Keep your mental health in check by logging your mood in a daily Notion template. Whether you’re feeling stressed or at your best – keeping track of your mood can help you reflect week by week and give you a better understanding of what brings you down, and what lifts you up!

To help you pick the right template for your needs, we’ve curated the best Notion mood trackers to help you log and journal your everyday feelings and well-being!

Looking for more mood tracking apps outside of Notion? We’ve rounded up a list of the best mood trackers and journal apps!

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Mood Tracker in Life OS Template

With Life OS’s built-in mood tracker, keep a close eye on how you’re feeling each day along with your journal entries! You’ll even get a summary of your most recurring moods, recent moods, and a mood calendar to help you understand your feelings and emotional patterns.

The best part? All your recent moods and journal entries will be automatically served up in the homepage dashboard for you to stay in tune with your emotions!

Template Available Here

Notion Life & Mood Tracker Template

Notion Mood Journal Template – Monthly Mood Overview

Check in with your emotions and your inner self with this aesthetically pleasing Notion mood tracker and journal template! With an overview of your daily moods across the month, this mood diary will help you become more self aware of your emotions.

For more journal templates, check out our round-up showcasing the best Notion journal templates!

Template Available Here

Notion Mood Journal Template

Basic Notion Mood Tracker Template

Track your daily emotions, mood, health, stress levels, energy, and more with this minimal Notion mood tracker template. Our schedules can fill up quickly, and it’s always nice to take a step back and reflect on our feelings and emotions – especially when they’re organized in Notion.

Template Available Here

Notion Mood Tracker Template

Basic Notion Mood Tracker & Rating Journal

This simple Notion table lets you rate both your morning and evening moods, while tracking your sleep, and quickly journaling your day!

Template Available Here

Notion Mood Tracker & Rating Journal

Mood Journal Tracker for Notion – Calendar View

This Mood Journal Tracker is a simple journal that allows you to record your daily focus, thoughts, and reflections – all with a calendar view so you can see your overall wellbeing at a glance. Log your feelings, rate your days, and analyze your emotions at the end of every month to see how you felt during that period of time!

Template Available Here

Mood Journal Tracker for Notion

Which Notion mood tracker template are you using? Do you have any other recommendations for Notion mood trackers to use? Let us know in the comments below!

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