With the fast-paced student lifestyle, iPads are the perfect device to build your school setup around. iPads create a ton of flexibility to pick up your setup and bring it along with you to class, the library, or even on a trip.

iPads are becoming the go-to device for students to tackle their semester, allowing you to do it all – from note-taking, to readings, studying, journaling, daily planning, and so much more.

While portability’s one of the iPad’s best features, building a personalized desk setup around it as your home base will set you up for success all semester.

To give you some more #studyspo, we’ve gathered the most aesthetic iPad setups across different themes to help you build the study workspace of your dreams.

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Soft Aesthetic iPad Setup

Keep your setup tranquil and airy with light and pastel tones. Easily achieve this by incorporating some soft wall decor and desk accessories to bring comfy and cozy vibes to your workspace.

Where to start:

Soft Aesthetic iPad SetupImage by @studyytinn

Using iPad to Display Aesthetic Visuals

Whether you want to save screen real estate on your primary display, or just use your iPad as a digital picture frame – use your iPad to display your favorite YouTube lofi playlists in the background, or even just a static image to complement your theme.

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iPad Aesthetic VisualsImages by @onhwastyle and @c.anela__

Unique Transparent iPad Setup

Keep your aesthetic setup minimal and chic with a transparent iPad holder to let the space around your desk do the talking. You can even add an acrylic dry erase board for your to-do lists to complete the transparent look.

Where to start:

Unique Transparent iPad SetupImages by @_coffeeegram

Color Theme iPad Setups

Bring some life to your iPad desk setup by going with a dedicated color palette. You can match your colorful iPad and iPad stand to your aesthetic iPad home screen, keyboard and mouse, while also adding some colorful digital decor to tie it all together.

Pink Theme iPad Setup

Where to start:

Pink Aesthetic iPad SetupImages by @ria.vida_ and @ispillespresso

Yellow iPad Setup

Where to start:

Yellow iPad SetupImages via Pinterest

Green iPad Setup

Where to start:

Green iPad SetupImages by @c.anela__

White iPad Setup

Where to start:

White iPad SetupImages by @ggukoh and @bearable_studying

iPad Digital Planner Setup

If you love digital planners, it makes total sense to use an iPad setup and to plan your days and weeks. With the proper iPad stylus and Notion digital planner template, you’ll be able to stay productive – while maintaining an aesthetic setup.

Where to start:

iPad Digital Planner SetupImages by @sun.daze18 and @digital.planning

Aesthetic Notion iPad Setup

What’s an iPad setup without a Notion setup? Notion works incredibly well on iPad, making minimal compromises from the desktop app. Here’s what you need for the perfect Notion setup.

Where to start:

Aesthetic Notion iPad SetupImages by @ujmtcha and @rosilize

Kawaii iPad Setup

Fulfill all of your Kawaii aesthetic dreams with the right decor for your desk setup. Decorate your iPad workspace with Kawaii-themed goods and colorful desk accessories to complete the setup.

Where to start:

Kawaii Aesthetic iPad SetupImages by YesStyle and @peanutmilks

Wall Collage iPad Setup

With an iPad being smaller than a typical monitor, you might find you need more to fill in your setup and make it feel complete. Bring it all together with a wall collage kit that matches with your personal style and study aesthetic.

Where to start:

Wall Collage iPad SetupImage by @annieyong.__ and @airstheticgtvn

iPad Setup Essentials & Accessories

Now that you’ve got some ideas for the iPad setup of your dreams, let’s quickly run over the staple pieces that make up the core of every aesthetic iPad setup. Here are our recommendations!


iPad Keyboards & Trackpads

iPad Stands

iPad Mounts

iPad Cases & Covers

iPad Stylus Pens

Desk Clock

Are we forgetting any aesthetic iPad setup study essentials? Have any other iPad desk setup ideas? Let us know in the comments below!

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