If you’ve tried dozens of paper planners or apps with no success, Notion is well worth a look. This unique productivity app lets you create, store, and review your plans quicker than ever, using powerful database and automation features.

As daily users of the app ourselves for both work and personal needs, we love Notion for its customization capabilities. Not only can you sort, group, and filter your plans however you like, but you can also spruce up your setup with aesthetic widgets, page icons, covers, and more!

Whether you’re new to Notion or just want to save time building your own setup, a Notion planner template lets you start planning right outta the box. Need help finding the right template? We’ve curated the best Notion planner templates to help you map out your days and make your best-laid plans a reality!

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All-in-One Life Planner Notion Templates

Looking for a setup that lets you plan your days, weeks, months, and years from one comprehensive planner? Scroll down for some of the best all-in-one life planner Notion templates!

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All-in-One Planner Template

The Ultimate Planner Dashboard is a robust, yet easy-to-use, planning dashboard designed to help you get organized and live more intentionally! With two central databases — planner and tasks — you can:

  • plan your days, weeks and months
  • map out your tasks each day or week by time and priority
  • stay motived with automatic productivity summaries and ratings
  • monitor your efficiency with automatic task progress bars
  • track your daily mood and habits
  • set daily affirmations

…and so much more!

You’ll even get a high-level overview of how you’re doing both productivity and mood-wise in a calendar and board view.

This template is all you need to plan your time and get more done!

Template Available Here | Get the Template Integrated with Life OS

All-in-One Notion Planner Template

Super Life: Ultimate Life Planner Notion Template

Schedule your months and bring several aspects of your life together with the Ultimate Life Planner template! With this template, create tasks, add notes, track your health, build travel plans, bookmark links, and more.

Template Available Here

Super Notion Life Planner Dashboard

Notion Life OS: The Complete Second Brain

Plan and manage both your personal and work life with the Productive Life OS template! Use this Notion template to streamline your workflow to get more things done each day. Use the weekly scheduling system to map out your days, and the yearly planner system to review your year and plan the next!

Template Available Here

Notion Life OS: The Complete Second Brain

Nomad OS

Being able to travel while working is a luxury enjoyed by digital nomads around the world, but when you’re always on the go, it’s not easy to stay organized. Use the Nomad OS template to plan your travels, personal life, and work life in a digital workspace — and stay productive while you’re jet-setting around the globe!

Template Available Here

Nomad OS

Simple Essential Planner Template Pack

This template pack has 3 separate planning systems in 1 to choose from based on your preferred planning style: by the day, week, or month! No matter which planning system you choose, this pack includes stylish minimalistic sheets ready to fill out with your schedule, prompts, intentions, and more. Add a new day, week, or month with the built-in template buttons.

Template Available Here

Notion Essential Planner Template

Aesthetic Notion Planner Templates

Searching for a Notion planner that matches your style? Scroll down for the best paid aesthetic Notion Planner templates!

Aesthetic Personal Growth Planner Dashboard

Kickstart your self-development journey and organize it all in one place with this aesthetic personal growth planner dashboard template. The all-in-one package includes a self-reflection journal, an automated purpose-driven Ikigai database, to-do list catered to your mood, and so much more!

Template Available Here

Aesthetic Notion Personal Growth Planner Dashboard

Green Notion That Girl Template

You’ll love this aesthetic planner template if green is your go-to color. A stylish yet understated design makes it ideal for getting organized without feeling overwhelmed. From finance trackers to movie watch lists to work logs, this Notion planner template will help you prepare for anything life throws at you.

Template Available Here

(For more templates like this one, check out our post curating the best ‘That Girl’ Notion templates!)

Green Notion That Girl Template

Dark Academia Dashboard

Check out the Dark Academia Dashboard if spooky study sessions are your ultimate aesthetic. This grand gothic planner template features spaces for your habits, hobbies, work, learning, and more. Set long-term goals, track your bookmarks, and manage contact info — all from your delightfully dark dash!

Template Available Here

Notion Dark Academia Dashboard

The Manifest Weekly Planner Template

Incorporating robust GTD and PARA methods, this template is designed to help you follow through on all of your weekly planning! With a daily planner, weekly/monthly/quarterly views, a journal, areas of life, OKRs, action items, documents, resources hub, document organizer, and more, there’s no shortage of value in this template!

Template Available Here

The Manifest Weekly Planner Template

Notion Planner Templates for Students

Supercharge your study schedule with these paid Notion planner templates for students! (Want more? Check out our all-time favorite Notion templates for students.)

Student OS

Go back to school one step ahead thanks to Student OS! You’ll find over 15 templates for your weekly timetables, upcoming exams, current reading list, and so much more! The Assignments & Deliverables database features an auto-grade calculator to check you’re on the right track. A digital notebook that uses the Cornell Note-Taking System makes managing your lecture notes a breeze.

Student OS is just as helpful outside of class. The Student CRM keeps up with all your friends, study buddies, professors, and tutors. Track your extracurricular activities, college applications, and job applications. With dozens of functions, Student OS is one of the most comprehensive Notion templates for students on the market!

Template Available Here

Notion Student Planner Template

Students’ Uni Hub Notion Template

Designed for college students, the Students’ Uni Hub Notion Template features 5 main setups:

  • notes
  • assignments
  • exams
  • timetable
  • grade calculator

Made by a graphic design student, this minimalist templates omits distractions to help boost productivity. If you’ve never used Notion before, don’t fret — the Students’ Uni Hub Notion Template has a helpful how-to guide for beginners.

Template Available Here

Students’ Uni Hub Notion Template

Aesthetic Student Dashboard – Semester Planner

If you’re a student looking to get better grades by staying organized and planning out your semester, check out this student dashboard from The Notion Bar. It includes an aesthetic semester planner and tracker, so you’ll never be caught off guard with an upcoming assignment or exam!

Template Available Here

Notion Semester Planner

Notion Planner Templates for ADHD & Neurodivergent Users

The templates we’ve curated so far might work well for some students. But those who are neurodivergent or diagnosed with ADHD know that traditional productivity methods don’t always work for everyone.

Looking for a template that will work with your brain (not against it)? We’ve rounded up some of the best Notion student templates for people who are neurodivergent!

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Notion ADHD Life Planner 3.0

One of our favorite ADHD Notion templates, Notion ADHD Life Planner 3.0 can help you laser in on important tasks. Avoid feeling overwhelmed by turning on “Focus Mode,” which auto-hides tasks that aren’t next on your to-do list.

A budget tracker with a recurring transaction feature allows you to stay on top of your finances. Build a routine, journal about your mental health, track mood swings, and more. As a bonus, you get 15 free eBooks with this template!

Template Available Here

Notion Planner Templates for ADHD

ADHD Notion Planner with Google Calendar Integration

Managing multiple organization platforms can cause a few headaches. The ADHD Notion Planner with Google Calendar Integration helps solve this problem by merging your Google Calendar and Notion planner.

As well as all the standard planner pages, this template boasts procrastination trackers, Pomodoro timers, anxiety level trackers, and an Eisenhower Matrix!

Template Available Here

ADHD Notion Planner

Free Notion Planner Templates

Want to start jamming in an online planner? Find out if Notion is the right app for you with these free Notion planner templates!

Aesthetic Matcha Student Planner

Template Available Here

Aesthetic Matcha Student PlannerTemplate by The Matcha Vibe

Life Planner – Time Blocking, Journal, Goals

Template Available Here

Life Planner – Time Blocking, Journal, GoalsTemplate by Edward Alonzo

Weekly Planner for Creators and Business Owners

Template Available Here

For more like this, don’t miss our full round-up of the best Notion business templates!

Free Notion Weekly PlannerTemplate by Notion Nifties

Cotton Candy Clouds Weekly Planner

Template Available Here

Cotton Candy Clouds Weekly PlannerTemplate by Sweet Notion

Weekly Matrix Planner

Template Available Here

Free Weekly Matrix PlannerTemplate by Solt Wagner

12 Week Year Planner

Template Available Here

12 Week Year Planner

Daily Planner

Template Available Here

Notion Daily PlannerTemplate by Kavisha

Productivity Planner

Template Available Here

Free Notion Productivity PlannerTemplate by Kelsey S

Which Notion planner template are you using? Do you have any other recommendations for Notion planners or agenda templates to use? Let us know in the comment section below.

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