Ever since its debut in iOS 14, a new favorite feature of iOS is the ability to customize your own home screen – whether you want to customize your app icons, incorporate widgets, and much more. There are so many iPhone, Mac, and iPad home screen ideas out there, and people are getting real creative with unique theme ideas and layouts – as you’ve probably seen on Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, and Reddit. With the new updates for iOS 17, users will soon be able to customize their iPhone lock screens too!

With thousands of different themes possible, from minimal designs, to franchise-themed screens like Animal Crossing’s Nook Phone or Sailor Moon – we’ve compiled a list of the 30+ most aesthetic iOS home screen ideas to inspire your own iPhone and iPad home screen layout.

Note: To achieve some of these looks, especially the cool iOS 17 widgets, you’ll need some third party apps such as Widgetsmith, Color Widgets, and Photo Widget.

If you’re looking for some app icon sets to complete your home screen, check out our latest round-up of the most aesthetic iOS 17 app icons!

For ways to customize your Apple setups, here are full guides on how you can make your devices aesthetic!

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Black & White iOS Home Screen

Available in dark mode and light mode. These sleek app icons are perfect for a minimal monochrome look.

Get the icon packs:

Minimal Monochrome iOS Home Screen Idea

Minimal Aesthetic iOS Home Screen Ideas

These aesthetic pastel and neutral beige home screen themes are offered in beautiful shades to fit any home screen. With both sets, whether you want to mix and match across the different color sets, or commit to one consistent color theme, these icon sets is perfectly versatile.

Want something more neutral? Go with minimal beige aesthetic icons for the perfect look.

Get the icon packs:

More colorful app icon ideas:

Minimal Aesthetic iOS Home Screen Theme IdeasAesthetic Beige App Icons

Sneakerhead iOS 17 Home Screen Ideas

Using custom sneaker icons, mix and match your app covers to create the sneaker wall you’ve always wanted – without paying resell. These packs include sneaker shelf wallpapers, custom widgets, and more!

Jordan Sneaker Icon Pack Available Here

Sneakerhead iOS 14 Home Screen Idea for Hypebeasts

iPhone 13-Themed iOS App Icons

With a new iPhone lineup comes new iPhone colors – and now there are icon sets to match every theme! Get your iPhone 13 looking great on day one with the perfect icon theme pack to match it.

Get the iPhone 13 Pro-themed icons:

Get the iPhone 13-themed icons:

iPhone Themed iOS Icon Pack

iPhone 13 Themed Icons

Colorful Modern Home Screen Layout

If you’re interested in this theme and the colorful app icons, they are available here.

Colorful Modern Home Screen Idea for iOS 14

Monochrome iOS 17 Home Screen

If you’re digging this theme, grab the white and black app icons that are available here.

Monochrome Home Screen Icons for iOS 14

Halloween / Fall iPhone Layouts

Looking for seasonal fall and Halloween icon packs to deck out your home screen? Check out the ideas and icon pack below, or our full roundup on aesthetic fall app icons!

Icon Pack Available:

Aesthetic Autumn iOS App Icons

Fall & Halloween iOS 14 Design IdeasCredits: @omgfaiza, @selena_houston, @ffiondraws, @SarahTwloha

Hand-Illustrated Aesthetic Color Themes for iPhone & iPad

If you want your iOS 17 home screen to feel a bit more artistic, using hand-illustrated icons are a great way to achieve that.

Illustrated Icon Packs Available Here

Hand-Illustrated Aesthetic Color Themes for iPhone & iPad

iOS 17 Neon Theme & Cyberpunk Layout Ideas

Turn your home screen into a cyberpunk dreamland with a dark neon lights theme. You can go for a more minimal neon theme with a simple background, or you can spice up your cyberpunk layout with a more intense graphic as your background.

Icon Pack Available Here

iOS 14 Neon Theme

Neon iOS 14 Themes & Cyberpunk iPhone Home Screen IdeasCredits: @hughmenick, @WalterInPain, @GabeMartinez47, u/cherrycolaking4

Animal Crossing Home Screen – Nook Phone

Animal Crossing iPhone Home Screen LayoutCredits: @rslashAC, @okpng

Anime iPhone Home Screen Ideas

Studio Ghibli theme, Sailor Moon, Boku No Hero Academia, and more. Get started with some app icons here and here.

Anime iOS Home Screen IdeasCredits: @monokecenter, @ilfyans, @hyakukisses, @_dullcet, @thechickbethany, @lilacruins

Color Palette Aesthetic Layout Ideas

If you need aesthetic color ideas and hex codes for this minimal look, check out our aesthetic color palettes.

Color Palette Aesthetic iPhone iOS App Icon IdeasCredits: @ryoyotsu, @nadialthomas, @iamjukie

Cloud Aesthetic iPhone Home Screen

Cloud Aesthetic iOS Layout IdeasCredit: @katesarvady

Split Colored Wallpaper Home Screen Layout

A popular layout idea for iOS 17 home screens is the use of split backgrounds. Using colorblocked wallpapers, this look separates app icon and widgets to create a clean and organized appearance.

Left image: these 3D app icons along with split wallpapers are all included in a pack available here.

Split Colored Wallpaper Home Screen Layout

macOS Big Sur Inspired Home Screen Idea

If you’re looking to match your iPhone and iPad icons to your Mac – with Apple’s upcoming macOS Big Sur, – check out Levi’s Color & White set.

Icon Pack Available Here

macOS Big Sur inspired home screen inspo for iOS 14

Kawaii iOS Widgets & Home Screen Ideas

Kawaii iOS Widgets & iPhone Home ScreenCredits: @edenamarosa, @nicolexsolero, @omoonbunnyo

Pastel Aesthetic iOS Layouts

Pastel Aesthetic iPhone Home Screen IdeasCredits @markleetightass, @alyssawtm

Soft Aesthetic iOS Home Screen Layout

Soft Aesthetic iOS 14 Home Screen Phone LayoutCredits: @akutagawasbebe, @casper_megan

Cottagecore iPhone App Icons & Layout

Cottagecore iOS 14 Phone Layout IdeasCredits: @new_user_needed, @izziemarcondes

Tumblr Aesthetic iOS Home Screen Ideas

Tumblr Aesthetic iOS 14 Phone Screen IdeasCredits: @jcxx_k, @gyubaii, @Kaylasfro, @baybeepeachz

Ocean / Beach Aesthetic iPhone Layout Ideas

Ocean & Beach iOS 14 Home Screen DesignCredit: @deadringer123

Minimal iOS 17 Home Screens & App Icon Ideas

For custom minimal icons, check out our iOS 17 app icons pack list!

Minimal iOS 14 App Icons and Layout IdeasCredits: u/peamonster123, @therapagenda, u/Jawzzz24, u/darkejon

Space / Galaxy Aesthetic Home Screen Layouts

Space & Galaxy Home Screen Design for iOS 14Credits: @pissgf, @cosmintrica, @clikkietylerr

Retro Pixel Art Home Screen Design

If you grew up playing games on older consoles like the SNES or even on a Gameboy, then you’ll enjoy this retro home screen. The layout brings back every ounce of nostalgia with the pixelated widget and app icon designs.

App Icons Available Here

Pokemon app home screen design iOS 14

Franchise Themed iOS App Layout Ideas

Pokémon, Spongebob Squarepants, and Harry Potter franchise themes.

Franchise Themed iOS App Layout IdeasCredits: Lena Srun, @luigikartds, @90seditss

Gaming iPhone Home Screen Ideas

Super Mario, Minecraft, Zelda, and Fall Guys home screen theme ideas.

Gaming iPhone Home Screen IdeasCredits: u/h4gy, @nikknotfound, @forestminish, @polarrr14

Among Us – iOS 17 Layout Design

With the popularity of the game “Among Us” it was hard for us not to include. You can even grab the themed icons here.

Among Us Gaming iOS 14 Design

Nostalgia iOS iPhone Layout Ideas

Nostalgia iOS iPhone Layout IdeasCredits: @kyleschroeder, @olima, @wholelottajenni, @_cl0utchaser_

What home screen theme is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below! If you’ve got an iOS 17 home screen you want to share, tag @gridfiti on IG and we’ll feature some of our favorites! We’re constantly updating our Pinterest with the latest and greatest home screens we find, so make sure to follow the board to keep up to date.

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