One of the best parts about having a physical notebook or journal is personalizing your notes, plans, or journal entries with sticky notes and stickers. Thanks to aesthetic digital stickers, you can now add some life and color all across your digital GoodNotes covers, GoodNotes planner, and GoodNotes templates!

There are tons of cute digital sticker sets out there to match any personal aesthetic, and for any use case. To get you started, we’ve curated the most aesthetic GoodNotes digital stickers that are perfect for customizing your daily journals, digital planners, and notebooks.

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Aesthetic GoodNotes Digital Stickers

Make your GoodNotes daily notebook, journal, or digital planner stand out with these curated aesthetic GoodNotes digital stickers. Choose from a variety of styles – from minimal, to modern, colorful, boho, and more!

Aesthetic Daily GoodNotes Digital Stickers

Spruce up your digital notebook on the daily with these everyday GoodNotes sticker packs! Readymade to cute-ify digital documents of all kinds.

Get the digital stickers:

Aesthetic Daily GoodNotes Digital StickersImage by ZakkaDigital on Etsy

GoodNotes Digital Planner Stickers

Use aesthetic digital stickers to add some excitement to your daily planner! Whether you want to match your planner to the season, show off your plant parenthood, or anything in between – there’s a digital sticker set for anyone’s planner.

Get the digital stickers:

GoodNotes Digital Planner StickersImage by ZakkaDigital on Etsy

GoodNotes Sticky Notes Digital Stickers

Add color to your notebooks with these aesthetic sticky notes for GoodNotes. Use these digital sticky notes to highlight any important info, dates, notes, or reminders – all while making your documents beautiful.

Get the digital stickers:

GoodNotes Sticky Notes Digital StickersImage by TheKindGoal on Etsy

GoodNotes Digital Stickers for Journals

Add some character to your daily journal with these aesthetic digital stickers made for journal entries – with textures, borders, illustrations, phrases, days of the week, and more!

Get the digital stickers:

GoodNotes Digital Stickers for JournalsImage by AntidoteNotes on Etsy

Are we missing any aesthetic GoodNotes digital stickers? Do you have any other GoodNotes stickers to recommend? Let us know in the comments below!

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