Make smarter investment decisions by tracking and journaling your stocks and crypto purchases with a Notion investment template. Using Notion, you can log your positions, tag them by categories, calculate growth, and so much more.

To help you pick a Notion template for your investment portfolios, we’ve curated the best Notion stocks, crypto, and trade journal templates for you to choose from!

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Minimalist Notion Stocks & Investment Tracker

Track your investments in one place with this beautiful minimalist Notion Investment Tracker! Featuring live stock prices, portfolio overviews, profit and loss tracking, multiple account support, and more – this stocks template packs a punch.

Template Available Here

Notion Stocks & Investment Tracker

Finance Compass – Financial Portfolio Notion Template

Manage and organize your crypto, stocks, currencies, metals portfolios all in one place with the Finance Compass Notion template! Check your investments at a glance with this minimal dashboard, and add your assets in as you grow your portfolio.

Template Available Here

Notion Investment Portfolio Template

Basic Notion Trade Journal & Investments Tracker

The Trade Journal & Investments Tracker is a simple Notion investment template that will help you track the growth of your assets and investments. Use this simple trading table to see how much you’ve invested, as well as percentage growths, and the overall ROI.

Template Available Here

Notion Trade Journal & Investments Template

Basic Notion Stock Watchlist Templates

Manage your stocks and analyze their performance by tracking purchase date, annual highs, price comparisons, and more! Categorize your positions by value or growth, and even calculate the dividends for each one.

Template Available Here

Notion Stock Watchlist Templates

TGFX Trading Corner Notion Template

Set trading goals, create a trading plan, add trading notes, and track your investments in a trading journal with the TGFX Trading Corner Notion Template. Understand your investment strategy by documenting the full process and taking notes along the way to make better investment decisions moving forward.

Template Available Here

Notion personal investment tracker

Finance & Crypto Tracker in Notion

Manage your investment portfolio and budget your finances with this multipurpose finance and crypto Notion template. With this template you’ll have access to 6 databases and you can create monthly budgets, analyze monthly input and output, and so much more!

Template Available Here

Notion Stocks & Crypto Template

What Notion stocks templates or trade journal templates are you using? Do you have any other recommendations for Notion investment templates to use? Let us know in the comments below!

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