Having the right quote always at the ready can keep you motivated, feeling positive, and is just a great form of self-expression – and where do we look more often than our very own lock screens?

From gratitude quotes, to manifestation quotes, and so much more – add a boost to your day (all while making your lock screen look great) with an aesthetic quote wallpaper.

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Here are our picks for the best aesthetic quote wallpapers you can download, all in HD!

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Gratitude Quotes Wallpaper

Aesthetic Gratitude Quotes WallpaperImages by @lraedesign and Lindsey Eryn

Motivational Quotes Wallpaper

Motivational Quotes WallpaperImages by @dizzybrunette3, @oliviaherrickdesign, Darling Quote

Self Care Quotes Wallpaper

Self Care Quotes WallpaperImages by Poppy Deyes and Art by Alyssia

Self Love Quotes Wallpaper

Self Love Quotes Wallpaper

Affirmation Quotes Wallpaper

Affirmation Quotes WallpaperImages by @seraph.studio and Court’s Universe

Positive Quotes Wallpaper

Positive Quotes WallpaperImages by Heartman Clothes and MazysMind

Kindness Quotes Wallpaper

Aesthetic Kindness Quotes WallpaperImages by Mung Fali and @celinuuur

Manifestation Quotes Wallpaper

Manifestation Quotes WallpaperImage #3 by homebody club

Reminder Quotes Wallpaper

Reminder Quotes WallpaperImage #1 by Richly Noted

Live in the Moment Quotes Wallpaper

Live in the Moment Quotes WallpaperImage #2 by @rjkaur.xo

Tumblr/Nostalgic Quotes Wallpaper

Tumblr/Nostalgic Quotes Wallpaper

Aesthetic Definition Quotes Wallpaper

Aesthetic Definition Quotes Wallpaper

Text Message Quotes Wallpaper

Text Message Quotes WallpaperImage #2 by Messages from the Universe

Energy Quotes Wallpaper

Energy Quotes WallpaperImage #1 by homebody club

Love & Romantic Quotes Wallpaper

Love & Romantic Quotes WallpaperImage #1 by lockscreenhs

Which aesthetic quotes wallpaper speaks to you the most? Any other quotes we should add to the roundup? Let us know in the comments below!