using fairy lights for photography

6 Creative Ways to Use Fairy Lights for Photography

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Fairy lights photography has become a growing trend amongst content creators. The string fairy lights are a great object for photography because it actually enhances the quality of photos by providing extra light while giving off a cool effect.

I follow a very popular Instagram photographer who goes by the name of Brandon Woelfel (@brandonwoelfel) and he takes incredible photos with fairy lights. His photos are amazing and they have inspired me to compile a list of the 7 ways that I have seen him use fairy lights for his amazing photography.

1. Fairy Lights to Illuminate Objects

You can start by focusing the camera on an object such as a stained light bulb, glass lens ball, or any items used for creative photography ideas. Once you have the item in focus, you can wrap the fairy string lights around the object to illuminate item.

As you can see in the example from Brandon Woelfel below, he is taking this picture in a dark room, where the only source of light is from the string light.

fairy lights photography around objects

2. Fairy Lights Photography with a Mason Jar

Mason jars have been used for storing items, holding beverages, and now for creative photography. You can create stunning photos by filling your mason jar up with your string lights and watch as the jar glows up and creates an amazing object for you to take pictures of. Add a model like Brandon does and you have a photo that will leave your followers in awe.

fairy lights photography in mason jar

3. String Lights Behind Clear Umbrella

Note: This idea is best when an umbrella is not needed! AKA when it’s not raining…

For this idea, all you need is a clear see-through umbrella and you can use your lights to wrap around the outer layer. Once again a shot like this might be better with a model to hold up the umbrella and you can let your imagination and creativity work the two together for an amazing photo.

clear umbrella with fairy lights

4. Foreground Fairy Lights Photography Bokeh

A cool effect you can do with the string light is to have the light in front of the subject. This way you can get some great bokeh in the foreground that will add another layer to your overall photo. Remember when taking these nice bokeh shots, make sure to adjust your aperture to the lowest possible setting.

foreground fairy lights

5. Fairy Lights for Portrait Photography

If it isn’t evident already, you can create some amazing portrait shots with fairy lights. Once again, the lighting from the fairy lights is spectacular, so place the lighting around the face of the model and you can create some stunning shots.

fairy lights for portraits

6. Background String Light Bokeh Photos

Last, but not least, you can use these string lights to light up the background. If you take the photo right, you will be able to get some beautiful bokeh from the background. Not to mention, the fairy lights are also an excellent decoration for your room.

background string light bokeh

Fairy string lights can definitely get you some amazing pictures for cheap and I would highly recommend you get some fairy lights off Amazon. The examples I used here are great guides and references for your photos, but you want to use your creativity to create even better shots!

Have another idea for fairy lights photography? Share them below in the comments, I would love to hear your ideas!