Best NFT Artists & Photographers

15+ Up & Coming NFT Artists & Photographers to Watch

Ranging from photographers and digital artists, to motion designers and painters, the NFT art space is exploding with all types of art forms, taking influence from all corners of the world and walks of life. Whether it be a mesmerizing GIF, or series of photographs, these artists' stories – and the mediums they're told on – know no bounds.

NFT art is still in its infancy, and we're here to put a spotlight on the artists and photographers to keep an eye on as the space continues to grow and thrive.

Whether you're a collector on the hunt for under-the-radar talent, or you're an artist yourself looking for inspiration, feast your eyes on our up-and-coming NFT artist picks!

If you're a creator and are looking for the best marketplaces to sell your work, check out our roundup on the best marketplaces to sell your NFT art.

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Best Camera for Car Photography

The Best Camera for Car Photography (Canon, Sony & Nikon)

Behind some of the best modern automotive photos are incredibly talented photographers. And behind these photographers is an arsenal of camera equipment that help them achieve their photographic vision.

There are hundreds of guides out there that take a deep dive into the mechanics, and if the included CD is compatible on your computer or not, but we're here to give you the highlight (and the lowlight) reel of each of these cameras by brand, and why they're our picks for automotive photography.

We'll focus on "the big three" camera makers – and to help photographers of all levels, we'll provide entry level, professional, and top-of-the line options. We'll highlight features that are important in automotive photography such as sensor resolutions, frames per second, memory writing speeds and more.

Already have a camera? Check out our picks for the best lenses for automotive photography to get you going.

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Best Gaming Entertainment Centers

Best Gaming Entertainment Centers & TV Stand Setup Ideas

From playing Halo at a friend's house, to battling it out in Mario Kart with your siblings, video games have always brought the energy and memories to any living or media room. While we've outgrown the N64s and PS2s, consoles are a household mainstay – and now more than ever are deserving of complementary tech and decor.

Entertainment centers are used on the daily for anything from catching up on YouTube videos, to watching visually stunning movies, but there are components to bring it all up a notch, making your setup feel just right for gaming.

Whether you're starting from scratch and building your entertainment center from the ground-up, or if you're looking for smaller tweaks and ideas to spruce up your existing setup, we've put together a full-on guide covering the essentials you need for your setup, as well as a whole moodboard for unique gaming entertainment center ideas and inspo.Read more

Best NFT Art Marketplaces to Sell

The Best NFT Art Marketplaces to Sell Your Artwork & Photography

NFTs have taken the internet by storm the last few months, a technology that's going to change the face of so many different industries over time. NFTs make the future for the creator economy a little brighter, allowing artists to monetize their work by selling to eager collectors, while also collecting due royalties upon future resales of their works.

The NFT art space is still incredibly new, and totally different from everything we know about selling and monetizing our work.

Many people have already done a great job at explaining what NFTs are at their core, and assuming you already know the basics, choosing a marketplace to list your work on is the next step to get started.

It can be daunting to figure out where to start when it comes to selling (also known as minting) your art and photography on the blockchain – we're here to boil it all down to the top NFT art marketplace sites for you to start, and choose which works best for you to monetize your art!

If you’re looking for some NFT artists and photographers to get some inspiration from, check out our list of up-and-coming NFT artists!

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Best Automotive Photographers & Car Instagram Accounts

The Best Automotive Photographers & Car Instagram Accounts to Follow

Automotive art has taken shape in many different forms, and the artists who capture or design our favorite car visuals continue to push the boundaries of what can be created.

Instagram has birthed a new era of automotive creatives – from the adventure-style automotive photographers capturing a Porsche winding around a mountainside road, or even digital artists rendering a classic cars into physics-bending situations. These accounts provide us a window into the worlds of these auto photographers, designers and creatives, and here are some of our favorite car Instagram accounts to follow for daily in-feed inspiration.

If you're thinking of diving into the world of automotive photography, make sure to check out our top picks for the top automotive cameras & best car photography lenses.

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Streetwear Fonts & Hypebeast Typefaces

Hypebeast Fonts Your Favorite Streetwear Brands Use

Ever wondered what font your favorite hypebeast brands use for their designs? How about the exact colors popular streetwear labels use? We’ve compiled a list of the top, most current hypebeast and street fashion brands, and have produced full guides on everything you need to know about their fonts and brand colors. With our list, we hope that you can find some inspo for your streetwear-inspired designs!

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17+ Iconic Vintage Car Ads

10 Vintage Car Ads for Your Nostalgia

Long before you'd see an Instagram story of a BMW, talk to Mercedes on Twitter, or watch an influencer (who couldn't tell you the difference between horsepower and torque) talk to you about a Porsche, car companies doubled down on creating visually aesthetic and compelling print advertising.

Before we all had advertising machines in our pockets in the form of smartphones, Car advertisers needed to grab your attention about their latest models and provide just the right amount (or a huge amount) of information as you're zipping through a magazine or walking by a billboard. On-location photos, hand drawn renditions, beautiful studio film work; all remnants of a bygone era of incredible advertising. Buckle in and check out some of the best vintage car ads.

Want more creative x automotive content? Check out our roundup on iconic automotive brand fonts!

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David Dobrik Vlog Camera & Gear

David Dobrik’s Camera & Vlogging Gear: A Full Guide (2023)

One of the most renowned vloggers on YouTube, David Dobrik brings his hilarious, quirky, prank-ridden vlogs to us through capturing his daily life. Whether it's goofing around with his famed Vlog Squad, doing the wildest of science experiments, or giving back to his community and followers in need, David has a way with how he captures his life.

One thing we can appreciate is his simplistic approach in his vlogs. We've seen the fancy vlog setups and high production approaches out there, but when it comes to David, he employs simple capturing methods with cameras and equipment that are accessible to everyone!

The main priority of his vlogs is to capture the moment, no matter how raw, how messy, how hilarious, or how heartfelt it can be. Check out our guide for David Dobrik's vlogging camera and gear!Read more

Best Twitter Photography Accounts to Follow

23 Must-Follow Photographers on Twitter

Twitter is often in the shadows of Instagram when it comes to getting photography inspo. Truth is, some of the best photographers are consistently sharing their work on Twitter. The less overly-curated nature of the platform, as well as photo sets, make for a more candid experience – keeping the focus on great storytelling rather than sharing that one “Insta banger”.

Beyond sharing photos, Twitter’s platform gives more opportunity to engage with creators, and learn more about their processes and day-to-day behind the camera. You might even get put on to new creators based on who they follow, like and retweet.

These are our favourite Twitter photographers of 2024 for you to follow and get a little more inspiration on your timeline.Read more

Car Fonts & Automotive Brands

Car Fonts From Your Favorite Automotive Brands

We know some of the iconic cars of all time, from the Ferrari Enzo to the Bugatti Chiron. We know of some of the most famous car colors from Rosso Corsa to British Racing Green – but how about the fonts used to create these legendary automotive brands?

Explore the car fonts that have become synonymous over decades and centuries with some of our favorites, whether it be from Maranello, Stuttgart or Gaydon - every automotive typeface brings years of history, culture and design along with it.Read more