Ever been stuck in a boring class and wished that school could just hurry up and end? Well, you’re not alone. While we can’t speed up time, there are tricks to make the clock tick faster in your head. Keep scrolling to check them out!

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Engagement and Participation Tips

Staring down a six-hour school day? Break it into smaller, bite-sized chunks. Think of it as twelve 30-minute episodes instead of a never-ending marathon. Focus on each “episode” as its own challenge.

Chunk Your Class Time

Instead of focusing on the entire school day, break down your class into smaller segments. Six straight hours of listening in class might seem overwhelming, but seeing it as twelve 30-minute sessions throughout the day feels more manageable. As they say, you need to focus on the step in front of you – not the whole staircase.

Switch Things Up

Feeling the monotony? Shake things up. Swap seats, change your pen color, or rock that new hoodie you bought. A little change can go a long way to refresh your brain!

Listen Actively

If your teacher says, “This is important,” they’re practically handing you the answer key to the next exam. Listen for these hints — they’ll probably help you decide what to review later on!

Participate & Ask Questions

Don’t let the fear of public embarrassment keep you quiet. If something’s unclear, raise your hand and ask. It not only clears things up, but puts you on your teacher’s radar for the good stuff (like extra help or credit).

Reward Yourself

Made it through a brutal 2 hour physics lecture? Treat yourself to your favorite snack or a quick walk. Gamify your school day with mini-goals and rewards, and you’ll find it easier to stay engaged.

Don’t Look at the Clock

We’ve all been there – watching the clock while waiting for the last hour before class ends. Constant clock-watching only makes the class drag on even longer. Make the most of the remaining minutes by actually listening to your teacher.

Mental Breaks and Distraction Tips

Learning new stuff can feel exhausting. So, when you have some free time on your hands, give your mind a break. Here are some strategies that you can use to give your brain a much-deserved rest.


Mind-wandering isn’t all bad, but do it responsibly. Important class? Stay focused. Waiting for the lecture to start? Go ahead, let your thoughts roam free.

Write a Journal or Diary Entry

If you’re feeling stressed out and anxious about school or life in general, try to put your thoughts into words through a journal or diary entry. Writing is not only a good way to pass time, but also helps in processing your emotions through reflection. Check out some of the best Notion journal templates that you can use to get started.

Doodle Away

If you feel the itch to move your hands while in the middle of class, try scribbling random things on your iPad or on a piece of paper. In fact, studies have shown that doodling improves focus and relieves stress while studying. Wanna take your doodles to the next level? Try creating mind maps of your lesson and drawing custom icons or symbols – making it the perfect study material when preparing for a test!

Take a Nap

Pulled an all-nighter? A power nap between classes can be a lifesaver. You’ll be recharged and ready to tackle what’s next.

Productivity Tips

Making time fly while being productive is like hitting two birds with one stone. If you have nothing better to do, try stimulating your brain with other activities or tasks. Here are some productive things that you can do to make time go by quicker!

Organize Your Notes

Rewriting your notes after class is an effective way to retain information. Take it a step further by making more aesthetic notes that are personalized to your style. This will make reading them and studying for your exams more enjoyable in the future. The more creative your notes are, the more memorable they’ll become!

Do Your Homework in Advance

If you find yourself stuck in a class you’re familiar with and covering material you’ve already learned before, make the most of your time by doing your homework. You can create a short outline for a presentation or just write the introduction of an essay due tomorrow to get the ball rolling. Since you’d be able to finish your assignments earlier, you could spend your free time relaxing or doing something you love.

Plan Out Your Week

Lastly, taking the time to create your weekly schedule is both a fun and productive way to pass the time. Use your breaks during school to get ahead of your workload by planning it out. Don’t forget to make time for other extracurricular activities and adequate rest besides your usual study sessions.

So, the next time you’re faced with a long school day that feels like forever, remember these tips to make waiting for your classes to end feel like a breeze! Instead of mindlessly waiting for the clock to tick away, you can maximize your time in school in the most efficient way possible.

Which of these tips is your favorite? Are there any other strategies you use to make school go by faster? Let us know in the comments below!

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