NBA players cars & Basketball Star Cars

10 Star NBA Players & Their Extravagant Cars

From the Lake Show to South Beach and the North to Rip City, we’ve seen some of the NBA’s top talent dominate the court, but what are they driving in? From a mix of American Muscle and classics to rare European luxury and exotics, check out some of these star NBA players cars.

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Best Notion Setup & Templates

The Best Notion Templates & Setups to Use

Every productivity app claims they're the one and only you need with their one-size-fits-all solutions. Usually this isn't true, but with Notion, you truly have an all-in-one experience that combines every tool you need to accomplish anything.

The cool part about Notion is that you're not limited to a fixed template. You can customize and modify your workspace to fit your needs, but also personalize your setup to your own liking.

If you're new to Notion, or just looking for more layout ideas to better accomplish your day-to-day goals, here is our roundup of the best Notion setup templates for personal use, freelancers, and business.

If you're looking for more setup inspo, don't forget to check out our guides on Notion cover photosNotion icons, and aesthetic Notion templates.

Looking to hone your skills and get the most out of these templates? We've also rounded up the best Notion courses to learn the platform inside and out.
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Pink Aesthetic Pictures & Color Palettes for Your Moodboard

Whether pink is your personality, or just one of the many hues you admire, get scrolling and get inspired! We’ve curated the most aesthetically pleasing pink visuals across a bunch of different categories – from interiors, to travel destinations, food, quotes, and more.

If you're wanting some pink color palettes for your own designs, we got you! Check out some of the pink color palettes further below. If you’re looking for even more aesthetic color inspiration, check out our green aesthetic moodboard and aesthetic color palettes.Read more

Study Aesthetic Inspo for Your Motivation

Study Aesthetic Inspo for Your Motivation (Playlists, Study Vlogs & More)

Studying's one of the most dreaded tasks for any student – but what if we told you there things you can pepper into your study routine to make it feel like less of a chore? Dare we say, fun? Or at the very least, aesthetically pleasing.

No matter what your study motivator is – the perfect lofi playlist, a calming fake window video, aesthetic GoodNotes templates or aesthetic Notion templates to organize your notes, here's your one-stop study hub.Read more

Best Low Light Lens for Nighttime Photography

Best Lens for Low Light & Nighttime Photography

The term 'low light' in photography can refer to lots of different settings – a studio with the lights dimmed low and windows shuttered, a city view at blue hour, a majestic desert night sky, or even a gloomy day with dark clouds. Photography sensor technology has come a long way enabling pictures to be captured in places where light isn't plentiful, but what lenses are best used to capture these moments?

From the endless options out there, we'll focus on what we think is the best lens for different low light scenarios – sticking to the essentials: from wides, to primes, to zoom lenses.Read more

What's in my Tech Bag - Tech Bag Essentials

What's in My Tech Bag: Essentials for EDC, Travel & More

Whether you're a frequent flyer, creator, college student, or just want some ideas for what to add to your everyday carry, we got you with a full guide on what to bring along with you in your tech bag.

We've curated the best products that have been recommended from some of the top creators. See what suits your lifestyle, and even add some new tech essentials that will make your day-to-day a bit easier.

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Best Instagram Presets (Mobile & Desktop)

10 Instagram Presets for Your Next Post (Mobile & Desktop)

We quite literally have super cameras in our pockets nowadays, thanks to iPhones and their computational photography, Samsungs Galaxies and their array of focal lengths, and much more.

While smartphones are great at taking photos, how do we give those photos that oomph with editing? Look no further than Instagram-ready presets for Lightroom (often for both desktop and mobile).

Presets are great for people who are still finding their footing with editing, or just want a quicker solution. Filters and presets also help achieve a consistent look to your feed. There are tons of creators out there who develop photo preset packs from years of experience. Check out some of our favorite presets and filters for your next Instagram post:Read more

Best Acoustic Covers & YouTube Channels

The Best Acoustic Covers & YouTube Channels

Music is the most accessible it's ever been. With artists having the freedom to create on their own terms and have us listen to it within mere days, we're finding ourselves in a time where artists go the extra mile to offer up acoustic covers of their favorite songs.

Acoustic covers are evolving into a realm of their own, whether performed in a studio or on a hillside balcony – and by the original artist, or simply a fan. The level of dedication to these renditions has brought on the emergence of acoustic cover channels, or thematic playlists focusing on these acoustic renditions.

We've combed through the internet for the best acoustic covers so you don't have to – focussing mostly around R&B, hip-hop – along with a few other genres peppered in. While not all of these are acoustic in the traditional sense, all of these covers have an intimate vibe and will make you feel like sitting back with a cup of tea on a lazy Sunday.

Grab some headphones, sit back, relax, and enjoy these soothing acoustic covers. For more acoustic covers and sounds, check out our acoustic playlist on Spotify!

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Anime Car Aesthetic

50+ Aesthetic Anime Cars & Driving Looping GIFs

What is it about anime visuals that immediately draw us in? Its simplistic nature? The use of color? Each studio's signature style? We'll let you decide, but we love seeing these attributes applied to anime's creations around car culture.

We have Japan to thank for iconic JDM (Japanese domestic market) cars, such as the RX-7, Supra, or Skyline GT-R. From renowned artist Shuichi Shigeno of Initial D, to the work of Tsukasa Hoj in City Hunter - the integration of these JDM cars into iconic manga and anime is flawless.

Whether you're an anime lifer, or simply an admirer of the visuals, we've gathered the most iconic aesthetic retro anime car and driving looping GIFs - check them out! Make sure to click through to the Pinterest links to get the motion versions.

To fully get you in the aesthetic driving state of mind, we've made a night driving playlist to top it all off.Read more

casey neistat camera gear and vlog setup

Casey Neistat's Camera Gear & Vlogging Setup (2023)

YouTube is synonymous with the name 'Casey Neistat'. A pioneering YouTube creators and vlogging king, his emergence within the last decade has inspired filmmakers worldwide to pick up a camera and showcase their everyday life. What’s notable about Mr. Neistat is that he’s an incredible storyteller, putting together simple yet authentic vlogs that help him really build a relationship with his viewers.

A quick scan of Casey's vlogs will reveal to you that he uses an arsenal of equipment to capture his life. Ranging from top-of-the-line to entry-level, durable to breakable (sorry Casey) and all labeled with white marker, Casey's MacGyvering will have creators pondering: what exact camera equipment does he use? What's his vlogging setup like?

Ponder no more, we've compiled all of Casey Neistat's camera gear and equipment that he's used to tell stories to his millions of subscribers!

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