We’re still not over the iOS 17 home screen craze and for the past couple of weeks, we’ve continued to scavenge the web for the best home screen ideas, custom app icons, and now aesthetic widget ideas.

Every week there are new widget apps released, and in turn more widget ideas shared across social. After sharing the internet’s best iOS 17 lock screen ideas, iOS 17 home screen ideas, iPad home screen layouts and aesthetic app icons earlier this month, here are the top aesthetic widget ideas for your iPhone.

Learn how to add these widgets to your iOS 17 home screen from Apple.

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Aesthetic Clock Widget Inspo

Both functional and stylish, there are dozens of clock widget apps and styles to choose from. The different widget sizes offer variety no matter what your home screen layout is.

Pictured: Widgetsmith, Color Widgets, Digital Clock Widget

Aesthetic iOS 14 Clock Widgets

Calendar Widget Ideas

Whether you’re wanting to keep track of the days, or count down to a special event, there are several aesthetic widget apps and ideas. With apps like Widgetsmith in particular, there are so many options for not only look and feel, but style of calendar – from written calendars, minimal calendars, to more numerical designs.

Pictured: Eventime, Widgetsmith, Dawn

Calendar Widget Ideas for iPhoneCredit: u/CallMeTurtleMeat, u/tiffeber, u/Javikou, @carleighdebrock

Other calendar widgets

Notion iOS Widget

Get quick access to any of your workspace pages on the fly with Notion’s native iOS widget. Don’t forget to complement your home screen with an aesthetic Notion template.

Notion iOS Widget Aesthetic

Weather App Widget

Whether you’re looking for something more technical, or don’t want anything that will cramp your aesthetic – there’s a weather widget out there for everyone.

Pictured: HeyWeather, Weatherline, iOS 16 Weather

Aesthetic HeyWeather Widget for iOS 14More weather widgets:

Photo Widget Ideas

One of the most simple ways to create a visually appealing home screen is by displaying a photo on your iOS 16 widget. You can use an app like Widgetsmith or Photo Widget to create a slideshow or a static image with different themed photos to match with your app icons and wallpaper.

Apps used: Widgetsmith, Photo Widget

iOS 14 Photo Widget IdeasCredit: u/ShittyPaintnetMemes, u/caammssyy

Themed Aesthetic Photo Widgets

Adding matching photos to complement your iOS 17 app covers and wallpaper is one of the best uses for photo widgets – and the best way to complete your aesthetic theme.

Widget Theme Ideas for iOS 14Credit: @SM_Gallery, @.alesnalex, @izziemarcondes

Aesthetic Color Schemes Widget Ideas

Following a color scheme across your app icons, wallpaper, and widgets is one of the easiest ways to instantly make your home screen visually appealing. Add matching photos widgets to create an aesthetic color scheme.

Aesthetic Color Scheme Ideas for iOS 14 WidgetsCredit: iOS14Creatives, u/ArtFromTheMoon, Pink Aesthetic Icons

Transparent Photo Widgets

To create some white space on your home screen that allows you to showcase your aesthetic wallpaper, or even to create some balance, you can use the transparent photo widget. Alternatively, you can use Photo Widget or Widgetsmith to add a photo with a background that is identical to the background color of your iOS 17 wallpaper.

App you’ll need: Transparent Widget App, Photo Widget, Widgetsmith

Transparent Photo Widget for iPhoneCredit: @Zooropalg, u/CommitPhail, Transparent Widget App

Split-Up Image Layout Ideas

Love an image so much that you want to dedicate your whole home screen to it? Lots of users love splitting up the same image across not only their widget, but their app icons too.

Tutorial: Split Image iOS 17 Widget & Home Screen

split photo iOS 14 widget layout ideaCredit: u/shittypaintnetmemes, u/lukas_ronnberg

Music Preview Widgets

Whether you’re Team Spotify or Team Apple Music – one thing anyone can agree on is that music deserves a space on our home screens. See what’s playing, or quickly jump to a recently played album or playlist, now with widgets.

Apps pictured: Spotify, MusicView, iOS 17 Music

cool music widget ideas iOS 14Credit: @iCloneOS, u/Sharn25

Health & Wellness Apps

Apple offers a ton of features which allows you to track your health and fitness goals. You can now track your progress with some aesthetically pleasing widgets for things like breathing exercises, water intake, step count, and so much more.

Pictured: Calm, WaterMinder, iOS 17 Fitness

Health & Wellness Ideas for iOS 14 Widgets

Health & Fitness Widgets

Wellness Apps & Nutrition Trackers

Productivity Widgets – Daily Reminders

Productivity widgets are a great way to keep you in check and on track throughout the day. To-do lists and notes pinned to your home screen are the friendly reminders you’ve always needed.

Pictured: Things and Cheetsheet

Best Productivity Widget Apps for iPhone

Other To-Do, Notes & Productivity Widgets

Aesthetic Quote Widget Ideas

From motivational quotes, to self care quotes, to your favorite BTS lyrics – here are some widgets to showcase your favorite sayings (or discover new ones), right on your home screen.

Pictured: Motivation, Widgetsmith

Aesthetic Quote Widget IdeasCredit: @KathleenZim, @janessajoy12, @KTHDOROKl

Sunrise & Sunset Aesthetic iOS 16 Widget

Whether you’re a photographer looking to catch golden hour at the perfect time, or wanting to track how many hours of sunlight are left in your day – these daylight widgets are right for the job.

Pictured: Lumy, SolarWatch

Sunrise & Sunset Widget App iOS Idea

Battery Life Dashboard

With all of the wireless Apple accessories that are now a part of our daily lives, keeping track of battery life for each device can get overwhelming. With the native iOS battery widget, you can now monitor the power levels of all of your Apple accessories, all in one single widget.

Pictured: iOS 17 Battery Widget

Battery Widget Layout idea for iPhone

Finance Widget Apps

Check your spending and investments at a glance with one of these popular iOS 16 finance widgets. Whether you’re watching the markets, or keeping an eye on your bank account, track of what goes in and out of your accounts right from your home screen.

Pictured: Robinhood, iOS 17 Stocks, Crypto Pro

Finance Widget App Ideas

Investment Apps for Stocks & Bitcoin

Budgeting Widgets

Email iOS 17 Widget App

With up to 9 different widget layouts – from simple unread counts, to conversation and calendar previews – having a glance at your email has never been simpler.

Pictured: Spark Mail App for iOS

Spark Email App Widget Ideas iOS

Are we missing any aesthetic iOS 16 widget ideas? What’s your favorite widget layout? Let us know down in the comments below.