Notion opens up an entire world of possibilities whether you’re looking to organize your schoolwork, journalling, freelance business, and literally everything in between. Once you’ve got an aesthetic Notion template or a functional Notion setup going, the next step is decking it out with an aesthetic Notion icon pack to customize your setup even more.

The world of Notion icons is relatively small for now, but no doubt on the rise. We’ve compiled a list of the cleanest and aesthetically pleasing Notion icons no matter what your theme!

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Minimal Colorful Notion Icons by Limitless

These simple and vibrant icons will liven any Notion setup. The Limitless Notion pack doesn’t only just have 120 icons, but also complete with complementary themes and dividers. Another bonus? These look great in dark mode too.

Icon Pack Available Here

Minimal Colorful Notion Icons

Hypebeast Sneaker Notion Icons

Looking to add some style to your Notion setup? Use sneaker icons to bring your grails to your digital workspace. These packs also include widget images featuring quotes and line illustrations to add that extra oomph to your Notion page. While originally created for iOS, these packs are multipurpose and can be used for your Notion setup, too.

Jordan Sneaker Icon Pack | Yeezy Sneaker Icon Pack

Hypebeast Sneaker Notion Icons

Minimalist Notion Icons by Amy

Add some pretty hues to your Notion setup thanks to Amy’s set of minimal icons. These simple colorful shapes are super versatile, and will integrate smoothly into any setup.

Icon Pack Available Here

Minimalist Notion Icons

Which set of Notion icons is your favorite? Any other style of icon packs you’re looking for? Let us know in the comments below! If you’re looking for more Notion ideas, make sure to follow our Notion Pinterest board.

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