Whether you’re finishing your home office, or looking for living room art ideas – complete your space and give it that extra punch with some standout skateboard wall art decor! Skateboard wall art adds a unique touch to any room, and the canvas of the deck gives so much room to express yourself.

Ranging from retro colorful decks, all the way to simple aesthetic quotes, we’ve curated the best skateboard wall art themes for you to choose from!

Tip: The easiest way to mount these decks is with a skateboard wall mount kit.

Campbell’s Soup Pop Art Skateboard Wall Art

Deck out your room (literally) with these Warhol-inspired retro colored Campbell’s soup can skateboard decks. Choose from retro or pastel colorful designs, or a minimalist look.

Campbell's Soup Pop Art Skateboard Wall ArtImages by skateboardartsy on Etsy

Takashi Murakami – Flower Skateboard Decor

Bring some of Murakami’s world-renowned designs to your room with a few of his most popular creations in the form of skateboard wall art decor!

Takashi Murakami – Flower Skateboard DecorImages by skateboardartsy on Etsy

Anime Skateboard Wall Decor

If you’re an anime lover, then this is the decor piece your setup’s been craving. Pick from classic anime-inspired designs like Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon, to more subdued and introspective visuals.

Anime Skateboard Wall DecorImages by CapsuleCloset on Etsy

Iridescent & Holographic Skateboard Wall Decor

Who doesn’t love the iridescent look? Elevate any living space with these holographic skateboard decks on your walls.

Iridescent & Holographic Skateboard Wall DecorImage by Nick Thomm

Vaporwave Skateboard Wall Art

If you love all things vaporwave, one of these skateboard wall art deck sets will complete your room’s vaporwave palette.

Vaporwave Skateboard Wall ArtImages by CapsuleCloset on Etsy

Automotive-Themed Skateboard Decor

Are you a car lover looking for car-themed home decor? Here are a few classic BMW and Porsche skateboard wall art pieces that will really showcase your passion for all things automotive.

Automotive-Themed Skateboard DecorImages by JCDRACING on Etsy

Aesthetic Quotes Skateboard Wall Art

A good quote just hits home, but also lives perfectly in your home. Express your personality or even manifest your dream life in the form of skateboard decks on your walls!

Aesthetic Quotes Skateboard Wall ArtImages by LVSTUDIOAU on Etsy

Keith Haring Skateboard Wall Art

Instead of the played-out Keith Haring wall prints, switch things up and add some character by mounting some Keith Haring skateboard wall art in your space.

Keith Haring Skateboard Wall ArtImages by SkateDeco and skateboardartsy on Etsy

Pantone Skateboard Wall Art – Blank Solid Color Decks

Keep things minimal while adding a pop of color to your space with Pantone or solid color skateboard decks! Simply pick your favorite colors to mix and match in a set, or play off of your room’s existing color scheme to bring everything together.

Pantone Colored Skateboard Wall Art DecorImages by @jvstxxn and Globe Brands

Cherry Blossom Skateboard Wall Art

There’s nothing like the springtime cherry blossoms in Japan. Bring this beauty to your walls with a set of three or five skateboard decks.

Cherry Blossom Skateboard Wall ArtImages by SkateDeco on Etsy

Jean-Michel Basquiat Skateboard Wall Art

Jean-Michel Basquiat’s work is seen all over the world, and can now be seen in your living room, too! Choose from some of his most popular pieces designed on skateboard decks, and turn your room into a mini gallery.

Jean-Michel Basquiat Skateboard Wall ArtImages by skateboardartsy on Etsy

Hypebeast & Streetwear-Inspired Skateboard Wall Decor

Streetwear-inspired skateboard decks made perfect for any hypebeast or sneakerhead. Complement your shoe collection and other hypebeast room essentials with designs ranging from KAWS, to Sean Wotherspoon-inspired illustrations, and more!

Hypebeast & Streetwear-Inspired Skateboard Wall DecorImages by SkateDeco and YFOSARTshop on Etsy

Pop Art Lips Skateboard Art

Add some color to any room with these pop art, Rolling Stones-inspired decks. If you’ve got a bare room on your hands, these vibrant, poppy decks will be sure to spice it up!

Pop Art Lips Skateboard ArtImages by SkateDeco and MayTheSkateBeWithYou on Etsy

Gaming Skateboard Wall Art

Bring some life into your gaming setup with these gaming-themed skateboard wall art decks. Pay homage to both the classics and the new age, with designs ranging from Super Mario, to Nintendo Switch, SNES controllers, and more.

Gaming Skateboard Wall ArtImages by skateboardartsy on Etsy

Marble Skateboard Wall Art

Keep your living space minimal and aesthetic with a simple marble skateboard design. Choose from different marbled colors and textures like amethyst, atlantis, evo, and more!

Marble Skateboard Wall ArtImages by skateboardartsy on Etsy

Music-Themed Skateboard Wall Decor

Great tunes and great wall decor makes the perfect combination for a relaxing evening at home. Complete your music-themed room with music-themed skateboard wall art – with designs inspired by your favorite artist or album!

Music-Themed Skateboard Wall DecorImages by LVSTUDIOAU on Etsy

Banksy Skateboard Wall Art

Banksy is one of the most iconic artists not known to man. The anonymous artist has created pieces across the world and is continuously making headlines – now you can bring these infamous pieces right to your home. Choose from some designs inspired by Banksy’s popular pieces, all on skateboard decks!

Banksy Skateboard Wall ArtImages by skateboardartsy on Etsy

Smiley Face Skateboard Decor

Looking to add some positive vibes to your space? These smiley skateboard decks on your walls will remind you to look on the bright side each day.

Smiley Face Skateboard DecorImages by SkateDeco on Etsy

Do you have any other skateboard wall art ideas? Let us know down in the comments below!

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