey, White, Black)

Icon Pack Available Here

Simple Custom App Icons for iPhone & iPad

Flat Design Minimalist App Icon Set

Icon Pack Available Here

Flat Design Minimalist App Icon Set

Animal Crossing (Custom ACNH App Icons)

Icon Pack Available Here | Expansion Pack

Nook Phone Animal Crossing - ACNH App Icons

Monochrome App Icon Pack for iOS 14 (White, Grey, & Black)

Icon Pack Available Here

Greyscale & Monochrome app icon ideas

Hand-Drawn Doodle Theme App Icons for iOS

Icon Pack Available Here

Doodle Theme iOS Icon App Idea

Pink Baby Aesthetic Themed App Cover Set

Icon Pack Available Here

Pink Baby Aesthetic Theme App Icon Idea

Neutral Tone iOS App Icon Packs

Minimal Cream & Beige Icons – Icon Pack Available Here

Beige & Cream App Icons for iOS 14

Neutral Grey Icons – Icon Pack Available Here

Neutral Grey Icon Ideas for iOS 14

Beige Neutral Icons – Icon Pack Available Here

Neutral Beige Aesthetic iOS App Icons

Pink Pastel iOS 14 App Cover Ideas

Icon Pack Available Here

Pink Pastel aesthetic iOS app covers

Cute Animated Icon Pack for iOS 14

Icon Set Available Here

Cute Animated Icon Pack for iOS 14

Which aesthetic iOS 14 app icons are your favorite? Do you have any other iOS app icon ideas for iPhone or iPad? Leave a comment down below and let us know! If you’re looking for more app cover designs for your iPhone or iPad, follow our board on Pinterest!

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