9 Easy Home Office Wall Decor Ideas

9 Easy Home Office Wall Decor Ideas

When it comes to designing your home office, there's so much you can do to make your workspace truly yours. One of the best places to start is your home office wall – it's a blank canvas, and the opportunities to add that personal touch and creative flair are endless.

You can add some style to your desk wall with large bold prints, or even some functionality with utility-focussed decor like a pegboard organizer or desk shelving – but it doesn't stop there. Get scrolling and get inspired by these easy, but effective, home office wall decor ideas!

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Pegboard Desk Ideas for Your Home Office

10 Pegboard Desk Ideas for Your Home Office

Both stylish and functional, a pegboard home office organizer is incredibly versatile and goes with just about any desk setup. You can use these nifty organizers to mount anything from wall decor, to lights, plants, books, and even tech accessories.

With dozens of configurations and setups, the pegboard world is your oyster – and we've curated the best of them. Jump in and get some inspo for how to best use a pegboard for your desk setup!Read more

Tyler the Creator & Frank Ocean’s Cars

Tyler, the Creator & Frank Ocean’s Cars: A Guide to Their European Classics

It's no secret that Tyler, the Creator and Frank Ocean both have a deep love for cars, but we can't get over their love for specific 80s, 90s, and 2000s European cars with roots in racing. Cars that have adorned the racetracks, podiums and vintage car ads of past decades, from touring and rallying to endurance racing.

Make no mistake, musicians showcasing their favorite cars is no new feat, but there is a common underlying theme to the cars that Tyler and Frank display in their music and artwork. Acting as representations for moments in their lives, every one is used as vehicles (no pun intended) for storytelling - often referring to emotions, people, places and self. The legendary BMW E30 M3 for Frank's 'Nostalgia, Ultra' cover, the plethora of European Le Mans racers in Frank's video for 'Nikes', or even the resurgence of Italian rally racers in Tyler's videos for his latest album 'Call Me If You Get Lost'.

A quick listen to both of their discographies will reveal generous references to cars from Bimmers and Jags, to McLarens and Ferraris.

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best camera wrist strap

The Best Camera Wrist Strap to Buy in 2023

The camera wrist straps we use today have come a long way from the frail little loops of fabric we used to entrust with our precious gear back in the day. Wrist straps nowadays are built to last, and are both functional and fashionable for everyday photography and videography.

Camera wrist straps have great functionality and are preferred by many professional photographers – especially those who are more run-and-gun. Wrist straps provide a lot more mobility for your shots, letting you capture at all angles without being tethered to your neck. Want to get some b-roll low to the ground? Or get that shot over a balcony railing without leaning your entire body forward? Your wrist strap makes that possible! All while keeping your camera safe and sound.

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Prism Photography

The Full Guide to Glass Prism Photography (Ideas & Tutorials)

As photographers, we're always on the hunt for the next idea to add that extra oomph of creativity to our work. If you're in a creative rut, or just looking to try something new, sometimes achieving those fresh concepts is as simple as picking up a new prop for your kit.

There's crystal balls, there's fairy lights – and today, we're here to talk about how glass prisms can open a whole new world for you and your photos.

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Best Coiled USB C Cables for Mechanical Keyboards

20+ Custom Coiled USB-C Cables for Your Mechanical Keyboard

Mechanical keyboards have found their way onto more and more desks in recent years. What used to be a staple for gamers and PC master racers is now becoming a setup mainstay farther and wider.

Beyond the unmatched durability and satisfying tactile response these keyboards provide, the great thing about them is that they're incredibly customizable for any desk setup and any desk aesthetic, and that doesn't stop at the accessories.

We know about the different types of switches you can get, or adding your very own set of custom keycaps – but what about the cables that connect these boards to your machine?

Enter the coiled USB-C cable. Made popular for primarily aesthetic purposes, this cable has become synonymous with mechanical keyboard setups. What looks like a nostalgic phone cable actually packs a mean punch under the hood, with USB Type-C ←→ USB Type-A to connect and power your keyboard.

Thanks to the dozens of Etsy creators and tech brands, there's an ultra wide array of these cables available, and we've gathered the best to pick from for your setup!

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best paracord camera straps

The Best Paracord Camera Straps for Your Photography Setup

The paracord camera strap is a go-to adjustable strap for photographers and videographers alike. There are many benefits to having a braided camera strap that can be found in many varieties, such as an adjustable wrist strap, or a shoulder strap.

Paracord is short for 'parachute cord'. Quite literally being used to hold onto humans as they hang thousands of feet in the air from a parachute, paracord straps have stood the test of durability and can be trusted to bear the weight of your precious cameras.

There are tons of different offerings in the paracord game – varying in lengths, braiding pattern, colors, and also even finding its way into our gear and desk setups - from coiled USB-C cables to camera straps.

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Peter McKinnon Camera Gear

Peter McKinnon's Camera Gear: A Full Guide

"B'what's up, everyone?!" Peter McKinnon has built a name for himself as a leading creator on YouTube with his energetic, fun, and quirky photography and videography tutorial-style videos. Whether he's brewing coffee in his kitchen, or brewing coffee using the glacial waters of Moraine Lake in the Rockies, his beautifully crafted cinematic videos represent the pinnacle of what creators can achieve.

Growing in massive popularity only a few years ago, and starting with a few cameras and rented equipment, Peter has grown his collection of gear to even developing his own camera bag and variable ND filter!

We can spend days talking about the gear Peter stores in his state of the art equipment cage, but we're here to focus on what gear he uses on a day-to-day basis. Let's dive in, shall we?Read more

Best Lens for Travel Photography (Canon, Sony, Nikon)

The Best Lens for Travel Photography (Canon, Sony & Nikon)

Travel photography has the ability to transport us to the most magnificent corners of the world – whether it be a sun rising and glistening on the side of the Eiffel Tower, the mighty Dolomites towering over a landscape as far as the eye can see, or palm trees blowing in the Pacific breeze.

The colors of the sky, the textures of the earth, the mood, the emotion, and everything largely comes down to which lens you have strapped to your camera to capture these wonders. Different lenses serve different purposes when capturing that dream travel shot.

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The Best Lens for Vlogging (Canon, Sony, Nikon & iPhone)

The Best Lens for Vlogging (Canon, Sony, Nikon & iPhone)

Casey Neistat, Emma Chamberlain, Joey Graceffa, Elliot Choy, Shelby Church – what do all of these creators have in common? They've amassed millions of loyal subscribers on YouTube through their vlog channels that showcase everything in and around their lives. They, along with thousands of other vloggers – from the up-and-coming, to the mega successful – all have dedicated setups to capture their lives.

So this begs the question: which lenses do vloggers trust to capture their day-to-day adventures?

We've gathered a collection of lenses that these creators stand by, gear that is sure to get you up and vlogging in no time!

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