Physical clocks are becoming less and less prominent simply because of how easily accessible our phones and computers are – but there’s a certain appeal to having the time displayed in a tangible piece, where less screen time might mean less distractions.

Lots of desk clocks have functions beyond time-telling too – displaying weather, custom text, or even custom LED images. If you’re on the hunt for a timepiece for your setup, we’ve got you covered – here are our picks for the best desk clocks, for both tabletops and walls!

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Wooden Desk Clocks

Lean into those natural vibes and add some warmth to your setup with a wooden clock. Whether you’re looking for something to hang on the wall, or something smaller that sits on your desk, there are a ton of options – along with different tones of wood.

Where to start:

Minimal Wooden Desk ClocksImages by @feriktantomi and @byseanbrown

Colorful Desk Clocks

If you’re looking to add a splash of color to bring some energy to your day, or are simply wanting to match your color aesthetic – adding a vibrant clock is a simple way to do just that.

Where to start:

Colorful Modern Desk ClocksImages via Highsnobiety

Minimalist Desk Clocks

Add time to timeless designs with these minimalist desk clocks. A subtle touch to any desk setup that will give your workspace a modern feel while keeping you punctual in your day-to-day.

Where to start:

Minimalist Desk ClocksImages by @hachi.yon and @i_am_po._.oq

LED & Digital Desk Clocks

8-Bit Pixel Art LED Tabletop Clock

This retro, 8-bit inspired clock is a unique fixture for any desk. Playing off a vintage TV design, this clock does way more than just display time – it also has a built-in Bluetooth speaker, shares the weather, and most noteworthily, displays custom pixel art from your phone.

Where to start:

Pixel Art LED Tabletop ClockImages by @thericebucket

LED Digital Wall Clock

Serving as both wall art decor and a functional time-telling piece, this LED digital wall clock offers a neon look that looks great in almost any modern tech setup.

Where to start:

Cool LED Digital Wall ClockImage by @omi_kim

LED Word Clock

If you’re tired of staring at numbers all day, an LED word clock is just what you need – a unique clock design that offers a refreshing way to track the time.

Where to start:

LED Word ClockImage via Sharper Image

Luxury & Hypebeast Desk Clocks

Complement your other hypebeast essentials with a streetwear-inspired or designer deck clock.

Where to start:

Luxury & Hypebeast Desk ClocksImages by @natevietz and IKEA

Smart Desk Clocks

If you’re looking for a device that can do it all, from controlling your LED lights, to changing your thermostat and queuing up Spotify playlists, pick up a smart hub to also serve as your timekeeper.

Where to start:

Cool Smart Desk ClocksImage by @feriktantomi

Aesthetic Desk Clocks

If you’re looking for a time-telling mainstay for your aesthetic desk, there are plenty of options. Ranging from large LED digital clocks, to mirrored display clocks, to anime-inspired aesthetic sunset clocks, there’s a something out there for any aesthetic.

Where to start:

Aesthetic Desk ClocksImages via RedBubble and Pinterest

Gamer Clocks

Any minimalist gaming setup could use a complementary timepiece to top things off. We love the LaMetric clock for battlestations – besides telling time, it has a ton of apps letting you display your YouTube subs, Twitch online/offline status, your agenda for the day, a one-word quote, and even includes Spotify integration to bump those gaming playlists.

Where to start:

Gamer ClocksImages by @thespenceryan

Retro Desk Flip Clocks

Kick it old school with a retro-inspired mechanical flip clock. Even for a modern desk setup, flip clocks add that sense of personality and nostalgia your workspace may be craving.

Where to start:

Retro Desk Flip ClocksImage by @thericebucket

Mac Clock Screensavers

If you don’t have enough room for a desk clock offline, bring one online with a minimal clock background screensaver.

Where to start:

Clock Screensaver for Desk SetupImage by

Bonus: Desk Timers & Countdown Clocks

While not actual time-telling clocks themselves, desk timers and countdown clocks are a noteworthy essential for staying on track. Popularized by Korean and Japanese #studywithme influencers, these timers are perfect whether you’re a making use of the pomodoro technique for studying, or have deadlines to hit for work.

Desk Timers & Countdown ClocksImages by @studytostudie and @anngyeom

Which style of desk clock is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below! For more workspace inspo, follow our home office ideas Pinterest board!

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