There’s no better time than the New Year to reflect on how far we’ve come, while also planning and setting intentions for the year ahead — but we’re all too familiar with ambitious resolutions set in January not always coming to fruition throughout the year, and being left forgotten within months.

If you’re looking to stay accountable and create systems to make your resolutions for the year actually happen, you’ve come to the right place!

Notion is the perfect platform to map out your intentions and resolutions, while doubling as a hub throughout the year to take the micro and macro steps to make them happen. We’ve curated the best pre-built templates to reflect on your past year, create next year’s resolutions, and implement a system to make sure you take the small steps to hit those big goals.

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The Ultimate Notion Resolution Dashboard & Year in Review Template

A system to map out your big resolutions, then dissect and track the macro and micro tasks to make them happen? Say no more. The Ultimate Notion Resolution Dashboard by yours truly is designed to be by your side year-round, with an interconnected 3-level system to easily convert your big plans into actionable tasks and to-dos to make them happen. Each micro and macro item is attached to your big picture goals — reminding you why you’re doing each task, and helping you act more intentionally.

Featuring a “hall of fame” section to celebrate recently-completed resolutions, visual progress bars to keep track of how you’re doing in each area of life (of 10 major areas), a year in review hub, onboarding tooltips, priority support, aesthetic visuals, and much more — this robust dashboard has it all.

Template Available Here

Notion New Year's Resolution Template

Minimalist Notion New Year’s Resolution Template

Similarly, the Resolution Board is an integrated dashboard to measure goals and progress so far for different aspects of life. With a slick minimalist black and white theme, stay on top of your goals in style and stay accountable for your projects, actions, and habits to reach your overall resolutions.

Template Available Here

Minimalist Notion New Year's Resolution Template

Simple Year in Review Notion Template

Looking to create a simple bullet overview of your past year and the year ahead? Covering several facets of life, and even featuring a highlight reel photo dump section, check out our Simple Year in Review Template!

Template Available Here

Notion Year in Review Template

Notion Resolution Board

Organize your goals for a day, week, or month, track your progress, and even create your bucket list with the Resolution Board!

Template Available Here

Notion Resolution Board

Minimalist Notion Bucket List Template

While not a resolution template, if you’re looking to build your long-term bucket list, this is the pick for you! Track your experiences and live life to the fullest with with this minimalist black and white Notion bucket list template. This dashboard gives you an overview of the experiences you’re looking to achieve, along with aesthetic visuals.

Template Available Here

Minimalist Notion Bucket List Template

Ali Abdaal’s Notion Annual Review & Bucket List Template

Productivity and content creator Ali Abdaal has released a bunch of templates for his viewers, including this simple Notion annual review and bucket list template — which allows you to reflect on the year you’ve had, and set basic resolutions and goals for the year coming!

Template Available Here

Ali Abdaal Notion Template

Year Manifesto – Year-in-Review Journal

We often resort to quantifying our goals and achievements with metrics, and there’s nothing wrong with that! However, it’s also important to understand the intent behind our goals, and learning why certain milestones and habits are important to us and our future.

This simple 1-pager Notion Year Manifesto template acts like a yearly journal – where we can reflect on the year we’ve had, and understand more about our intentions and goals moving forward.

Template Available Here

Notion Yearly Journal Template

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