Whether you’re looking to be more productive, more self-aware, or more organized in your everyday life, there’s a Notion bullet journal out there for everyone.

To help you pick the right one, we’ve curated the best Notion bullet journal templates for you to choose from! Looking for more daily journals? Check out our post featuring the best Notion journal templates!

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Bullet Journal & Mood Tracking in Life OS Template

The bullet journal and mood tracker inside the all-in-one Life OS template is here to help you capture all the little moments that make up your day! Easily record your daily happenings, emotions, and thoughts in bullets with the built-in prompts to guide you along the way. You can even tag each of your journal entries with friends and family from the personal CRM, and get an aggregated list of memories for each person in your life!

See all your recent journal entries and even recent moods automatically served up in your home dashboard for easy access – and to always stay in touch with your feelings!

Template Available Here

Notion Life Template with Bullet Journal

Minimalist Notion Bullet Journal Template

The ultimate bullet journal to help you become more productive in your work and personal life – this minimal Notion bullet journal will help you organize your life by logging your mood, creating daily tasks, taking notes, setting goals, and more!

Template Available Here

Minimalist Notion Bullet Journal Template

Super Bullet Journal Template for Notion

Plan your day, month, and quarter with this comprehensive Notion bullet journal template! This template allows for you to set goals, create and track new habits, log your days, and create quarterly reviews to see how you’re progressing.

Template Available Here

Bullet Journal Template for Notion

The Happiness Bar – Gratitude Bullet Journal Template

More than just a journal, The Happiness Bar is a community of those looking to improve every aspect of their lives. Use The Happiness Bar template to manifest your goals, set intentional habits, plan your days, track your mood, practice self-care, and so much more!

Looking for other gratitude templates? Visit our round-up post where we curate the best Notion gratitude journal templates!

Template Available Here

Gratitude Notion Bullet Journal Template

Personal Growth Planner – Notion Reflection Bullet Journal

Looking to start your self-development process and understand yourself better? The Personal Growth Planner is the Notion bullet journal template for you. With over 250+ questions in the self-reflection journal, you can get to know yourself better and become more self aware.

Template Available Here

Notion Reflection Bullet Journal

Manifest OS – Notion Bullet Journal Method

Get 1% better every day with Manifest OS! This Notion template incorporates the most actionable parts of PARA, GTD, Atomic Habits, and the Bullet Journal Method by using a TAPAS Framework (Track, Action, Projects, Areas, Systems) – so you can stay as mindful and as productive as possible!

Template Available Here

Notion Bullet Journal Method

Aesthetic Digital Bullet Journal Template

In this aesthetic planner template, you’ll find a bullet journal designed to increase your productivity by tracking your habits, planning your days, and setting goals.

Template Available Here

Aesthetic Digital Notion Bullet Journal Template

Which Notion bullet journal template are you using? Do you have any other bullet journals for Notion to recommend? Let us know down in the comments below!

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