The automotive world’s influence on design and culture is inspiring the very decor and accessories we use to outfit our home offices. From iconic Porsche 911 outlines, to livery color patterns as unforgettable as Martini and Gulf Oil race cars, and even racetrack from all corners of the globe in the form of neon or vinyl outlines – there’s no shortage of car-themed decor to deck out your space.

Setting up a desk themed around cars can seem like a daunting task, but worry not, as there are a ton of artists, creators, and decor outlets making the perfect pieces to put together your home office. Check out these car-themed desk accessories and automotive office decor pieces to get you off the line!

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Car Wall Art Prints & Posters

The car world and car community have spoiled us with gorgeous car wall art to accent our car-themed desks. From beautiful graphic pieces from racing teams, artist renditions of their favorite cars in whatever way they please, to vintage car ads and racing posters, there are so many pieces to decorate your walls and rep your love for all things auto. Check out these car wall art pieces that are sure to level up your car-themed desk setup!

Where to start:

Car Wall Art Prints & PostersImage by Automobilist and jiheonham61

Desk Car Wall Decor ideasImages by grady and AlarmedDealer

Model Cars & Toy Cars for Desk

What’s a car-themed desk without some model cars and miniatures to decorate it? Car-themed desk enthusiasts have peppered in some model car gems – Lego Porsches, assortments of Hot Wheels within wall casings, your ol’ faithful diecast model cars, and so much more. Check out these model cars and miniatures to complete your car-themed desk setup.

Where to start:

Model Cars & Toy Cars for DeskImages by Trogzard and chewwii123

F1 Grand Prix Track Neon Lights

F1 fans (who also happen to be artisan neon light builders) are taking it upon themselves to sculpt these lovely neon light fixtures for your setup! Racetracks from around the globe, and neon light colors to match your desk aesthetic – need we say more?

Where to start:

F1 Grand Prix Track Neon LightsImage by LabNeon on Etsy

F1 Racetrack Wall Art

Take your love for racetracks up a notch and hang these aesthetic, minimal racetrack wall fixtures in your home office. From Monaco to Nurburgring to COTA to Suzuka, and from any size you choose – Etsy’s got you covered! Check out some of our picks below.

Where to start:

F1 Racetrack Wall ArtImages by RoRCrafts on Etsy

Car-Themed Mechanical Keyboards & Keycaps

Showcase your love for cars right on your keyboard! With aesthetically pleasing mechanical keyboards and keycap options, you can truly nail your car-themed desk setup down to the design of your board. Take inspiration from famous racing liveries like Martini and Gulf Oil, or adopt a sleek keyboard that emulates the look of automotive materials – such as carbon fiber, steel, and more.

Where to start:

Car-Themed Mechanical Keyboards & KeycapsImage by Kenykeycap on Etsy

Car Backgrounds & Wallpapers

Once you have that car-themed setup ready to go, the next step is decking out your car-themed digital decor! Make sure your monitor is sporting the sharpest, crispest, most beautiful car wallpaper, too. From vector illustrations, to gorgeous car photography, check out these options for all your car background and wallpaper needs.

Where to start:

Car Backgrounds & WallpapersImage by tew4

Car Skateboard Wall Art

One of the latest and greatest forms of unique wall art is skateboard wall art – and there’s no shortage of decks to outfit your car-themed setup! JDRACING on Etsy produces premium automotive-themed wood boards made in the USA.

Where to start:

Car Skateboard Wall ArtImage by JDRACING on Etsy

Car-Themed Desk Pads

Besides protecting your desk, adding texture, and creating a more comfortable surface for your wrists – your desk pad can showcase your love for cars, too! From desk pads made from materials similar to that you’d find in car interiors, to color-themed picks to match your favorite racing team, check out these car-themed desk pads.

Where to start:

Car-Themed Desk PadsImages by WorkPerch on Etsy and McLaren

Automotive Office Decor Setup Ideas & Inspo

Got your wall art, racetrack fixtures, and everything else you need? Check out these complete automotive office decor setups that car lovers and desk aficionados have put together for some inspo to get started!

Minimal Desk With Racetrack Wall Art

Minimal Desk With Racetrack Wall ArtImage by @marshal

Dark Themed Car Desk Setup

Dark Themed Car Desk SetupImage by Michael Soledad

Racing Sim Desk with Vintage Racing Wall Art

Racing Sim Desk with Vintage Racing Wall ArtImage by droppoint44

Papaya McLaren Themed Desk Setup

McLaren Themed Desk SetupImage by GypseyBagelHands

Orange and Black Carbon BMW M Desk Setup

For more BMW accessories, we just published a post rounding-up the best BMW decor ideas!

BMW Desk SetupImage by znivra

Neon Desk Setup with Racetrack Wall Art

Neon Car Desk SetupImage by Trogzard

Porsche-Themed Desk Setup

For more inspo, check out our full round-up of the best Porsche decor ideas!

Porsche-Themed Desk SetupImage by BlueSake21

What’s your favorite car-themed desk setup? Are there any other car desk accessories and car decor pieces you think we’re missing? Let us know in the comments, and show us your car desk setup by tagging us on IG @gridfitiauto.

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